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Abortion 'Fair And Pressing' Topic For Debate In Va. Governor Race, Editorial Says

Although Robert McDonnell, the GOP candidate for governor in Virginia and former state attorney general, "has an admirably detailed Web site, " the site "gives relatively short shrift -- just two or three sentences -- to the topic of abortion, a subject that preoccupied him so much during his career as a lawmaker that he introduced some 35 bills to restrict access to the procedure, " a Washington Post editorial says. McDonnell, a Roman Catholic who opposes abortion rights in all cases, "is not trying to hide his absolutist opposition to abortion, " the editorial says, adding, "[L]et's just say he's not advertising it too loudly." State Sen.

Editorial Addresses Needle Exchange Limitations In House Legislation Amendment

"An amendment attached to House legislation would continue the ban [on funding needle exchanges] by barring federally financed needle exchange programs from operating within 1, 000 feet of where children gather - schools, parks, swimming pools and the like, " a Hartford Courant editorial states. The editorial adds, "In the dense urban environment where such programs are most needed, it would be virtually impossible for them to operate." The same restrictions were placed on locally-financed programs in Washington, D.C., the editorial states, concluding, "These cruel amendments should be removed before the appropriations bill is sent to the president's desk.

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Also In Global Health News: NTD Consortium; Clean Water Access; PEPFAR Lab Donation; River Blindness Elimination; Vaccines In India

European Laboratories Form Consortium To Study Neglected Tropical Diseases A handful of European universities and industries have formed a consortium to "boost drug development for the treatment of two deadly diseases, the African sleeping sickness and Leishmaniasis, which affect millions of people worldwide, " afrol News reports. "This new project combines the knowledge and experience of leading European laboratories and promises to make a major contribution to the treatment of neglected tropical diseases, " according to Rob Leurs, the project's principal investigator (8/17). Examines Populations Worldwide Without Access To Clean Drinking Water Voxy.

IT Round Up

Various news reports highlight information technology as a central tool in reforming the health care system. Baltimore Sun offers a primer on the major issues surrounding technology and health care: "Health information technology is the new rage for politicians and many health-care providers.... Proponents say it will lower health-care costs and improve quality of care. Others aren't so sure. But computerized record-keeping and communication has the potential to change hospital care and procedures dramatically" (Worth, 8/14). Boston Globe reports: "Dartmouth College has received a $3 million federal grant to develop secure computing systems for health care facilities.

New York Times Examines Women In Military, Combat Roles

The New York Times on Monday examined the roles that women in the military increasingly are playing in combat zones like Iraq and Afghanistan -- the first wars in which "tens of thousands of American military women have lived, worked and fought with men for prolonged periods." The women stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan "have done more than just muddle the rules meant to keep women out of direct enemy contact, " the Times reports, adding that these women have "changed the way the United States military goes to war" and "reshaped life on bases across Iraq and Afghanistan ... without the disruption of discipline and unit cohesion that some feared would unfold.

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Don't Just love The NHS , Look After It, British Medical Association Tells Politicians

The Chairman of the BMA today welcomed the defence of the NHS by leading Labour and Conservative politicians. However, he called on them to abandon pro-market policies, warning that they are undermining the core values of the NHS in England. Commenting on the current debate on the merits of the US and UK healthcare systems, Dr Hamish Meldrum, Chairman of Council at the BMA, said: "It's great to see our leading politicians defending the NHS so robustly against these dishonest attacks from the American pro-market lobby. "But it's ironic that both Labour and the Conservatives are both pursuing policies which are moving us slowly towards an American style system.

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