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How to Quit Smoking - It's All in the Mind

Many people tend to forget the fact that smoking is a mental "curse" that needs to be got rid of at the EARLIEST possible moment. Learn how to quit smoking right now... Smoking involves nicotine, a kind of drug is extremely dangerous. Smoking becomes an addiction that makes you feel the urge to use it time and again. It becomes such an addiction that people with this habit cannot get rid of it easily. The conditions of anxiety, weight loss, and skin or mouth related problems are due to constant use of nicotine. People who have knowledge about the harmful effects of smoking also understand the fact that the urge to smoke and the temptation in the body of the smoker is due to their mind.

Miracet Stop Smoking - Help Kick Your Habit For the New Year

In the past few years, we as a society have become increasingly more aware of the dangers to our body from different things we take for granted. In terms of smoking, this is something many people have been blind to as smoking was originally portrayed as a glamorous pastime taken up by many of the rich and famous in the old Hollywood days. There are some smokers around us who are, in simple terms, not bothered about the harm they are doing to their body. Smoking is an addictive pastime, but when faced with the overall consequences, to continue is a ridiculous thing to contemplate. However, more ridiculously, there are smokers who fabricate reasons why they need smoking, or in some cases, state that as they smoke rolled up cigarettes as opposed to manufactured cigarettes;

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Need Help to Stop Smoking?

Are you a smoker? If yes, then have you tried to quit from smoking but failed? Before proceeding, let me just extend my heartfelt congratulations to you for taking the first step to try to quit smoking. It's ok to fail the first time because Thomas Edison failed for more than 1000 times before inventing the light bulb. In his words, "I have not failed; I just found 1000 ways that won't work." All you need is just some stop smoking help and there's no shame in seeking help. It's just an approach to ensure you achieve your goal and that is to quit from smoking. The internet provides you with many options and ways to help you quit but reading through all the articles and advices can be quite daunting.

Effects and Side Effects of a Quit Smoking Drug - An Overview

How effective is Chantix? Chantix was shown to be quite effective as a smoking cessation treatment in clinical trials. In one clinical trial, it was seen that Chantix helped up to 51% people to quit smoking in 9-12 weeks and 12% people placed on placebo were able to stop smoking. This shows that Chantix helps more than half of the people to stop smoking. Chantix is even more effective than Zyban, another drug to stop smoking. In one comparative study, it was found that Chantix helped 44% people to stop smoking whereas Zyban helped only 30% of people. Chantix is even more effective in long term quitting because it facilitates abstinence more as compared to Zyban.

The Psychology of Quitting Smoking

At one point or another, every smoker has made the decision to quit - so what makes you any different? Arming yourself with knowledge and a detailed plan will exponentially increase your chances at being successful when trying to quit smoking. Did you know that only about 10% of your addition to cigarettes is physical? That leaves the other 90% to be entirely in your mind! Physically, you can easily quit smoking because the worst of the storm passes, on average, in under three days. So the hard part is getting control of your brain. To start your planning, you should develop a simple chart. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and find yourself a few minutes to really sit down and think long and hard about this.

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Repair Smoker's Lungs - Remove Tar and Toxins From the Lungs Quickly

When I quit smoking last year, one of the main objectives for me was to try and turn the clock back and repair my lungs of all the damage I'd done to them by smoking for all those years. I read that for the body to repair smokers lungs naturally could take up to 15 years. I found this astonishing and quite demoralising. The main lung damage caused by by smoking is that smoke destroys the Alveoli. These are the tiny air sacks in the lungs which transfer oxygen from the lungs and into the bloodstream. There is a suggestion that most of this damage can never repair itself, however that is not fact. One thing that will repair in smokers lungs are the Cilia.

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