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How to Look and Feel Fabulous One Step at a Time

Easy Steps to Feel and Look Fabulous. Sometimes we complain we don't look beautiful any more and our skin is loose but, ladies, look into the mirror with a smile and you will see a gorgeous young woman again, am I right? Well, maybe we need a little bit of makeup and better light, so what? We are what we think about ourselves and what we believe in. And the most important: we always have to remember that we are unique. We have our own bio-individuality, our own blood type, our own body type, our own personality type. And we always can start over and become a healthier and better person. We also have to be strong and take responsibility for our own health, because if we don't take care of ourselves, who will? There are some easy steps to start with, some easy steps to start feeling healthier and look better: 1. Drink more water. Water should be purified and not from the plastic bottles or containers. How much water do we need? It depends on your bio-individuality. 2. Eat the right foods.

Christian Dior Addict Perfume - A Great Success

Perfume has evolved a lot from the usage that was made of it from the ancient civilization. In the past perfume was used as a religious offering and it is thought that Cleopatra succeeded in winning over the Roman by using fantastic perfume. This idea of winning over new territories and new people is behind the creation of the Christian Dior addict perfume. This perfume has got a reputation of helping people to win over a partner. Christian Dior addict perfume: Influence your man If you are a woman and you want to win your man over then you should look no further. This is the one that you need. With it exciting perfume and fragrance it will surely help you in this delicate task. Although there are a lot of new perfumes coming onto the market, staying with a tried and tested name such as Dior should be a good idea if you want to win your man over. There are various Christian Dior addict perfume on the market and you should take your time to find the one that is suited to you. You can choose among the floral, flowery, aldehydic, citrus, green, oriental, soft-oriental and also woody and watery categories.

5 Things You Might Regret Saying And How To Fix It

Ever been told you only open your gob to change feet? Don't worry, our guide will put an end to those embarrassing foot-in-mouth traumas. Here are 5 things you could regret saying to your friend and how to fix it. 1. Your best friend has told you something in confidence but you accidentally let her secret slip to your other mates and she's not happy. - The best thing to do is to just come clean. Offer her a valuable secret of your own and say she's free to do what she likes with it. Chances are, she'll respect you for the sacrifice you made and in most cases won't spread it. Remember you have no right to share other people's secrets. When someone confides in you, imagine someone is handing you that secret in a locked box. If you think you're about to blab, imagine the locked box it should remind you of your promise! 2. You mention to your mate that you'd really fancy that guy in the past if he didn't have a 'tin grin'. But when she starts weeping you remember she wore braces too. - Speed is key here, as soon as you've realised you've unknowingly upset the person, make amendments quickly.

Don't Make Me Come Down There!

The young mother pointed a finger at her child, who stood across the room. One tiny hand hovered over the flowering plant he'd been told - repeatedly - not to touch. His big blue peepers fixed themselves on his Mommy, whose own eyes were wide, one eyebrow arched high in obvious frustration. "Don't make me come over there, " she warned. I smiled behind my hand. Will that phrase never go "out"? My mother used it on me, and my kids are quite familiar with it, as well. I'm pretty sure it's universally understood, and it is not generational. I doubt there's a child anywhere, of any era, who doesn't know trouble's brewing when they hear those words. Words that say, "I've had all I'm going to take." They make it clear that it's time to "shape up." They hold a tacit warning to "behave yourself, " and strongly advise to "toe the line." They also say, "Or else! " Any child with an ounce of smarts will shape up, behave himself and toe the line. Nobody wants the "or else"! Sometimes I get this funny little picture in my head.

Mothers Day 2008 - Make Your Mother Feel Special

Mothers day 2008 is here with tons of opportunities to make your mothers feel special. Yet another excuse to say " thank you" to the woman who gave you birth, the one whose womb you took shelter in for nine months, to the woman from whom you borrowed your flesh and blood, who fed you and spend sleepless nights when the infant-you could not sleep all night. She did all these to you without expecting anything in return from you. Now, when you are grown up enough to read this article, its your turn to make her feel special. One can never match a Mother's selfless love, but we can make her feel that she did not cast her pearls before the worthless. Do something special on Mothers Day 2008, to make her feel that her child appreciates her. There's no better way to show your gratitudeness to your mothers for what she did for you all her life than by celebrating Mothers Day to make her feel really special. Although, she least expected mothers day gifts from you while holding you as a kid, prove that you are grateful enough to show some love in return.

Baby Gift Ideas And Mommy Sense

With another baby coming along, you think of tiny little things that would excite the mommies, too. But being a veteran of three children does not always assure that you have the best taste for baby gift sets and mommy advice. What if you're no mommy yet? Mommy Sense Mommies are supposed to know what's best for their babies. If you're no mom yet, think like a mom when you're getting a baby gift set for the newest member of the family. Here are some useful tips to remember before you invest your money in a memorable gift for the baby: * Know the gender of the baby. * Go for hypo-allergenic pillows and stuffed toys. * Get practical gifts. * For baby toy chests, be sure the item is certified non-toxic. Since babies cannot appreciate gifts yet, get baby gift sets that make the mommies smile with contentment. Sensible gifts like feeding bottles and blankets make the grade because moms can stretch budgets when it comes to baby things. For your part, this shaves off the time you spend poring over store catalogues for gift items for toddlers and infants, checking non-toxic and no-choke items while looking at the price range.

What is Anarcha-Feminism?

Anarcha-feminism has also been called anarchist feminism and anarcho feminism. It unites both the ideologies of anarchism and feminism. They hold the view that patriarchy is as a manifestation of an involuntary hierarchy. The anarchist struggle against patriarchy is also an important part of the class struggle against the state. The philosophy behind this view is that the anarchist struggle is a necessary component of the feminist struggle and vice-versa. It has been purported that both anarchism and feminist go hand in hand. As anarchism is a political philosophy that opposes all relationships of power thus making it inherently feminist. The anarcha-feminist is opposed to the traditional concepts of the family, education and gender roles. The state that marriage is an institution that stifles individual growth and that it is primarily an economics arrangement. Which sees women giving up the right to their name, privacy, self-respect and life. They also believe that a non-hierarchal family and educational structure would be the only way to gain an equal society.

Top 4 Accessories For Spring 2008 and Summer 2008

How do you accessorize this season's lighthearted dresses? What goes with Spring's colorful clothes? How about the blacks and whites? How do you endow those Spring and Summer outfits with your personal sense of style? Through accessories. This season, 4 types of accessories stand out from the crowd. No doubt, they surface season after season but the way they are worn make all the difference. Trend #1 : Large bracelets With the season's simple yet chic clothing, all you might need to complete your outfit is 1 stunning bracelet, or an armful of bangles. Wear a cuff bracelet with your little black dress, or your brightly colored spring dress. At Chanel, models dripped with jewels. They wore cuff bracelets on bare arms, anklets over their pants and loads of necklaces. At versace, the look was more minimalist with a simple dress accessorized with just a single cuff bracelet worn on the wrist. At Oscar De La Rental, the outfits were ethnic and 2 wooden bangles were worn on one arm to complete that ethnic look Trend #2 : Large Drop Earrings Earrings aren't demure.

What is Feminism?

Feminism is concerned with gender inequalities in society and the equal rights for women. This encases social, cultural and political movements, theories and moral philosophies that affect women in everyday life. Feminism also takes up the fight against other forms of discrimination. Some feminists argue that "gendered and sexed identities, such as 'man' and 'woman' are social constructs, meaning that some gender roles are socially conditioned rather than innate." For many people the feminist movement came in three waves starting from the 19th century to the present day. The first wave occurred between the 19th and early 20th centuries, starting in the United Kingdom and United States. Their main concerns were with equal contract and property rights for women. The Suffrage movement began at the end of the 19th century, with the main focus being on gaining political power and the right for women to vote. The second was during the 1960's and 1970's were cultural and political inequalities were bound together as problem faced by women.

Sex-Positive Feminism

Sex-positive feminism is also called pro-sex feminism, sex-radical feminism or sexually liberal feminism. The sex-positive feminist movement was started in the early 1980's and was set up in response to anti-pornography feminist. Advocates of the sex- positive movement are Ellen Willis, Susie Bright, Patrick Califia and Gail Rubin. Catharine Mackinnon, Andrea Dworkin, Robin Morgan and Dorchen Leidholdt were prominent anti-pornography feminists. They believe that pornography is an example of oppression of women, which is opposite to what the sex-positive feminist believe. Thus creating the beginning of the "Feminist Sex Wars" in the early 1980's. Gayle Rubin an acclaimed sex-positive feminist purports: "There have been two strains of feminist thought on the subject. One tendency has critized the restrictions on women's sexual behaviour and denounced the high costs imposed on women for being sexually active. "This tradition of feminist sexual thought has called for liberation that would work for women as well as for men.

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