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New Report Recommends Enhanced Food Tracing Guidelines

The Food and Drug Administration's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) today released a report from the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), which recommends clear objectives be set for all users of a simpler, globally accepted food supply chain that can benefit from existing commercial systems. CFSAN commissioned the IFT report in 2008 as part of the agency's ongoing examination of food product tracing practices, and its commitment to improve the ability of government and industry to trace commercially distributed food products potentially of risk to U.S. consumers. The IFT is a nonprofit scientific society focusing on the science of food.

FDA Statement On Vibrio Vulnificus In Raw Oysters

Several weeks ago, the FDA announced its intent to change, by summer 2011, its policy regarding the post-harvest processing of raw Gulf Coast oysters harvested in the warmer months. The intent of this change in policy, which would affect about 25% of the total annual harvest, would be to substantially reduce the number of Americans who suffer severe and painful illness and death from the Vibrio vulnificus bacteria. The FDA's announced change in policy was modeled on a successful California initiative that was implemented in 2003. As a public health agency, the FDA is committed to identifying reasonable and workable approaches to reduce unnecessary suffering and death from preventable causes.

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Mothers' Exposure To Phthalates Linked To Un-masculine Play In Young Boys

A pilot study conducted in the US found that young boys whose mother's urine when they were in the womb contained higher levels of two phthalates, common chemicals present in PVC used in food packaging and storing, were less likely to engage in play fighting and play with masculine toys such as trucks. The study was led by Dr Shanna H Swan of the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) in New York, and is about to be published in the International Journal of Andrology. Swan is professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and director of the URMC Center for Reproductive Epidemiology. Made from oil, phthalates are a family of organic chemicals used to make plastics such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) softer and more flexible, They have been around for about 50 years and are the most commonly used plasticisers in the world.

Ontario Diabetes Strategy Announces Measures To Increase Access To Registered Dietitians, Canada

It's welcome news to Dietitians of Canada (DC) that new initiatives to prevent and manage diabetes have recently been announced by the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion and the Ministry of Health and Long Term. Linda Dietrich, Regional Executive Director for DC's Central and Southern Ontario Region, says "the creation of additional diabetes education teams and resource tools will provide more Ontarians with supports to help prevent diabetes, manage an existing condition, and prevent complications. Access to Registered Dietitians (RDs) and Registered Nurses (RNs) focussed on diabetes treatment will help prevent long term complications." Healthy eating, recognized as a key element in diabetes prevention, is currently provided by Registered Dietitians as an integral part of the diabetes strategy through a partnership between the Ministry of Health Promotion and DC.

Skin Color Gives Clues To Health

Researchers from the universities of Bristol and St. Andrews in the UK have found that the color of a person's skin affects how healthy and therefore attractive they appear, and have found that diet may be crucial to achieving the most desirable complexion. The work will be published in the December issue of Springer's International Journal of Primatology. Using specialist computer software, a total of 54 Caucasian participants of both sexes were asked to manipulate the skin color of male and female Caucasian faces to make them look as healthy as possible. They chose to increase the rosiness, yellowness and brightness of the skin. "Most previous work on faces has focused on the shape of the face or the texture of the skin, but one of the most variable characteristics of the face is skin color, " said Dr.

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Opinions: Health System Funding; Malnutrition Assistance; Social Dimension Of HIV

Health System Funding Can Address 'Silent Killers' "For too long, global health funding has gone to diseases like AIDS with the most vocal lobby groups and not to the diseases with the greatest need, " Philip Stevens, a senior fellow at International Policy Network, writes in a Business Daily opinion piece. "Meanwhile, diseases that kill many more remain in relative obscurity, " he writes. "Fortunately, things are beginning to change, " he observes. "The U.N. has started pleading for funds to improve health systems, so that 'silent killers' such as pneumonia and diarrhoea can be better tackled." According to Stevens, "Better healthcare systems also make it easier to manage HIV patients, who tend to have other health problems" (11/16).

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