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ETBOND TECHNOLOGYTM Defines Biotechnology Approach For Global Healthcare Reform

ETBOND TECHNOLOGY defines Biotechnology approach to fight H1N1 Influenza A (Swine Flu) 1. Plan for Morbidity Reduction: H1N1 Influenza A (Swine Flu and its symptoms) is spreading at a lightening speed globally. It is infecting millions of patients since first reported in April, 2009 in Mexico. Costly quarantine and control measures are in place to prevent the spread of the disease from patients to family and contacts in public places. ETBOND TECHNOLOGY TM Plan: Since the much of spread occur through nasal route, ET 007 SWF is a Biotechnology drug that has been developed to reduce entry and fusion of Influenza A, 2009 (Swine Flu). The drug is assigned a Pre-IND number by FDA.

Wisconsin City Was Unwitting Birthplace Of 'Death Panel' Myth

A Wisconsin city has a pioneering program with Medicare reimbursements, which has essentially made it the birthplace of the "death panel" myth. The Washington Post reports on La Crosse: "This city often shows up on 'best places to live' lists, but residents say it is also a good place to die -- which is how it landed in the center of a controversy that almost derailed health-care reform this summer." "The town's biggest hospital, Gundersen Lutheran, has long been a pioneer in ensuring that the care provided to patients in their final months complies with their wishes. More recently, it has taken the lead in seeking to have Medicare compensate physicians for advising patients on end-of-life planning.

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Senior Doctors Not Fully Complying With Appraisal System For Juniors, Says Research, UK

Senior doctors who assess the performance of junior medics and medical students are failing to use the new portfolio-based performance appraisal systems fully, new research says. Dr Martyn Chamberlain told the British Sociological Association's medical sociology conference in Manchester that he interviewed 46 UK consultants, surgeons and GPs and found none fully complied with the appraisal system's requirements. Dr Chamberlain found that all 46 believed the new portfolio-based performance appraisal systems were 'highly superficial' box-ticking exercises and they continued to use the traditional method of assessment by day-to-day performance.

Warning About Flammable Mobility Scooters, UK

Users of Days Healthcare UK Ltd 'Strider' mobility scooters are being warned that their scooter could overheat and catch fire, potentially causing serious injury to the driver or other people, as well as damaging property. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) received an adverse incident report where the electronic control unit (ECU) on the scooter overheated causing smoke to rise from under the rear bodywork. No injuries were sustained as a result of this incident, however, overheating of the ECU could cause the insulation on the cables around it to melt. Strider scooters are manufactured in Taiwan by Kymco and are distributed throughout Europe by Days Healthcare UK Ltd.

Trust's Campaign To Improve Patient Privacy And Dignity Ahead Of Schedule, UK

The drive to boost same sex accommodation at Southampton's teaching hospitals has led to major changes on the wards. Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust was awarded a sum of 1, 020, 000 by the government in April as part of a Department of Health campaign to improve privacy and dignity for patients. A national progress report on the Delivering Same Sex Accommodation programme, published this week by the DoH, praises the efforts being made by trusts across the country to improve standards of dignity and respect. At SUHT, which runs Southampton General Hospital, the Princess Anne Hospital and Countess Mountbatten House, improvements in accommodation, washing and bathing facilities in many ward areas have already been completed.

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Recent NHS Reforms Have Not Lead To Inequity In Waiting Times For Elective Surgery, England

A study just published on reports that recent NHS reforms, such as the introduction of patient choice and provider competition, have not had a harmful impact on equity with respect to waiting times for elective surgery in England. For the NHS, hospital waiting times were seen as a considerable problem until recently. However, waiting times have dropped considerably since the government over the past ten years increased the supply of doctors, augmented funding for the health service, set rigid waiting time targets, and, more recently, introduced market based reforms. Until now, it was unclear whether the drop in waiting times had been equitably distributed with respect to socioeconomic status.

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