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How to Stop Your Sugar Cravings

Do you crave sugar and carbohydrates? Do you suffer from anxiety, mood swings, or outbursts of anger? Do you have trouble concentrating or have "brain fog"? You may be suffering from a yeast overgrowth. You have a small amount of yeast, or Candida, in your body. We all do. But if this yeast manages to grow out of control, it can suppress your immune system, disrupt your digestive system, and affect your ability to think clearly AND make your sugar cravings out of control. The number one cause of Candida overgrowth is antibiotic use. You've probably taken antibiotics at one time or another in your life. But if you are chronically sick and have taken antibiotics multiple times in a 12 month period, then you run the risk of a Candida overgrowth.

The Basic Error of Conventional Reducing Diets

The error of "diet" lies in its basic precept temporary deprivation of nourishment. It is a false precept. One cannot get thin by temporary deprivation, no matter how long or short the time. You cannot get thin by depriving your body of breakfast or any other meal. You make it up the next time. You cannot get thin by depriving your body over a period of weeks or months. You make it up as soon as the period ends. You can get thin by providing the body with exactly what nutrients it needs.I admit that there is much the world has to learn about nutrition. Despite the great attention given to this subject, it is so vast that the ground has been barely covered.

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Can Nutrition Affect Your Baby's Brain and IQ?

Definitely. Many studies have been conducted on this topic, and two studies done in Guatemala and Cali, Colombia, demonstrate that poor nutrition can negatively affect an infant's brain development and I.Q. For instance, the study done in Guatemala, as quoted by Russell L. Blaylock, M.D., studied babies in four different villages. In two of the villages, babies and young children up to age seven were given a nutrient-rich drink supplement. In two other villages, similar-aged children were given a drink supplement lower in vitamins and minerals. All the children were the nutrient drinks twice daily. The study reached two pertinent conclusions: 1.

Low-income Families In BC Can't Afford Healthy Food, Canada

Imagine being $127 'in debt' after your monthly rent is paid and you've bought groceries for you and your family, leaving no money for other necessities such as clothing, transportation and school supplies. According to the latest The Cost of Eating in BC report, this is the situation for a family of four living on income assistance in this province. The Cost of Eating in BC 2009 by the Dietitians of Canada and the Community Nutritionists Council of BC demonstrates that it is impossible for families or individuals on income assistance or earning a low wage to afford enough healthy food. While shelter and food costs have risen significantly over the past decade, income assistance rates have remained virtually unchanged and minimum wage, once the highest in the country, has remained at $8.

Health Products Can Help You

There are many reasons for any of us to use medications, but that means we already are sick in some way. Unfortunately when you realize you are sick you will have harder time dealing with your sickness, so the best way every doctor recommends to fight against any sort of health problem is prevention. And that includes eating healthy, get regular doctor checks and taking care of your body in a general sense. But that also can be hard sometimes. Not all of us have a healthy predisposition, some of us have to use more than that. That means that vitamins that we are putting into our body just aren't enough, or our bones are not that good, we lack calcium.

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Vitamin C - The Sweetest Vitamin

What Is Vitamin C? There are a variety of nutrients that you are expected to get in your diet every day. These vitamins and minerals are important for both increases the strength of different processes in your body as well as reducing the risk of illnesses caused by their deficiencies. One such nutrient is Vitamin C, which scientific evidence says plays a role in a variety of processes throughout your body. Vitamin C can also be taking in larger doses than some other vitamins, which allows it to be included in many of the leading supplements available today. Uses of Vitamin C The most common use for Vitamin C is immune system support - particularly to block and recover from such illnesses as the common cold and flu.

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