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Government Healthy Eating Messages Fail To Make An Impact

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Increased Government spending on promoting healthy eating for the past ten years has made little difference to our eating habits, according to the findings of the Food Standards Agency survey (FSA).
The nationwide survey shows that the majority of adults and young people are still eating too many processed foods and sweets and not enough oily fish and fresh fruit and vegetables. Only 35 per cent of adults and 15 per cent of teenagers eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.
The survey method
The FSA asked 500 adults and 500 children to keep a diary for four days of what they ate, measured their weight and height and took blood samples.
Researchers also checked the results against a nutrition survey done in 2000 and against the Government's own recommendations for nutrition.
Healthy diet and physical activity are essential
"Following a healthy, balanced diet and being physically active are essential if you want to cut down your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes," said Libby Dowling Care Advisor at Diabetes UK.
"We advise people to eat plenty of fruits and vegetable and limit their intake of fat, sugar and salt."
"Raising awareness of healthy eating is crucial to improve the health of the nation. We need to make sure that the right messages are reaching the public and we need to do all we can to encourage them to follow up the advice given."
Diabetes UK
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