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Bupa Supports Prime Minister's Aim For People To Be Treated At Home

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On Monday, the Prime Minister gave a speech in which he called for more people to be treated in their own homes by the NHS in future.
As a partner to the NHS, in providing healthcare in their own homes to 14,000 patients, many with complex conditions, Bupa the leading international healthcare company, strongly supports his comments.
Steve Flanagan, managing director of Bupa Home Healthcare said: "We agree with the Prime Minister's views that it is better for patients to be treated in their own homes.
"Our experience of caring for 14,500 NHS patients in their own homes shows it can be more cost-effective, helps avoid hospital-acquired infections, and produces higher levels of patient satisfaction.
"This is a key way for the NHS to meet its goals of improving its services against the background of the current economic climate and pressure on public spending."
Bupa Home Healthcare
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