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Utah Lawmaker Proposes Changes To State Sex Education Law

In Utah on Wednesday, the Planned Parenthood Action Council hosted a meeting for state lawmakers and local residents to discuss proposed revisions to the state's sex education law, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. During the meeting, state Rep. Lynn Hemingway (D) presented a draft bill that would require school districts to offer two tracks of sex education: one that would teach abstinence-only sex education and another that emphasizes abstinence and includes discussion of sexually transmitted infections and contraception. The second track would require parental permission. Current Utah law permits teachers to instruct about contraceptives and STIs.

Child Success Depends On Family Stability

The advantage that children get from living in two-parent families may actually be due to family stability more than the fact that their parents are married. A new study finds that children who who are born and grow up in stable single-parent homes generally do as well as those in married households in terms of academic abilities and behavior problems. "Many of the studies that show an advantage for children who grow up in married households versus those who grow up with single parents don't distinguish between family structure and family stability, " said Claire Kamp Dush, author of the study and assistant professor of human development and family science at Ohio State University.

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Sotomayor Officially Takes Seat On Supreme Court

Justice Sonia Sotomayor on Tuesday officially took her seat on the U.S. Supreme Court in a formal ceremony attended by President Obama and Vice President Biden, the Washington Post reports. Sotomayor was sworn in as a member of the court on Aug. 8 following her confirmation by the Senate (Barnes, Washington Post, 9/9). On Tuesday, Chief Justice John Roberts administered the judicial oath in which Sotomayor pledged to "do equal right to the poor and to the rich, " after which she took her seat at the far right side of the bench (Liptak, "The Caucus, " New York Times, 9/8). In concluding the four-minute ceremony, Roberts said, "We wish for you a long and happy career in our common calling.

QuatRx Announces Positive Results Of Second Pivotal Phase 3 Clinical Study For Ophena TM Ospemifene Tablets

QuatRx Pharmaceuticals Company, a privately-held biopharmaceutical company, announced positive efficacy results from the second of two patient cohorts in the second pivotal Phase 3 study for Ophena(TM) (ospemifene tablets), the company's investigational compound in development for the treatment of postmenopausal vulvovaginal atrophy (VVA). This study, together with the recent completion of a long-term safety study for Ophena(TM), marks the end of the company's comprehensive Phase 3 efficacy and safety program for Ophena(TM) and positions QuatRx to file a New Drug Application (NDA) with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in early 2010.

Overeating, Alcohol Abuse And Depression Intertwined In Young Women

On TV, Sex and the City makes regular Cosmo-drinking sessions seem like a glamorous, harmless pastime. In reality, though, excessive alcohol use can relate to overeating and depression in young women, according to the results of a new study. "Anyone who has been touched by depression, obesity or alcoholism knows that these disorders on their own can be devastating. When they're combined, these disorders become more costly, more difficult to treat and more impairing, " said Carolyn McCarty, Ph.D., lead study author and a research associate professor at the University of Washington and Seattle Children's Research Institute. In the study in the September/October issue of the journal General Hospital Psychiatry, the researchers surveyed 393 men and 383 women at ages 24, 27 and 30 about their weight, alcohol use and depression symptoms within the last year.

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Crisis Pregnancy Centers' Agenda Includes Coerced Adoptions, The Nation Reports

Although there is growing awareness of the deceptive tactics antiabortion-rights crisis pregnancy centers use to restrict abortion access, CPCs also have a lesser-known "broader agenda, ... not only to induce women to 'choose life' but to choose adoption, " The Nation reports. According to The Nation, CPCs often pressure women with unintended pregnancies "to give the child to a family with better resources, " a strategy that has become part of the broader Christian evangelical cause in recent years. Critics of CPCs' adoption practices claim it is "an industry that coercively separates willing biological parents from their offspring, artificially producing 'orphans' for Christian parents to adopt, rather than helping birth parents care for wanted children.

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