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Ways to Keep Your Energy Level Up All Day

Many of us have trouble getting through the day. We often awake groggy in the morning and find ourselves even more lethargic by the afternoon. The good news is that there are many ways to increase your energy and keep it consistent throughout the day. First, make sure that you get up at the same time each day. While you might be tempted to take an afternoon nap or to sleep in a little later when the opportunity presents itself, it is best to get out of bed at the same hour every day. Changing your body's natural sleep and wake cycle can leave you feeling more tired than ever. Another great way to maintain energy levels is by eating six small meals throughout the day.

Also In Global Health News: Ethiopia Food Aid; Sudan Genocide Charges; MDR-TB Drugs

Ethiopia Appeals For More Food Aid "Ethiopia needs emergency aid to feed 5.2 million people this year, the government said, appealing for 642, 983 metric tons of food from foreign donors, " Bloomberg/Businessweek reports, adding that the number of people in need of assistance is higher than last year (McLure, 2/4). The U.N. News Center reports that poor rainfall is to blame for the worsening situation (2/3). International Criminal Court To Reconsider Genocide Charges Against Sudan's President The Wall Street Journal reports that "the International Criminal Court [has] decided to revisit a petition to charge [Sudanese] President Omar al-Bashir with genocide, reversing last year's decision by a panel of judges that there wasn't enough evidence to link the Sudanese leader with mass killings of his people" (Childress, 2/4).

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Health Benefits of Olive Oil - Which Olive Oil Benefits Your Health the Most?

Before we find out which olive oil benefits your health the most, it's best for you to know how olive oil is made so that you know exactly what kind of oil you're feeding your body with. How Olive Oil is Made Not all olive oils are created equal - their quality are in essence, graded based on production method, acidity level and flavor. Although different grades of olive oil can mix together to produce other grades and types, there are 3 principal grades that are more health-beneficial for you to know. Let's run through their production processes briefly to help you get some basic ideas. Harvested olives will first go through grinding and pressing using heavy granite millstones or modern stainless steel rollers to extract the oil.

FSA Takes Small Steps To Encourage Young People To Eat Well, Get Active And Feel Good

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) today officially launched SmallSteps4Life - an innovative approach to motivating young people to take simple steps towards improving their health and well-being, both inside and outside the classroom. The programme also supports the Change4Life movement, and is part of Get Set - the London 2012 education programme that will help deliver the lasting legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. SmallSteps4Life invites young people to set themselves challenges relating to the themes of eating well, getting active and feeling good, over a period of at least four weeks. Examples include: eat a healthy breakfast every day, walk to and from school, and get more sleep.

Complete Diet - Some Basic Information

If you are vegetarian, you may have a diet that is devoid of any meat, fish, and animal derivatives but still eat eggs and dairy products. Or as a vegetarian, you may indeed choose to eat eggs and dairy. The basic rules for a good and healthy however diet still apply. The right amount of foods needs to be eaten in combination for a good diet. It is important however to remember to eat foods that give you enough protein and enough iron. Protein can be found in a range of foods including pulses, nuts, soya and Tofu, Quorn and seeds. Iron is found in green leafy vegetables, fortified breads and also in pulses. Iron is one of those things that can be affected by drinking too much tea or coffee as it depletes the iron absorption so remember to up your vitamin C intake as that helps.

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Blood Pressure-Lowering Diet Appears More Effective When Combined With Other Interventions

Combining an anti-hypertension diet with exercise and weight loss counseling may result in increased reduction in high blood pressure along with other benefits. James A. Blumenthal, Ph.D., of Duke University Medical Center, Durham, N.C., and colleagues studied 144 overweight or obese patients with high blood pressure. For four months, 46 were assigned to follow the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet; 49 followed the diet and added supervised exercise and cognitive-behavioral weight loss therapy; and 49 ate their usual diet. Blood pressure as measured in the clinic decreased by 16.1/9.9 millimeters of mercury among those in the DASH plus weight management group, 11.

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