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Kinesiology Tape - Just a Fad, Or a Modern Day Miracle For Athletes?

Kinesiology Tape is a type of elastic therapeutic tape that was invented in the 1970s, a Japanese Chiropractor. In recent years, kinesiology tape, or kinesio athletic tape as it's also referred to, has taken off in popularity. Top athletes like soccer star David Beckham, cyclist Lance Armstrong, Olympic volleyball champion Kerri Walsh, and many other Olympic athletes have been spotted wearing colorful strips of the tape, strategically applied to support and help heal muscles while they exercise. Kinesiology is basically a therapeutic taping technique which is superior to older taping techniques which used stiff, rigid athletic tape that caused skin irritation and reduced circulation.

Fill the Medical Shoes of a Physical Therapist

There are numerous careers in the medical field which offer many of the benefits and salary opportunities of becoming a nurse or physician, but which don't require as much investment in time and money. This article will explain how you can step into the medical shoes of a physical therapist: outlining job duties, employment prospects, and salary levels; as well as discussing the necessary training, skills, and educational and licensing requirements needed. Physical therapists, or PT's, help patients to restore normal physical functioning, improve their mobility, relieve their pain, and prevent permanent physical disability. PT's focus on overall fitness, although they must work with a wide variety of patients, from people with lower back pain to accident victims.

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JRRD Publishes Single-Topic Issue On TBI And Clinical Practice Guidelines For Mild TBI

The current issue of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA's) Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development (JRRD) features 19 timely scientific articles on traumatic brain injury (TBI), based on work by VA researchers and colleagues from a variety of disciplines. The papers were commissioned for a "state of the art" conference VA held last year to advance research in this area. This issue also contains joint VA and Department of Defense clinical practice guidelines for mild TBI (mTBI). These guidelines include a screening tool and evaluation protocol for adult patients in any VA/DoD clinical setting at risk of a concussion/mTBI diagnosis.

How Does Psychotherapy Counseling Help?

Many times we feel emotions and feelings that are deep rooted and we have no control over them. For many it is only a passing phase, but many battle with these mental issues day in and day out. If you need psychotherapy it does not mean it is a problem, but actually getting help in time can help save you and your family members a lot of headache and heartache. Many a times we wonder why psychotherapists are useful, this article explains some reason why and how they are advantageous to you: It helps through Neurology and Psychiatric Disciplines As every field advances and develops with new found technology, research and society's changing views, even modern psychiatry has developed into three categories: learning disabilities, mental illness and personality disorders.

Treatment For Severe Flat Feet in Children

Flat feet (also known as "prenated foot" or "fallen arches") is a condition where one or both feet do not display a normal arch when standing, walking or running. In infancy, all children appear to be flat footed because of a soft fat pad on the foot. Over time, however, that fat pad dissipates and you will be able to discern a clear arch when the child stands. With flat-footed children the foot may appear normal when sitting, but once weight is applied to the foot, it will roll forward at the ankle creating the appearance of a flat or fallen arch. Flat feet are usually painless and nonthreatening. Unfortunately, in severe cases, a prenated foot condition may lead to pain or aching in the ankle and foot.

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Shoulder Impingement Exercises Will Fix Your Shoulder, But When Should You Start Them?

Shoulder impingement exercises are essential to reduce the recovery time from a shoulder impingement or shoulder tendonitis, but it is important to do them at the right time and to avoid pain when doing them. Shoulder tendonitis is simply inflammation of one or more of the tendons of the rotator cuff. There are four muscles in the rotator cuff which all help with shoulder stability and movement. A shoulder impingement on the other hand is a potentially worse injury. It can develop when the supraspinatus tendon becomes inflamed and starts to get pinched or impinged.. The most common tendon to suffer in shoulder injuries is the supraspinatus. This tendon helps you to lift your arm up to the side or front which is why these movements are painful when you have a shoulder impingement.

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