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How to Store Olive Oil to Retain Its Nutritional Values For Maximum Health Benefits

Olive oil is sensitive to heat, light and air. So, what is the best way to store olive oil? Here are some practical ways to keep your olive oil away from heat, light and air so that it'll retain its nutritional values as much as possible and provide maximum health benefits for you. Storing Olive Oil Keep your olive oil best in a cool (room temperature works fine), dark place away from stove or other heat-generating appliances. That way it won't "see" the light and "feel" the heat so easily and turn rancid. Here's a tip for you if you wish to save cost and buy olive oil bottled in clear container - transfer it to tinted glass container which helps to keep out light or non-reactive metal such as stainless steel (if you have it at home).

Discovery That Viagra Enhances Fetal Growth In Female Sheep May Have Human Implications

A joke among two Texas AgriLife Research scientists later turned into a fully-funded study. Viagra can aid fetal development in female sheep. Female sheep (ewes) are an agriculturally important species, which can serve as an excellent animal model for studying the physiology of human pregnancy, the researchers said. Viagra ( sildenafil citrate ), which is used to treat male erectile dysfunction, enhanced blood flow in pregnant female sheep, helping send vital amino acids and other nutrients needed in fetal development. The study's results not only will assist with solving fetal development problems in other livestock, but possibly in humans, said Dr.

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Buy Olive Oil - How to Choose the Best Olive Oil Off the Shelf

When buying olive oil, how do you choose the best quality oil off the shelf? As opposed to plant, olive oil dreads light, heat and air. Over-exposing olive oil to these environmental factors can expedite the breaking down of oil nutrients and make it turn rancid. Worst of all, consuming such rancid oil may elevate your risk for heart disease and cancer. So, better be safe than be sorry. Unfortunately, most stores are brightened with light, and most olive oils are bottled in clear containers that expose the oil to the light for as long as they stand on the shelf. Here's a tip - pick the one that stands in the shade at the back instead of the one in front.

Leading Scientist Presented With A National Award For His Unsurpassed Commitment To The Understanding Of Human Lactation

One of the worlds leading lactation experts, Professor Peter Hartmann, has been awarded with the Rank Prize Fund for Nutrition, worth 50, 000, in recognition of his groundbreaking collaborative work with Prof. Robyn Owens and their invaluable contribution to the current understanding of human lactation. The funds, which are awarded in acknowledgment of excellence in; animal and health nutrition, crop husbandry and optoelectronics, will be presented during an official ceremony in London on February 8th at The Royal College of Physicians. Professor Hartmann has been dedicated to the field of human lactation since his daughter's birth in 1971;

Healthy Eating Plans - A Technique to Help You Eat Healthier Foods

Do you have trouble sticking to healthy eating plans or diets? If so, you are far from alone in having this difficulty. There are several reasons that can contribute to this. First of all, there are simply so many temptations to stray from your diet that it can seem like you need an iron will to be consistent. Then there is the issue of information overload. We get so much contradictory information about what we should or should not eat that we can easily get overwhelmed and simply eat whatever we feel like. It's also possible, if you have a half dozen different nutritional theories running around in your head, to selectively pick the one that conveniently fits your current whim!

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Evaluating US Food Security Programs

On Tuesday, representatives of the Eastern Illinois Foodbank shared results of a national study sponsored by Feeding America, the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization. The study is completed every four years by nearly 200 food banks and analyzes the effectiveness of emergency food distribution throughout the United States. Craig Gundersen, an associate professor in the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics at the University of Illinois, is a member of the Technical Advisory Group for this report. The "Hunger in America" study reports that more than 100, 600 people, including 33, 198 children, receive emergency food each year through the Eastern Illinois Foodbank and the food pantries, soup kitchens, and other emergency food programs it serves.

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