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Breakthrough Swine Flu Test

A leading Melbourne scientist has unveiled a test able to detect Swine Flu, or any other virus, within hours. The test, known as the RETCIF™ test, is a simple test carried out on a patient sample (such as a nasal swab). Any viruses present in the sample are grown rapidly in a patented culture before being examined under a fluorescent microscope. Other viral diagnostic tests do not work as accurately in a rapid manner. The company behind the test is Pallane Medical Pty Limited (Pallane). The Chief Scientific Officer of Pallane say the RETCIF™ test is "almost 100 per cent accurate" and is currently the most effective way of testing for live viruses, including the Swine Flu virus.

Fingerprint Reader Improves Telehealth Security For Patients

A new generation of innovative Telehealth products that include an integrated fingerprint reader for improved patient security; a web camera facility for video conferencing and a novel, intuitive touch screen interface will be showcased at the NHS Innovation EXPO taking place on 18 and 19 June at London's Excel Centre. TeleMedCare Ltd is an established designer, developer and provider of health technologies. Its products and services support people with long term conditions, such as heart failure and lung disease, in their own homes or in community/nursing care settings. TeleMedCare medical systems monitor physiological signs (such as ECG, SP02, blood pressure and lung function) and these are integrated with medication reminders and questionnaires to deliver self care and early interventions.

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City Of Hope RNs Sound Alarm On Patient Care Practices As Contract Talks Heighten

City of Hope Medical Center registered nurses will be joined by a broad coalition of public officials, religious and labor leaders, and hospital employees at a June 17 rally at the Duarte facility, the California Nurses Association announced. The action was called to highlight the nurses' concern about the lowering of patient care standards at the prestigious cancer center. RNs have been in bargaining over patient care issues since February. The hospital refused to agree to an extension of the contract, which expired on April 30. Over the past few years, the severity of illness of COH patients has increased as the RNs are being assigned additional non-direct care responsibilities on top of more paperwork and having to navigate complex new technologies.

California Medical Association Applauds Obama's Push For Health Care Reform

The California Medical Association called on President Obama today to fix the flaws with Medi-Cal and Medicare, the government's two biggest health care programs, as part of efforts to reform health care and extend coverage to those who are uninsured. "California's physicians are strong advocates of providing universal access to health care, " said Dr. Dev A. GnanaDev, CMA president. "We believe President Obama's stated guiding principle - 'fix what's broken, build upon what works' - is the right idea, and we are glad he has made health reform a top priority this year. "One primary objective must be removing the current barriers to care in Medi-Cal and Medicare and ensuring any 'public option' that is part of the reform plan gives patients true access to doctors, not a false promise of coverage.

The Genetic Interest Group Welcomes EU Health Ministers' Move To Tackle Rare Diseases

The Genetic Interest Group, the UK patient organisation for all those affected by genetic disorders, has welcomed the adoption yesterday by EU Health Ministers of a Council Recommendation that calls on Member States to develop and implement plans or strategies for the treatment of rare diseases. Alastair Kent, Director of the Genetic Interest Group, said: "This is an important step forward for the estimated 3.5 million people in the UK who are affected by rare disease. We are also delighted that this initiative has received wide cross-party support. It now needs to be taken forward in all the nations of the UK." He added: "It is important that families affected by rare conditions are offered a strategic approach to the provision of their healthcare.

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American Hospital Association Statement On Administration's New Proposals On Reform

Rich Umbdenstock President and CEO American Hospital Association America's hospitals support systemic reform that lowers costs and improves care for patients; however, we are deeply disappointed and concerned to see the Administration propose cuts of more than $220 billion to hospitals, especially during these tough economic times when more patients are turning to their local hospital for care. Hospitals are already facing as much as $41 billion in cuts due to the Medicare payment system changes recently proposed by the Administration. Additional cuts of this magnitude could severely jeopardize hospitals' ability to care for their patients and communities.

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