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Quit Smoking - 4 Simple and Effective Methods

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Failing in attempts to quit smoking is not at all uncommon. In fact it is very rare to hear a smoker quit successfully on the first attempt to do so. You will need to prepare yourself to go through withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, anxiety attacks, nausea, nicotine cravings, insomnia, constipation and the list goes on. However, you do not have to feel discouraged of having to go through that painful stage of quitting smoking as there are many ways for you to quit easily.

Here are four simple and effective method to quit smoking.

  1. Prescribed Medications. At present, there are many different medications to help you quit smoking. Common prescription would either be sedatives or relaxants that help calm you down and control your nerves. Discuss with your doctor to find out which one is the best that suits your need.
  2. Hypnotherapy. Depending on your personality, you will be advised to go through only one session or multiple sessions. Hypnotherapy gives you the access to your subconscious mind where you will be able to plant a non-smoker mind. This option can be quite expensive but a more affordable way is available through audio recordings for a self-hypnosis session which is proven to be equally effective.
  3. Determination. You do not need any other aids if you have a very strong will power, which is nothing but a state of mind as hard as iron. It is not so difficult to achieve if you have around you a supportive group of individuals including your family members and friends.
  4. Cessation Aid. To get the most out of a smoking cessation aid, you must understand that it only helps increase the possibility of quitting success. Therefore, you cannot fully depend on this alone without having a strong desire to quit all along.

If you have not already realised, all four simple and effective method to quit smoking above must be initialised with a strong decision first, whichever method you choose. Find a good reason to support that decision and you will find it easier to give up the habit and quit smoking for good.

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