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Help Hospitalized Veterans HHV Reports Benefits Of Craft Kit Therapy

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Nearly 90 percent of HHV craft kit users report physical and mental improvements as a direct result of craft-kit therapy. Craft kits are an important rehabilitative tool used by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to restore coordination and impaired motor skills, improve attention spans and concentration, and relax frayed nerves in patients.
Craft kits also provide a diversion and entertainment for those facing extended hospitalization and/or confinement. Patients with a good mental attitude and outlook toward treatment have better chances for improvement.
In a baseline performance measurement study of craft kit therapy, craft care specialists found the following improvements in patients:
-- Functional improvement - 48 percent
-- Self-assessment - 47 percent
-- Attention span - 45 percent
-- Motivation - 51 percent
These results and the benefits of craft kit therapy are discussed in a recently published JRRD guest editorial.
HHV is the nation's largest supplier of craft kits used within VA and military hospitals. Since its inception, HHV has delivered more than 25 million kits, along with other products and services, valued at (including shipping) $410 million.
JRRD is an open-access, international peer-reviewed rehabilitation journal published in English, with 10 regular issues published per year. The journal has been a leading research journal in the field of rehabilitation medicine and technology for 45 years. JRRD publishes original research articles, clinical studies, topical reviews, and editorials from U.S. and international researchers covering 31 rehabilitation disciplines. JRRD publishes both multi- and single-topic issues.
The journal is an official publication of VA's Rehabilitation Research and Development Service.
Source: Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development
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