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HSE Warns Of The Dangers Of Working At Height After Man Suffers Serious Injuries From 10-metre Fall

Employers are being warned by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to ensure they assess the risks of falling from height in the workplace and provide safe systems of work. This follows HSE's prosecution of Veolia Environmental Services Birmingham Ltd (VESB), of James Road, Tyseley, Birmingham and its contractor Hansen Transmissions Ltd (HTL), of Nile Street, Huddersfield. On 5 July 2007, an employee of HTL was working to replace a gearbox within a condenser unit at VESB's premises when he fell more than 10 metres. Fortunately he landed on a pallet of bundled narrow bore copper pipes which broke his fall by absorbing much of the impact.

Petascale Computer Modeling Capabilities To Be Developed At Virginia Bioinformatics Institute

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a four-year, $1, 450, 000 grant to the Network Dynamics and Simulation Science Laboratory (NDSSL) at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI) at Virginia Tech and partners to develop petascale computing environments that model billions of individuals in extremely large social and information networks. The anticipated arrival of high-performance computers that routinely perform one quadrillion (one million billion) operations per second means that complex studies of global populations at the level of the individual can realistically be simulated on distributed computer networks. The goal of the proposal "Coupled Models of Diffusion and Individual Behavior Over Extremely Large Social Networks" is to use new computer technology breakthroughs to study events like disease pandemics, financial crises, as well as the spread of opinions, attitudes or social beliefs, through populations on a global scale.

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American Medical Student Association Responds To Help Bill Provisions

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) commends Chairman Kennedy and Senator Dodd on the recent version of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee bill that includes a public health insurance option and reforms to expand access, and urges leaders in Washington to further strengthen legislation. AMSA calls for a robust public health insurance option funded by tax revenue, available to all Americans. Ms. Farheen A. Qurashi, Legislative Director: "The provisions in this legislation address so many of the difficulties we see as future health care providers in our clinics every day - obstacles to access, denial of coverage, unaffordable costs, and a parity of primary care providers.

American Sociological Association Meeting To Focus On Same-Sex Marriage, Sexual Health And Social And Labor Movements In San Francisco

San Francisco, the host city for the American Sociological Association's 104th annual meeting, will be the subject of several regional spotlight sessions in which leading sociologists present research and explore the politics, history, health and culture of the city and state of California. More than 5, 000 sociologists will convene in the city for the association's annual meeting, which highlights "The New Politics of Community, " the meeting's theme. In addition to the following selected regional sessions, social scientists will explore issues of community and the social significance of Barack Obama. WHAT: The American Sociological Association's 104th Annual Meeting: "The New Politics of Community" WHEN: Friday, Aug.

Minnesota Clinics Serving Many More Thanks To Stimulus Dollars

As Minnesota braces for some cuts to public health programs, the state's network of community health centers is being buoyed by money from the federal stimulus that will expand coverage to the un- and underinsured in that state, The Minnesota Post reports. "Federal funding for community health centers has drawn bipartisan support in recent years in an effort to provide primary care for the uninsured in clinics instead of hospital emergency rooms, where costs run much higher - especially for those patients who have delayed treatment. In Minnesota, federally supported centers are proud of their track records in prevention, with higher vaccination rates and lower infant mortality rates among patients, for example, than the general population.

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Medicare Offers Lessons For Possible 'Public Plan'

As President Barack Obama and some Democratic lawmakers push for a government-run public plan, Medicare is being scrutinized. The New York Times examines Medicare, which provides coverage to more than 45 million elderly and disabled and says: "How closely a new public plan would resemble Medicare is unclear. Still, Medicare's record offers insights into the benefits and pitfalls of public health care. While it has driven down costs though its sheer market dominance, Medicare has also been extremely slow in using its power to encourage or compel more effective health care. And, of course, providing health care for older Americans has been expensive.

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