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Six Ways to Improve Your Nutrition

Any good nutrition plan is more than just counting the calories in your meals; it's maintaining a good balance between nutrients and calories. Every food contains energy which is measured in calories, a unit of heat. Your body burns calories to do all the things you need it to do and remain alert all day. Nutrients are the chemicals that make up our blood, tissue, and organs. The caloric intake and nutrient requirement varies with each individual. Depending on age, sex, weight, and activity level, a good nutrition plan will provide your body with enough calories and nutrition to function and maintain a healthy body weight. Regardless of these variables, there are five fundamentals of any good nutrition plan.

Dietary Fiber - What You Need to Know

You may have noticed how most experts stress the importance of fiber in a healthy diet. This is because dietary fiber plays a very critical role in digestion and, when taken in the right quantities, can be very effective in preventing deadly diseases. But, what is dietary fiber and how can we make sure we are consuming enough? Dietary fiber is a component of plant foods. Our bodies do not digest it but fiber facilitates the movement of food through our digestive track, absorbing water and aiding in the proper elimination of waste materials. Dietary fiber is classified into two types: soluble, which dissolves in water; and, insoluble, which does not dissolve in water and goes through the digestive tract virtually unchanged.

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The Key To Long Life May Not Be Dietary Restriction But Balancing Protein Intake

Getting the correct balance of proteins in our diet may be more important for healthy ageing than reducing calories, new research funded by the Wellcome Trust and Research into Ageing suggests. The research may help explain why 'dietary restriction' (also known as calorie restriction) - reducing food intake whilst maintaining sufficient quantities of vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients - appears to have health benefits. In many organisms, such as the fruit fly (drosophila), mice, rats and the Rhesus monkey, these benefits include living longer. Evidence suggests that dietary restriction can have health benefits for humans, too, though it is unclear whether it can increase longevity.

Resveratrol Sources - 5 Amazing Sources You Can Get Resveratrol From and Improve Your Health

Getting what we need the natural way has become a very popular way of living these days as well as cost effective! Many people are constantly looking for ways to prevent illnesses by taking simple supplements and vitamins. If you are trying to live naturally, get natural resveratrol sources in order to prevent a number of ailments including a variety of cancers! 1. Wine A simple glass or red wine has been proven to be quite effective for the health. This is also one of the most well know resveratrol sources that you can find. As long as you are the proper drinking age, you can have a glass at dinner or before bed. You should start to feel more energized in the morning and you might even feel a bit lighter too!

Why We Outlive Our Ape Ancestors

In spite of their genetic similarity to humans, chimpanzees and great apes have maximum lifespans that rarely exceed 50 years. The difference, explains USC Davis School of Gerontology Professor Caleb Finch, is that as humans evolved genes that enabled them to better adjust to levels of infection and inflammation and to the high cholesterol levels of their meat rich diets. In the December issue of PNAS Early Edition, Finch reveals that these evolutionary genetic advantages, caused by slight differences in DNA sequencing and improvements in diet, make humans uniquely susceptible to diseases of aging such as cancer, heart disease and dementia when compared to other primates.

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Olive Leaf Side Effects - 3 Major Side Effects You Have to Know About

While it is always important to know about the benefits of an herbal remedy it is also important to know about the side effects of that remedy. Olive leaves have been proven to have extraordinary healing abilities and people from all over the world are getting on board and using a multivitamin or extract. Before you get started with the online shopping aspect of the process, make sure that you check out the olive leaf side effects here and get the correct information first. 1.Extreme Fatigue The major ingredient found in the olive leaf is called oleuropein and it helps to fight off the germs and harmful bacteria. In order for this to happen properly you may experience certain side effects such as extreme fatigue.

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