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Nanoparticle Protects Oil In Foods From Oxidation, Spoilage

Using a nanoparticle from corn, a Purdue University scientist has found a way to lengthen the shelf life of many food products and sustain their health benefits. Yuan Yao, an assistant professor of food science, has successfully modified the phytoglycogen nanoparticle, a starchlike substance that makes up nearly 30 percent of the dry mass of some sweet corn. The modification allows the nanoparticle to attach to oils and emulsify them while also acting as a barrier to oxidation, which causes food to become rancid. His findings were published in the early online version of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Oxidation destabilizes oil droplets in emulsified food, degrading and changing the chemical structure of the oil and causing it to go bad.

How to Cope With Shift Work - Eat For Energy!

If you're looking at ways to cope with shift work then the best advice that I can give you is to quite literally - Eat for Energy! As shift workers fatigue is by far the Number One complaint because of the crazy and irregular hours that we work. Most shift workers live a life of feeling totally exhausted and zapped of energy 24/7. Sounding familiar? Well the good news is that it doesn't have to be that way and you can certainly learn how to beat fatigue. Is it easy? No. Will it require a lot of hard work on your part? Absolutely. You see whenever we pull up at a service station to fill up our car we always ensure that we're using high quality, high performance fuel.

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Milk Kefir - The Elixir of Life

Most people know that milk kefir could be the key to a healthy life because of its natural anti-oxidants and probiotics. People in the Caucasus region believed that health is wealth and considered kefir grains as a sign of one's wealth. They protected their kefir grains and gave it importance. In our time, however, many have believed that kefir helps in preventing some cancers and digestive disorders. From the olden times, people use fermented cow, sheep, or goat's milk to make their kefir. As time passed, many ways have been added to the list. But using milk is still the best way to enjoy your kefir. Acquiring your own kefir is not that hard to do.

Do Low Calorie Diets Really Lead to Longer Life?

In recent years, there's been a lot of buzz in the news about the low calorie diet. While this form of diet has always existed for the sake of losing weight and looking fit, a new theory has emerged and picked up steam during the course of the last decade. The low calorie diet is said to somehow increase life span. Not only is this a claim, but studies have been performed that may very well back this theory up. The logic behind this train of thought is that when the body is reduced to a near starving point, something known as resveratrol kicks in and takes hold of the body. This substance, which is also found naturally in red wine, is said to slow the aging process.

Healthy Eating Diets - What Should You Look For?

To be honest in today's diet world it is very confusing as to what is deemed or considered to be healthy eating diets. Many programs both on and offline claim to be healthy for various reasons. Some of these reasons are very clear and some are just plain crazy. Rapid weight loss plans among their thousands are not healthy for you in the long term. They can indeed help you to lose weight quickly but in most cases it will not last. The most common outcome is that the diet goer tends to put on more weight than he or she lost prior to starting the weight loss program. As a general rule of thumb you should be looking for a weight loss program that includes real food.

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Don't Let A Turkey Spoil Your Christmas

The Food Standards Agency is hoping to reduce the number of food safety clangers that are served up this Christmas, with its Christmas food safety advertising campaign. TV and radio adverts are jovial but have serious underlying messages about the preparation and cooking of turkey: - don't wash it (you don't need to) - defrost it thoroughly - cook it properly The advice is just as important whether people are cooking traditional turkey, or any other poultry. The Agency's research has shown that many people wash their turkeys before cooking, with older women the most frequent turkey-washing offenders. But washing meat or poultry can cause harmful food poisoning bacteria to splash on to worktops, chopping boards, dishes and utensils, where they can linger for days.

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