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Neck Pain Relief Tips

Neck pains are caused by different reasons. Some are the result of muscle spasms whereas others result from straining the neck muscles. Neck pain is not only isolated to the neck area, oftentimes it can also extend down to the shoulder area as well. Part of being able to relieve pain is in identifying what is causing it. Is it a simple neck strain, or something worse such as arthritis or damaged disks. The most common cause of neck muscle strain is when the neck is held in an odd position for too long, such as sleeping on a pillow that is too high for you. Other things that can cause this is an improperly positioned computer screen, or even from reading while sitting in an awkward position.

Understanding Internal and External Hemorrhoids - Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Hemorrhoid Relief

In medical terms, hemorrhoids are referred to as swollen veins in the rectal area and in common terms they are referred to as piles. It's a very common condition affecting many people of various ages, both men and women are affected, but women more so due to pregnancy and childbirth.a Those in their forties are entering the risk category with the risks increasing until the early seventies. There is also an increased tendency towards developing piles if there is a family history of the condition. The most common causes of hemorrhoids include spending excess time on the toilet and extra pressure caused by constipation, obesity, sitting or standing too long in the same position, excessive diarrhea and heavy lifting.

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Stopping Pain Without Affecting Motor Function

One of the holy grails of local anesthesia is the ability to achieve a long-lasting nerve block that eliminates pain sensation while not affecting motor function. Now, researchers at Children's Hospital Boston have discovered an anesthetic approach that seems to do just that. If it proves to work in humans as well as it did in rats, it could be useful in a variety of medical applications, providing, for example, a local anesthetic for childbirth that would block pain without interfering with the mother's ability to push, or for musculoskeletal disorders in which it is important to maintain mobility. The discovery was reported in the online Early Edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences during the week of February 1.

Stop Dealing With Pain Through Medications! New Technology Could Start a Healthcare Revolution

There are thousands of people that are forced to deal with pain everyday of their lives. This could be from car wrecks, old sports injuries, conditions such as arthritis, or just flat out sleeping the wrong way on your pillow. No matter what the reason for the pain, one thing they all these people have in common is that they want it to go away! There is new technology out right now that is helping people with their pain through zero point energy. This could very well start a healthcare revolution. Through a process called Amized Fusion, a company called Amega Global has created products that give off this zero point energy. What this does is to remind your body's cells that they came from source.

Winter Weather Causing You Pain? Simple At-Home Massage Techniques Can Keep Bodies Feeling Strong All Winter Long

With a season of record-breaking snowfalls and eight weeks of winter to go, Washingtonians have become all too familiar with the icy sidewalks, the sore muscles, and the coughs and colds that come along with winter weather. But for those feeling the effects of a recent fall or tighter joints due to a lack of exercise, therapeutic massage - including simple tips you can do at home - can offer much-needed relief. "We tend to be less active in the cold weather months, catch more colds and flus, and get depressed more easily. Massage is proven to help with all these winter ailments, " says Winston Moore, massage therapist and the Regional Operations Manager for Massage Envy, which has 19 locations in the Baltimore/Washington, DC area.

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FDA Cautions Drug Makers About Potential Abuse

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Food and Drug Administration "this week released a draft of voluntary guidelines to assist drug makers in figuring out which compounds should be placed under the Controlled Substances Act. The law regulates the handling, record-keeping and dispensing of drugs deemed to be dangerous or addictive if misused -- in some cases imposing criminal penalties for misuse. The guidelines urge researchers to look beyond traditional indicators such as whether a compound is addictive and consider other characteristics that could lead to abuse." One example of a drug that could be more tightly restricted is the anesthetic propofol, part of the "cocktail of drugs that caused the death" of Michael Jackson (Zajac, 1/28).

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