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Your Blood Can Tell You More

What are the factors contributing to the status of blood? What about the importance of balancing minerals? Scientific and medical researchers have well documented and proven that the evolution of microorganisms is highly dependent on the exposure to heavy metal elements. This, in this case, is IN the blood. For instance, patients with really high mercury levels inside their mouths most often exhibit particular pleomorphic-like microbe* elements in the patient's blood. It is highly possible that substances similar to extremely high copper levels in the blood, can do more damage than merely irritating the functions of the brain. These imbalances, not only compromise the functionality of the brain, but also compromise the mental capability and capacity of the brain.

How is Acidity Harmful For Your Health and Body?

Modern scientists and doctors have researched and discovered that human bodies are designed to live up to 120 years under ideal conditions, without ever experiencing disease! This suggests the absence of: - Graying and thinning hair, - Aging skin, - Alzheimer's disease and memory lapses, - Bone brittleness and rheumatism, - Heart, lung, kidney, liver and digestive dysfunctions, - Anxiety and stress, - Deteriorating vision and hearing, - Varicose veins, - Mental fatigue or constant body aching, - Prostate problems and diminishing libido, - Decreased immunity, inflammations, infections and cancers The key to reversing the effects of the problems mentioned above is balancing and maintaining acidity and alkalinity levels in the body.

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Discover the Different Poisons That Are Hiding in Our Daily Foods

Most people eat poison every day without even thinking about it. On a daily basis, even small amounts of the substance are linked to heart disease, and research shows that increases insulin resistance and risk of diabetes, effects cholesterol levels, and increases visceral fat. This poison is a food additive called trans fatty acids (TFAs). TFAs come from the hydrogenation of vegetable oils and are all man-made except some which are found in dairy products. New food labeling laws brought the problem of TFAs to public attention since 2006. TFAs have even been banned from restaurants in some states. TFAs are nothing new but recent studies have shown increased CHD or myocardial infarction deaths associated with these substances.

How Spices Can Help Improve Your Health

Spices add variety to our food and they also smell good. But did you know that spices can improve your health? Below are a list of common spices and the health benefits you can realize by using them. Ginger - Ginger is great for relieving nausea and can also help soothe a headache. Compounds in ginger block the production of pain-causing chemicals as well as relax blood vessels. Cinnamon - By adding a little cinnamon to any sweets, you can block some of their unhealthy effects. In one study, diabetes patients saw their blood sugar plunge by 30% and had lower cholesterol levels. Another study found that taking half a teaspoon of cinnamon with a tablespoon of honey each day can relieve arthritis pain in as little as a week.

Is Sugar Making Me Irrational and Moody?

I read a book once called "Potatoes not Prozac." Well... actually I only read the first paragraph and never finished it. It said: "To identify whether or not you have a sugar sensitivity, imagine this: You walk into your house and you're not hungry, but there is a plate on the counter full of warm chocolate chip cookies. What do you do?" um... duh! I thought that everyone knew the answer to that! The next sentence said "A person who doesn't have a sensitivity to sugar would say, "Why would I eat a cookie? You just said that I wasn't hungry." Oh... really?... hmm... and that's as far as I got in the book because I stopped to go to the store to buy ingredients and then made myself some warm chocolate chip cookies.

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Pantothenic Acid - The Ubiquitous B Vitamin

Pantothenic Acid, also called Vitamin B5, is contained in just about every imaginable food you could consume, so there is no possibility you will ever be deficient in this nutrient. The purpose of this vitamin is to help convert the food you eat into energy, help produce hormones in your body, and help create healthy red blood cells. There is evidence that pantothenic acid can help boost athletic performance, reduce cholesterol levels, and even keep your hair from turning gray! Another very important function of vitamin B5 is to assist in the creation of two important coenzymes, coenzyme A (CoA) and acyl carrier protein (ACP). These enzymes are used during the energy creation process, and they also help produce hormones, healthy red blood cells, and Vitamin D in the body.

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