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Global Food Prices Reach 14-Month High, FAO Report Says

In its latest report, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) on Wednesday said the agency's Food Price Index had been increasing for four consecutive months and reached a 14-month high in November, Reuters reports. FAO said the "index - which measures monthly price changes for a food basket composed of cereals, oilseeds, dairy, meat and sugar - averaged 168 points last month, the highest since September 2008. That level was still 21 percent below a peak in June 2008, at the height of the food price crisis, but FAO noted that prior to the price spike of 2007/08 the index had never exceeded 120 points, " the news service writes (Aloisi, 12/9).

How to Start Including Healthy Carbohydrates Into Your Everyday Menu

You may realize by now that there are different classes of carbohydrates and the healthy ones as well as the unhealthy options. Carbohydrates are necessary as a source of fuel for the body. A carbohydrate is quickly turned into glycogen and absorbed by the cells to be used up as energy to carry out vital cellular activities which is permissible for your optimal heath and well-being. Carbohydrates are vitally important for our health and it is important that we use diet carbohydrates from the healthy sources. So what are the best sources of diet carbohydrates that can supply the nutrient and the energy we need on a daily basis? The best sources of diet carbohydrates comes form the wholesome naturally;

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Opinions: ARV Access; Global Health Promotion; Climate Change; Under-Nutrition; Ethiopia

Column Examines How Trade Rules, Policy Directions May Improve Access To ARVs In an Intellectual Property Watch column, Daniele Dionisio, of the Italian Network for International Fight against AIDS, examines how trade rules and policy directions by governments and institutions may help to improve countries' access to antiretrovirals. Dionisio outlines areas of opportunity, including "the unprecendented openings to Indian generics" by PEPFAR; the UNITAID and WHO "campaign towards the adoption of patent pool strategies for second and third line newer ARV [antiretroviral] fixed-dose combinations and formulations for adults and children[; and] the fast-growing ARVs bulk purchasing activities with the generic producers led by the Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and the Clinton Foundation-UNITAID coalition" (12/8).

Staying Healthy - The Importance of Knowing Digestion Details

Staying healthy begins when we trigger our digestion process by putting something into our mouth. If any of the following steps are compromised along the way we will not be staying healthy for very long. It all starts with our enzymes, of which about half of what we need is produced in our Pancreas and the rest come from the raw foods we eat. Our bodies have over 3000 different enzymes for digesting fats, protein and carbohydrates as well as for making essential contributions to healing, elimination, energy production, transportation of fluids to your cells, elimination of toxins, metabolism, decreasing inflammation, supporting our immune systems, combating stress, as well as absorbing and transporting nutrients.

Aid Agencies Launch 378M 2010 Aid Request To Improve Health In Zimbabwe

More than 70 agencies, led by the U.N., launched a request on Monday for $378 million in aid, which will be used to improve health and food security, as well as water and sanitation, Reuters reports. Though Zimbabwe's power-sharing government has improved some "social conditions in the country, " the agencies "say more needs to be done" (Banya, 12/7). At the launch of the annual Consolidated Appeal Process (CAP), "U.N. Assistant Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs Catherine Bragg, said the money asked for is much less than the $719 million requested for [2009], " VOA News writes. Bragg said, "The CAP 2010 already outlines lesser needs than any other CAP launched in Zimbabwe .

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Vegetarian, Vegan and Diabetic Diets - For Runners

Other diets Certain diets may present pitfalls for runners, but, with a little care, your running will not suffer. Here are some of the more common diets and how they can affect your performance. The vegetarian runner It is possible to perform at the highest level on a vegetarian diet, but training hard does require a good supply of protein for muscle regeneration, so it's important to include adequate amounts of high-quality protein in your diet. Protein is also essential for creating the red blood cells that transport oxygen around your body when you run, and to give your immune system a healthy boost. Steak out It's a myth that the best-quality protein comes from red meat.

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