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Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking - It Really Worked For Me

I was a chain smoker for many years and was really finding it hard to quit. My family tried several methods but I was a person who lost patience in the initial few weeks. It was one fine day that my wife took me to a doctor who told me about the power of hypnotherapy to quit smoking. I was skeptical but was determined to shake off my habit of smoking. I decided to give it a try however I was not sure about its potential results. My first visit proved my fears wrong and I was surprised to find how effective hypnotherapy could be for quitting smoking! Today I do not smoke and thanks to hypnotherapy I am a non-smoker and healthy person today. Hypnotherapy is an alternative method that puts you in an altered and relaxed state of mind.

Smoking and It's Harmful Effects

Smoking is not good for your body! FACT! Smoking increases the risk of Cancer! FACT! Smoking can kill you! FACT! But what is the full extent of the damage that you can cause to your body by smoking? Even though we all know that smoking has harmful effects on the body, these effects vary from person to person, as it depends upon a persons bodies vulnerability to the chemicals in the cigarettes and tobacco that is smoked. It also depends upon the number of cigarettes the person smokes every day and the number of years that the smoker has smoked for. When you light a cigarette and start smoking you start the chain of harmful effects that can affect your body.

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6 Silly Reasons For Not Quitting to Smoke

Even though research shows that smoking is at all times low in the United States, there are still way too many lives lost to cigarettes. And the ones still smoking are the most stubborn nicotine addicts of all. While confronted about their habit, these smokers present absolutely outrageous arguments about why they are not going to quit. Here is a short list of the silly arguments I usually get when trying to convince a friend to stop puffing away. Some possible answers are included. Use them as a cheat list while talking to a smoker and help the world to become a smoke-free place! 1. We are going to die anyway, so why not to enjoy our lives to the fullest?

The Adverse Health Risks of Secondhand Smoke

The most serious risk that smokers pose to those who do not smoke is exposure to their second hand smoke. Involuntary inhalation of tobacco smoke by non-smokers is also known as passive smoking because it involves breathing in a mixture of smoke exhaled by the smoker and from the burning cigarette, cigar, or pipe. In fact research has shown that tobacco smoke may continue to linger for several hours after a cigarette has been extinguished, furthering unwanted exposure to its affects. The two kinds of secondhand smoke are known as side-stream and main-stream smoke. Side-stream is the smoke that is exhaled from the lungs while main-stream comes from the burning tip of the tobacco product.

Why Willpower Usually Isn't Enough

For 88% of those who made a new year resolution failure is just around the corner or has already happened. On new years eve those people were just as adament as the other 12% that 2010 would be the year they stopped smoking, reduced their alcohol intake or got a new job but why should such a large number of people fail in their desires? Do they not want the result as much as the 12% who succeed? Recent studies have shown that it may be because they are relying on willpower to achieve their goal. In my Sheffield hypnotherapy clinic I see many people think of themselves as weak willed because they haven't been able to stop smoking despite trying many many times.

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Did Avatar Need to Include Smoking?

Why did James Cameron include smoking in the 3D sensation Avatar? Does the "future of movie making" really need to include cigarettes to make them interesting? Smoking is the #1 preventable cause of death in America. It's a highly addictive behavior. Since the psychological addiction may be worse than the physical addiction to nicotine, why impress young minds that smoking is still a cool behavior? I didn't know Sigourney Weaver was even in this movie. I was surprised to see her waking from some sort of cyber-slumber and the first thing she asks for is a cigarette? The audience giggled, I was outraged. I find that woman struggle even more than men to give up smoking, so why, in this military themed movie was she, a scientist and the biggest star, the only one who smoked?

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