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Tony Abbott Taking Health Care Back To The 1800s, Australia

Australian Nursing Federation's Federal Secretary Ged Kearney said the opposition leader's proposed plans for hospitals was a backward step and would take us to a system akin to that of benevolent institutions of the 1800s. His policies do not work in practice for today's communities and they will not deliver for current or future health care needs, she said. We need a national health plan, a grand scale reform agenda not a system that creates small local and siloed hospitals that operate in isolation from each other and the broader Australian community. "Mr Abbott's inefficient and expensive health policies will lead to a duplication of services, micromanagement and unworkable healthcare outcomes, " she said.

Political Parties Ignoring Existing 'Death Tax', England

The row between Labour and the Conservatives about over funding elderly care is missing the point. That's according to a leading care home provider in the South-East. The debate focuses on a proposal to tax wealthier elderly people to raise funds for the care of those less well-off. But Nick Bruce, owner of the Nightingales Retirement Care Group, says the gap is already being filled by higher-paying care home residents. "Retirement homes need a significant amount of money to run properly each week, " says Bruce. "But only a small proportion of that is met with public funds. "Local authorities allocate a certain amount of money for people without the means to pay for care themselves.

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NPA Sets Standard For Natural In Home Care Products

As demand for natural products continues to rise, the Natural Products Association (NPA) is extending its natural seal and standard to include home care products, such as household cleaners, laundry detergents, concentrated and ready-to-use hard surface cleaners. Until now, there was no standard definition of the term "natural" used by the home care industry. Now, an easily identifiable seal will help consumers discern which products are natural. Shoppers can expect the seal to begin appearing on certified home care products in the coming months. "A number of products that are mainly synthetic are being positioned as natural. This leads to significant consumer confusion about the category and products people are choosing, " said Daniel Fabricant, Ph.

Statement By Hanys President Daniel Sisto On 300 Layoffs At St. Vincent's Hospital And Closures Across The State

"The loss of 300 jobs at St. Vincent's Hospital is a very painful decision for the institution, the workers, and their families, and the community the hospital serves. But to those familiar with how fragile many of our health care institutions are, it comes as little surprise. Since 2000, 29 hospitals and 51 nursing homes have closed. Two Caritas Hospitals in Queens, St. Francis Nursing home in Buffalo, and the River Hospital Nursing Home in Alexandria Bay are among the latest examples of how our poorly reimbursed health system is imploding. "Providers now face the seventh round of health care cuts and taxes in less than two years. Already more than $4 billion has been cut, yet the Governor proposes another $1 billion in health care provider cuts and taxes, even as the Governor himself scrambles to find funding to keep St.

Specific Guidelines Needed To Prioritise Elective Surgery Waiting Lists, Australia

A lack of specific guidelines to help surgeons decide how to prioritise public hospital patients' elective surgery may be compromising patient care, according to an article published in the Medical Journal of Australia. Dr Andrea Curtis, a Research Fellow at the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine at Monash University and Prof John McNeil, Head of the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine at Monash University, and their co-authors write that new evidence-based criteria should be developed to ensure that patients on public hospital elective surgery lists are assigned to the most appropriate urgency category. "It is essential that those who have the greatest need for surgery and will benefit most from it receive it in a timely manner and before those with lesser need, " Prof McNeil said.

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FDA To Take Closer Look At Medical Radiation, Devices

The Food and Drug Administration will step up oversight of three forms of medical radiation, including CT scans, in an effort to reduce patients' exposure to unnecessary radiation, The New York Times reports. The move follows reports last year that patients at four hospitals, including a major Los Angeles medical center, were exposed to excessive doses of radiation during CT scans meant to detect strokes. A "growing movement" to increase the safety of therapeutic and diagnostic medical radiation has coalesced among professional groups, lawmakers and consumer advocates. The FDA measures will target "CT scans, which provide three-dimensional images;

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