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Recent Releases In Global Health

Under Shah's Leadership, USAID Poised 'To Regain Its Prominence' In Global Nutrition, Lancet Opinion Says Rajiv Shah's appointment as USAID administrator "comes at a crucial time of challenge and opportunity for the Agency to improve the nutritional well-being of impoverished societies, " write the authors of a Lancet Comment that examines the U.S. Global Hunger and Food Security Initiative. Though the initiative "sends a clear message to the world about U.S. intent to partner with poor nations to achieve their national food and nutrition goals ... the Initiative's nutrition plan, unlike its detailed agricultural blueprint, currently lacks a comprehensive set of aims, activities, research needs, and programme benchmarks, " the authors write.

Food For Thought

Having trouble concentrating on a task? Need to write that all-important report? Feeling down or often cranky? Catherine Saxelby has healthful tips for more brain power. Brain Power 6 Ways to feed your brain 1. Make breakfast a daily habit 2. Glucose will fuel your brain 3. Long chain omega-3's 4. Water and hydration 5. Tea for theanine 6. Iron for oxygen transportation As a nation, we're all living longer but how can we maintain our brain function well into those twilight years -hang on to our memory, boost our alertness and concentration, and improve our mood. Before you throw good money away on the uncertain promises of supplements, stop and take a look at what you eat.

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The Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat - A Food Journal

We all want to know what the fastest way to lose belly fat is. The trouble is that we've been so consumed by the whole "diet" idea that sometimes we just overlook what we're really eating in the first place. Why don't we start with the basics here. We eat to stay alive - check. We stock up on food because we're afraid to go hungry - check. We eat a ridiculous amount of food to satisfy our cravings and help us through the hardest times of our lives - I hate to admit it, but okay; this calls for a big, fat check. We're so concerned about losing the weight, but what we're really doing is digging this really big hole for us to rot in. Why? Because we fail to simplify things, that's why.

Consumption Of Whole Grain Falls Short Of Guidelines

Three daily servings of whole grains are recommended for prevention of type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, and excess weight gain. Yet few adolescents or young adults follow these guidelines, according to national survey data. In a study published in the February 2010 issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, researchers from the School of Public Health, University of Minnesota report that young people are consuming less than 1 serving of whole grains per day. The study took an in-depth look at influencers, modifiable factors, and interventions that are critical for successfully addressing this gap. Using the results of Project EAT (Eating Among Teens)-II, researchers analyzed the consumption of whole grains by 792 adolescents and 1, 686 young adults between the ages of 15 and 23.

Juicer - Using the Right Juicer For Making Fresh Juice

For people who are on diet or are conscious about their health, there is nothing as rewarding as a glass or fresh fruit or vegetable. The effects of fresh fruit are easily felt through an individual's increased rate of metabolism and high levels of energy. To extract juice from the fruits and vegetables, some people use blenders which are not recommended since they do not process all parts of the fruit. To enjoy all benefits that are available in a fruit, every part of the fruit needs to be processed and this is only possible through the use of a juicer machine. The juicer will be able to process and extract all essential nutrients that are in the fruit or vegetable better than the stomach can on its own.

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U.S. Government Resumes Medical Evacuations From Haiti; New Food Voucher Distribution Targeting Women Begins

"The U.S. government said on Sunday it would resume military evacuation flights" within 12 hours for critically ill and injured Haitians who were harmed in the Jan. 12 earthquake, Reuters reports (Rosenberg/Brown, 1/31). Medical evacuations had been suspended for a few days, but the reason for the suspension "is unclear as various government authorities have provided different explanations, " the Wall Street Journal reports. In a statement, White House spokesman Tommy Vietor said, "Patients are being identified for transfer, doctors are making sure that it is safe for them to fly, and we are preparing specific in-flight pediatric care aboard the aircraft where needed.

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