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Makeup Techniques - Some Easy Tips

Interested in learning about makeup but don't know where to look? Learning some simple makeup techniques, particularly how to apply eye makeup, is something that can boost your self esteem and help you to create exactly the look you desire. Read below for a few easy tips for makeup application. The 1st place you will want to investigate in order to create larger, adventurous, and more dramatic eyes is to your eyeliner. Eyeliner can be the solution to your small eye blues, but only if you use the proven procedures. First of all, you will want to line the entire top lash line and then pull out that line a little bit at the corners of your eye. If you prefer, you can also line the bottoms of your eyes, but just concentrate color only on the outside third of the eye and extend it just slightly past the edge. Don't be too melodramatic. Just a slight line beyond the outside edge will be just enough. Keep in mind that a soft and smoky look will open your eyes up much more than thin hard lines of liner will.

Women, Power and Leadership

Peggy Orenstein noted in her book "School Girls" that, although they may now have more role models for high achievement, and apparently fewer barriers to equality, girls are still part of a very hierarchical society. Power is often seen as "who is higher up" - and for women, that has typically been males. Orenstein wrote, "It was clear that, regardless of race and class, [girls] had still learned to see boys as ultimately more powerful. Girls' diminished sense of self means that, often unconsciously, they take on a second-class, accommodating status." Leadership is often seen - and sought - in a context of social control, and, perhaps because of that, many adult women may relate to power and leadership in compromised and conflicted ways, regardless of their true competence to lead. Talent may be highly rewarded in some fields, such as entertainment, but it does not necessarily confer or assure personal control. Artists and other gifted women may be susceptible to various constrictions and restrictions in realizing their talents.

Bigger Breast and Men

The increased cases in breast augmentation and the increased in breast enhancement be it in the form of cream, pill, liquid and surgical procedure, all prove that bigger and fuller breast means "something" to girls and women. Despite surgical complications which may arise, not to say money that one has to spend on it, usually in the range of $6, 000 to $15, 000 or can be even higher, yet we all notice that more girls and women have a bigger breast size nowadays resulting from either surgical procedure or other alternatives. Whatever it is, I have to admit that the advancement in breast enhancement or augmentation does help those in needs to correct irregularities in shape, or as a result from accident or illnesses and other causes that we might not even imagine that can happen but happened. Statistics has shown that those went for breast augmentation is usually between the ages of 19 to 34. And 35% of those are in the age group of 35 to 50, and 3% are older than 51. Also many breast augmentations have been performed in patients in their 60's.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy the Outfit

When you go shopping for clothes, what motivates you to buy? If you are like many women, chances are that your reasons for purchasing that new outfit are far more unconscious and emotionally driven than you'd like to believe. To avoid making a purchasing error, here are three questions to ask yourself before you buy. 1) Question: Am I buying this to fit in, or because it looks good on me? We all fall prey to the whimsy of trendy clothing. We have a powerful drive for approval from others, and one way we get it is by fitting in. You can see this unconscious force in action by watching how a previously hideous look grows on you as you see more and more people sporting it. But the truth is that not every style will look good on you, no matter how popular or trendy it might be! Key point: Know the basic lines, silhouettes and proportions that suit your body type, and don't be tempted by trends that won't suit you. 2) Question: Is this outfit for me, or for my alter-ego? A great many of us are shopping to outfit an imaginary persona.

Bikini Swimwear

Now that fashion has taken its trends and every company is seeking its ways through to venture in the fashion industry. Even if these companies do not have an interest in this industry there is always an element that bears inside. Now you may wonder what kind of element is this. All advertising and sales these days contain pictures of women in bikini swimwear and this gives a great attraction to viewers. Even on television many companies use this technique. It may be of selling a car and they place a beautiful lady by the side or on top of the car. The impression that catches the eye of the viewer is that the women becomes the most sexiest object to see and when the viewer looks at the car, he/she would be blinded, everything becomes sexy in his eyes. This has proven with no doubt that bikini fashion has played a major role in advertising. It has increased companies sales by a tremendous rate. Women in bikini swimwear have been symbolized as an idol of beauty and perfection in the marketing industry.

Post Vacation Blues

There are sure signs of post vacation blues - the fading suntan, irritability, peeling skin, a far-off glassy look in the eyes - it's all there. Yup, that's me - post vacation blues. I want to go back to the beach where my most pressing issues of the day were; should we have breakfast in bed or at the cafй? Trashy magazine or book? Which bikini? I'm about ready to cry right now thinking about it... Ughhhh. Ok, I know I'm blessed. Don't get me wrong. I am grateful to get away and all that... It's just - coming back from vacation reveals to me how I long to travel more. I miss water more acutely as we travel back to land-locked Colorado. When I am absorbed in my daily life - mom, work, wife... Traveling seems like a luxury for someone else, some far off life... and then I find myself on a beach. I slip into the "other life." The cool life, without meals to fix, dishes to wash... without responsibilities. Before the children. About the fourth day on vacation I begin missing the children, my home, my kitchen and the on fifth day I'm ready to go back.

When is Young, Too Young?

Walking down the runway, there's the regular top models: Gemma Ward - 20, Hilary Rhoda - 21, Agyness Deyn - 25, and then there's the occasional Maddison Gabriel - 13. Wait a second. 13 years old?! Many people might raise their eyebrow when they hear this. I certainly did. But is 12-13 really too young? Top model and one of the world's first supermodels, Janice Dickinson, argues against young girls modeling. "There's lots of drugs, there's lot of alcohol, there's lot's of photographers preying on these girls." Listening to that I would say that pre-teens and even girls up to 18 are too young to model. But what about Kimora Lee Simmons? Didn't she have a contract with Chanel at the age of 13? How come people never make a big deal about her? Another issue about young models is the growing fear of eating disorders. There actually have been deaths amongst the models and that's when we all know that something is wrong. Even though there's such a huge controversy over skinny models, Karl Lagerfeld claims, "We don't see anorexic (girls).

Women and the Workplace - Dependent Care

In the past, women had been expected to stay at home and take care of the children while the man of the house would go forth and earn money so that they can all live as happily and as comfortably as possible. Now, I'm no radical feminist - I simply try to see it as it was. Back then, households could afford to have a single salary earner supporting their family, and it is only practical that someone would stay behind in order to make sure that the house doesn't fall apart. But, with the shift in the economy, it became increasingly clearer that the average household could no longer survive under the single income system and the women had to work as well. Of course, before then, there were other reasons for women wanting to work - the feminist movement being one of them - but in my experience, most women in the work place work because they have people who depend on them, and they need money to support said people. Whether they are widowed or divorced (because divorce is becoming more and more common lately) with their young children left behind for her to take care of, or single but supporting a young sister or elderly, disabled parents, a good number of women I have worked with admit to wishing that if they had the chance, they would have wanted to just stay at home caring for the people they love instead of staying at work and worrying about their welfare.

Women - Use Those Strengths

What are your strengths? Can you articulate them? Do you focus on them? I'm going to guess that you don't as much as you should-for two reasons. One is the psychological phenomenon of "positive" and "negative illusion". Research shows men have "positive illusion"-thinking they are smarter and more capable than they actually are. In contrast, women tend to have "negative illusion" which is the opposite. Therefore, we look at everything that we are doing wrong, as opposed to our strengths. The other reasons you probably don't focus on your strengths as much as you should is that Corporate America has rewarded people in the past for pointing out and working on weaknesses (or the PC term-"areas for improvement"). Well, research shows it makes good business sense to focus on your strengths. Developing people's strengths has a much greater impact on a company's bottom line than focusing on improving their weaknesses. The obvious exception is when a weakness is so glaring that it can't be ignored.

Choosing The Right Sandal

When shopping for a sandal, you will soon realize you have different options. Most, if not all sandals are backless shoes that are held in place by a thong or strap that comes between the first two toes. Another type of sandal has a band of material that wraps around the top of your foot, therefore not needing a thong or strap between your toes. When considering the purchase of a sandal, keep in mind the two options mentioned above. Some people have a hard time adjusting to the feeling of a strap or thong between the toes and it can also be irritating or cause a rash. But with time, your feet and toes will get use to the irritation and after the "break-in" period, you may find the thong/strap type sandal to be more comfortable. Or you just may want to choose the type of sandal that covers the top of your foot but has no thong or strap between the toes. Another thing to look for in a sandal is quality. Always make sure to look at the seams. If the sandal has been sewn in places, check the thread for double stitches and make sure no fraying has occurred.

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