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What Women Ought to Know About Smoking

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Are you a woman who smokes? If so, you may need to pause a bit and dwell on the smoking verity against your health that is provided in this article. If you still encompass a modest concern of your health, then you should take a little time reading the entire content of this piece. You would then know how smoking affects your wellness, particularly, related to your monthly period per se the menstrual flow.

Acquiring the Unhealthy Habit

The number of women who get in to smoking vices is getting higher and is persistently mounting, especially these days. This is despite the detrimental effects cigarette smoking can cause.

At early times, men are usually the only known "smokers". It seemed to be a typical habit and part of their mores of being a man. Some would deem it as a special form of pastime, and a medium to manage or unwind their selves. Nevertheless, they become more and more inclined to such practice, and eventually become more obsessed with it. The more they smoke, the more their body becomes unhealthy, likewise, the more they are prone to poor physical condition. Furthermore, smoking becomes one of the major grounds of many serious health issues, particularly those referring to respiratory infection.

Recently, it is not only men who get hooked up with the vice, but according to recent studies, more and more women have learned to espouse the habit. They are doing this for various reasons. Some would just do it to go with the flow - just for a trend. Other women would exploit smoking to trounce tensions and to manage stress from their tedious jobs. This is what they "believe". Aren't there any other healthy options available, other than this kind of self-pacifying and relaxation habit?

The Development of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome from Smoking

In the U.S., over seventy to ninety percent of women before menopause are under in affliction with PMS. Women who smoke, (from 22 to 44 years old) are two times more likely to build up the Pre-Menstrual Syndrome and other symptoms related to female hormone disproportion such as tenderness of the breasts, backaches, acne and bloating.

What is PMS?

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome or PMS refers to the atypical functioning of the ovaries, usually happens one or two weeks prior to the menstrual cycle among women. Its outcome is the oscillation of the hormones, thereby causing unusual aches and pains in some parts of the ovary. Having such disorder would really distress the emotional and physical state of a woman who suffers from it. This is a form of hormonal imbalance.

Major Reasons Why Women Should Avoid Cigarette Smoking

  • Cigarettes restrain substance that would deteriorate the immune system.
  • Cadmium is a chemical substance contained by cigarettes. It slows down the blood utility of carrying oxygen and nutrients to the body cells. This is due to the fact that this toxic substance would attach to the arteries wall, in due course, makes it thinner. When this happens, the manufacturing hormones in the body diminish, which results to hormone imbalance.
  • Smoking habit drains estrogen.
  • Cigarette reveals bad estrogen and lessens the level of good estrogen, which shows the way to hormone disparity.
  • Smoking reduces the levels of vitamin C and E in the body.
  • This is the commonly known issue among women--vitamin deficiency. Due to such deficit, the vitamins stored in the body are drained. As this happens, the immune system gets even weaker. It would be followed by the negative allergic reactions, which lead to hormone discrepancy and the Pre-Menstrual Syndrome.
  • Cigarette smoking increases nervous tension.
  • Contrary to the smokers' belief, smoking negatively aids nervous tension, but rather does the opposite thing. This is due the toxic chemical compound the cigarettes contain. Moreover, it exhausts the body's energy level.
  • Cigarette deficits the essential minerals in the body.
  • This is due to the high level of cadmium it contained. This substance hampers the Zinc mineral in the body, thereby leading to mineral deficiency. If this happens, PMS symptoms would then start to build up.

See how dangerous smoking is to your health? Aside from the widely known lung cancer it conveys, the above-mentioned negative effects about smoking would be enough reason for women to renounce from smoking or should not even try it.

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