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Ornamental Fish Keeping - BVA Animal Welfare Foundation, UK

The BVA Animal Welfare Foundation (BVA AWF) is pleased to launch a new leaflet on Ornamental Fish Keeping; the latest in a series of information leaflets designed to assist pet owners. Ornamental Fish Keeping aims to provide most of the information needed before purchasing your first fish, deciding which fish will suit you best and gives crucial advice in order to keep your fish healthy. The leaflet outlines welfare needs, gives guidance on whether to choose freshwater or marine fish, and stresses the importance of purchasing fish from a reputable source. It also gives advice on the facilities required and how to maintain an aquarium or pond (with particular reference to water quality and plants) as well as highlighting the importance of correct diet and how to spot signs of disease or environmental deficiencies.

Prions May Help Memories Persist

Prions, proteins better known for the "negative" role they play in spreading mad cow disease, may also have a positive and important role in helping memories persist. This tentative suggestion was the conclusion of a study by Dr Kausik Si of Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Kansas City, Missouri, Nobel laureate Dr Eric Kandel of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University, New York, and colleagues, published on 5 February in the journal Cell. Si told the media that: "The persistence of memory is a fundamental problem. Experiences are temporal; they happen once, but somehow must lead to changes [in the brain] that are somewhat permanent.

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Helping To Improve The Profession's Soft Skills - British Veterinary Association

Continuing efforts to improve working conditions and management practices in the profession the British Veterinary Association (BVA) is offering new management seminars on - Getting the most out of your veterinary practice team - 22 April - Getting the most out of your job - 23 April Both courses include a mental wellbeing element and both offer advice on contracts of employment and employment law. The practice team seminar also looks at management and communication techniques to help prevent stress, distress, anger and conflict. This course teaches managers skills which can help improve the mental health of the whole practice team. The second seminar and workshop is aimed at giving junior vets a solid background in their legal rights.

Chemaphor Announces Positive Results Of Pilot Canine Clinical Trial Of An OximunolTM Supplement

Chemaphor (TSX VENTURE:CFR), a biotechnology company specializing in the development of health products for enhancing and maintaining the wellness of animals, is pleased to announce it has completed its first clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of an oral OximunolTM supplement in promoting overall health and well-being of companion canines. The clinical trial, conducted by the Chemaphor Nutrisciences Research Group in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, found statistically significant improvement of coat quality and reduction of shedding compared to untreated controls. In addition, treated dogs showed a tendency to increased enjoyment of walks.

Society Signs Partnership Agreement To Support Veterinary Pharmacists, UK

The first partnership agreement between the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and Harper Adams University College has been signed to provide pharmacy graduates with specialist courses in veterinary pharmacy and to enable their continuing professional development. The agreement will also provide opportunities for closer collaboration, the sharing of expertise and joint proposals for research and outreach activities. Jeremy Holmes, RPSGB Chief Executive said: "This is an exciting opportunity to provide support for a special interest group within pharmacy. We are delighted to be working with Harper Adams University College to raise the profile of veterinary pharmacy through the provision of high-quality specialist courses.

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American Veterinary Medical Association Seeks Leaders For New Task Force, Vision Commission

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is looking for volunteer leaders to fill positions on two important new boards: the Task Force on AVMA Programs for Students and Recent Graduates and the AVMA 20/20 Vision Commission. "As we solicit nominations to fill these two new entities, we must remember that diversity in the leadership of a membership organization is essential, " explains AVMA President Dr. Larry R. Corry. "We need to draw leaders onto this new commission and task force from every sector of our profession and also from different backgrounds. That way, we can continue to ensure that our association makes decisions and creates services and programs that truly reflect the needs, desires and interests of our members.

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