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Any Plans for The Weekend?

It's Friday and you are ready to tackle the weekend. Most people look forward to doing their own thing and enjoying the time off from work. A lot of us like to dine out, go to a movie or a concert or perhaps go dancing! Weekends are great for socializing and meeting new people. It's all fun and worry free, right? Wrong! With all the socializing activities going on during the weekend, there is also a lot of crime going on as well! Many crimes are committed on weekends because criminals have more people to choose from. They know that most people have their guard down and they take advantage of it. There is also more people under the influence of alcohol, which makes them an easy target for attackers. It is important to remember to always keep your guard up, especially during these 2 socializing days of the week. I'm not saying to be on the lookout constantly, but to try to get into some good safety habits. Below are 5 good habits you should acquire and practice not just on the weekend but all the time.

Views On Women

Men and women are morally and intellectually equal. There are obvious physical differences between the sexes in terms of size and strength. Likewise, there are psychological differences, due to sexual roles, childbearing, etc. However, the point is both men and women survive on earth primarily by their minds i.e. their rational faculty. In cultures, there is a direct correlation between the culture's quality of life, including general prosperity, political freedom, and the status of women. The abject poverty, political tyrannies, and general miserable conditions and attitudes in the Islamic world and Africa go hand in glove with the miserable status of women, including beatings, forced marriages, "honor killings", genital mutilations, foot binding, etc. At the same time, the prosperity and general quality of life in the Western world, especially the United States, correlate with the infinitely higher status of women. Today, in this country, rap music is becoming progressively more obscene in its views towards women.

The Collapse of Ambition and the Wish to Be Saved

I am lying alone on the third floor of our house with a bad bout of the flu, trying to keep my illness from the others. The room feels large and cold, and as the hours pass, strangely inhospitable. I begin to remember myself as a little girl, small, vulnerable, helpless. By the time night falls I am utterly miserable, not so sick with flu as with anxiety. "What am I doing here, so solitary, so unattached, so.... floating?" I ask myself. How strange to be so disturbed, cut off from family, from my busy, demanding life... disconnected... A break occurs in this stream of thought, and I recognize: I am ALWAYS alone. Here, without warning, is the truth I spend so much energy avoiding. I hate being alone. I'd like to live, marsupialized, within the skin of another. More than air and energy and life itself, what I want is to be safe, warm, taken care of. This, I'm startled to find, is nothing new. It has been there, a part of me, for a long time. Since that day spent in bed I've learned that there are other women like me, thousands upon thousands of us who grew up in a certain way and who have not been able to face up to the adult reality that we, alone, are responsible for ourselves.

Who Would I Be Without My Roles

"The woman who survives intact and happy must be at once tender and tough. She must... be in the unending process of convincing herself, that she, her values, and her choices are important... The pressure upon women to yield their rights-of-way is tremendous. And it is under those very circumstances that the woman's toughness must be in evidence." Maya Angelou What roles do you play in your life? Entrepreneur, Professional, Office worker, Mother, Partner, Daughter? It's a mixed bag. We live busy lives and fill our days with activities that go along with our roles. We multi-task, we juggle and we blend in an effort to get everything done. Women love to connect. We play many roles that invariably involve connection with others. Our life is often defined by community. Researchers have been aware of this for many years. Louann Brizendine, MD, author of The Female Brain says part of the reason we seek connectedness is a natural need for positive feedback from others. Studies have shown that even very young baby girls need eye contact and smiles to tell them that people are pleased with them.

Mid Life In Women - 6 Signs It's Happening!

Mid life is a natural process that happens to us all. It typically happens at about 40 years of age, give or take 20 or so years... and can continue for another 20 or so years. It's a normal part of "maturing" and can be a difficult time for many people, particularly women who also go through menopause at this time. Whether we like it or not, it will arrive! Many dread the thought of it happening... it's a sure sign we are getting older! If you are going through mid life may experience a wide range of things including: feelings of restlessness... and wanting to do something completely different with your life including changing career, going back to study, traveling... discontent with life and the lifestyle you've had prior to now.... this lifestyle may have provided you with happiness or fulfillment in the past, but it's not what you want for the rest of your life boredom with things or people that have been central in your life up until now... this could include groups you belong to and have done for many years, your house, your car, certain friends, your partner questioning the meaning of life.

What Is A Hen Night?

Really, I didn't know either until my curiosity got the better of me. I found out that a hen night can also be called a bachelorette party, hen party, stagette (used in Canada), girl's night or kitchen tea (used in South Africa). So what is a hens night? A hen's night is a party held by friends for a bride-to-be as a 'last night of freedom'. It could typically be the night before a wedding, Activities could include trips to local bars, hiring or visiting a strip club, or comparing possessions. As you can probably tell, hen nights often can incorporate many 'adult' games or activities, which could be frowned upon later in marriage. Hence the reason they call hen nights 'last night of freedom'. Games at a hen night could include, say, the classic 'Truth or Dare' game where a player is asked by another player 'Truth or Dare'. The first player then has to either say the truth, or do the dare... often very embarrassing. An excellent description is available at http://en.wikipedia.

Bridal Accessories For the Bride

Planning your wedding can be an extremely stressful, but an absolutely rewarding and gratifying experience. Now that you have the perfect man and a gloriously fashionable wedding dress, you can start worrying about all the bridal accessories you need to complete your overall look. Although bridal magazines have a zillion items listed under "bridal accessories, " keep in mind that you only need to purchase the essentials or the items that are relevant to you. No two weddings are ever truly and completely alike, and brides, too, have differing needs and varying wedding priorities. Heading to a bridal boutique without knowing the exact items you need for your wedding may lead to an expensive and mostly unnecessary shopping-spree. To avoid unnecessary purchases while you search for your bridal accessories, we're providing you with a list of some of the most common items and garments on almost every bride's wedding accessory list. Bridal Accessory Must-Haves Bridal Shoes: Right after you pick the perfect dress shape and design, you have to find the perfect footwear to complement your wedding attire.

Getting to Know the Wedding Entourage

The principal member of the bride's wedding entourage, the maid of honor is often given the most duties and honors in the whole bridal party. She is the female counterpart of the groom's best man. The term maid of honor traditionally refers to the unwed young woman given the tasks of heading the bridal party or the group of bridesmaids. If the woman is already married, she is called the matron of honor. In Western tradition, the bride can have as many bridesmaids as she wants, but the maid of honor is considered the bride's main attendant. Most of the time, the appointed maid of honor is a close relative or friend of the bride's. The Maid of Honor in the UK In the United Kingdom, when you say maid of honor, you're usually pertaining to the Queen's female attendant. Maid of honor also refers to a form of small cake. The word bridesmaid usually suffices in reference to a bridal attendant. If the bridal attendant is already married or if she's already of mature age, then she can be called the "matron of honor.

Personalize Your Bridesmaids Dresses

Stop worrying about the expense for your bridesmaids dresses because you can still have your pretty friends all decked out without breaking the bank. They can look their best in different dresses, too, not the usual look-alike frumpy monstrosities that have put friendships to the test. Bridesmaids Potpourri The present-day bridesmaids don't have to suffer the humiliation of wearing bridesmaids dresses that resemble wedding props. They can wear dresses that flatter their figures, or wear dresses of the same color but in different lengths and shapes, provided these are in keeping with the tone of the wedding. It was common before to have the same cut of bridesmaids dresses for all bridesmaids, never mind if the hand-picked bridesmaids had different figures. Today's bridesmaids can choose their dresses, and their selections reflect choices that boost their confidence and their looks. Since the bridesmaids no longer have to spend for the bridesmaids dresses, brides like you have to be creative to avoid overspending but still making sure that everybody is happy with their dress, from cut to color combinations and accessories that perfectly expresses their whims.

The Wedding Dress for the Plus-sized

If you're trying to lose some unwanted pounds before your wedding day, these tips will help in case you can't slide into a size 10 wedding dress before the big event. When You're Not a Size 4 All brides want to look spectacular on their wedding day. They'll flex those muscles and stretch those abs to fit into a size 10 wedding dress; so they must, by hook or by crook beat the battle of the bulge. If you are in this predicament, you can still look good on your wedding day, even if you cannot slide into a size 10 gown. The best thing to do is face up to the fact that you are a plus size and will not literally get inside a size 10 wedding gown. There are several tricks to look slim: choose the right color and cut for your wedding dress, and you'll look perfect. Months before your wedding, shop for the wedding dress and try them all. You will be surprised that a dress that looks so-so becomes a stunning outfit when you put it on. That is why you should not beg off from trying the dresses for size, look, and fit.

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