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Can Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

I always get the question, " Can green tea help you lose weight?" The answer is yes green tea will help you lose weight. Green tea in addition to the many positive benefits of antioxidants including reduced risk of heart and neurological diseases offers many other weight loss benefits from lipid suppression and a process known as thermogenesis which we will simply refer to as metabolism enhancement. Lipid suppression uses the stored excess body fat more productively thus burning fat faster and reducing the overall fat content of the body. The Cemellia Sinensis leaf in green tea contains the active ingredients catechins and polyphenols which has the ability to produce these powerful weight loss effects. A green tea extract or supplement can greatly increase your overall 24 hour energy levels and metabolism. In addition it will help you control your appetite. Professional models and bodybuilders use green tea in their diets to stay in shape and maintain their excellent muscle definition.

Diet Plans That Help You Lose Weight Fast

Everyone want to lose weight fast - this is probably the most used phrase in the universe. It is easily doable, if you have the right diet plans. Here I will tell you about some diet plans that are unlike anything you have heard of before, and you can lose weight faster than you've ever thought possible! This diet uses what is called "switching calories" to be extremely effective. In fact, this is the most successful diet plan that has emerged in years - and millions have lost a ton of weight using this amazing concept. How this works - This diet actually "tricks" your body by switching up foods and how often you eat. Your body reacts by burning fat like crazy. It's the most incredible thing you will ever see. In fact, you will lose 9 pounds in just 11 days - and this is without diet foods, diet pills or diet shakes! You really get to eat the foods you love, so it's very easy to stick to this plan. With most diet plans, in order to lose weight fast you nearly starve to death. Then, when the diet is over, you usually gain all the weight back and then some.

Metabolism Over 40 - It's Not Too Late to Lose Weight

Developing a slower metabolism after you turn 40 is a fact. It is not a myth or an excuse. After you turn forty your metabolism decreases in speed, by about 5% every decade. Fortunately it doesn't have to mean the end of seeing results or losing your figure. There is something you can do about it. Reasons For a Slower Metabolism 1. Genetics. Did your parents gain weight in their 40's and 50's? How about your grandparents? You can't do anything to change your genetics but you can plan in advance. Knowing what to expect by looking to your relatives, will help you figure out exactly how much extra effort you are going to have to put in to keep seeing results. 2. Thyroid Functioning. Thyroid complications can make you gain weight at a slow pace but unfortunately, it happens. Women deal with thyroid issues a lot more than men by about 10 to 1. 3. Losing muscle mass. You start losing muscle mass slowly after you hit 25-30 by about 1% per year, if you are not lifting weights to maintain muscle mass.

You Are What You Eat - Weight Loss Tip

Trying to lose weight involves exercising regularly and changing your eating habits. I don't like the term "dieting." It seems so outdated. It strikes me as being synonymous with starvation or deprivation. "Dieting" should not be about eating a whole lot less. It's about making the right choices. When you start eating healthy, the idea is to eat enough to still be satisfied but only of the right things. Have you ever heard the old phrase "You are what you eat?" Before buying or chomping down, ask yourself, "Is this something that a healthy person would put in to their body?" You don't need to be a professional to figure out what's bad for you. We know that fast food has to go, we know that fried, oily and food covered in butter won't do us any good. By simply asking yourself every time if what you are eating is good for you, it will help you make healthier choices. Always be aware of what you are eating. Count out a serving of crackers before you sit down and mindlessly start chowing down.

Eat More Meals to Lose 15 Pounds Fast?

There are many ways to lose 15 pounds fast. Many people believe they have to stop eating to lose weight. They believe that if they consume less calories, they'll lose weight. The fact is when you eat less, your metabolism will slow down. Although you lose 15 pounds fast, your body will also try to figure out what is happening and starts burning fewer calories to preserve energy. Using this type of diet plan, your body lacks proper nutrition. This result in slow metabolism. Thus, almost every person who use this type of low calories diets gains the weight back once they decided not to starve themselves anymore and starts eating. Instead of completely not consuming any food, you should EAT more meals. This doesn't mean eating many BIG meals in a day. Here are some tips for eating more to help increase your metabolism to lose weight: I) Eat 5- 6 small meals a day. Eating 5 - 6 times a day makes you stay away from hunger pangs and ensures you do not eat more than what you should eat.

Lose Weight to Protect Your Heart

The mere thought of a heart attack is frightening. So frightening, in fact, that many of us live in a state of denial. Deep down you know that your lifestyle isn't very healthy, but you try not to think about possible consequences. Unfortunately, this denial can result in the exact thing you are so afraid of. But there's a lot you can do to protect your heart and avoid cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. One of the most important steps you can take is to lose weight. Whether you're pleasantly plump or quite obese, losing some excess pounds will do your heart good. Being overweight is a known risk factor for heart disease. (Other risk factors include smoking, having a family history of heart disease, age, having diabetes or prediabetes, and more.) Even if you're only a few pounds over the ideal, you could still be exposing yourself to danger. Your heart works hard day and night to circulate blood throughout your entire body. Even a few unnecessary pounds will put additional strain on your heart.

Is Wild Salmon a Weight-Loss Superfood?

Wild salmon is a delectable dish that is often reserved for a special occasion. But this valuable protein source really deserves a regular place on your dinner table. Salmon is a nutritional powerhouse and an ideal source of protein for those who are watching their weight or trying to drop some pounds. It might even be considered a weight-loss superfood. Let's look at why this food has earned such a title. Abundance of omega-3 fatty acids Probably the greatest selling point of wild salmon is its abundance of omega-3 fatty acids. Some dieters are wary of any type of fat and believe it should all be avoided. This is completely wrong. A very low-fat diet deprives the brain of the essential healthy fat it needs for normal function and can damage other systems in the body as well. Furthermore, one particular type of fat, omega-3 fatty acids, is very good for your health. Unfortunately, few people consume a sufficient amount of omega-3s. Generally speaking, the more frequently you can get this type of fat in your diet, the better off you'll be.

REAL Weight Loss Advice For REAL People - 3 Facts You Shouldn't MISS!

Metabolism and metabolic rate - whether it's about weight loss pills, supplements, and drugs, the 2 things mentioned above is what they concentrate on. Do you have, even the slightest idea why? First off, let's see what is this so-called metabolism and metabolic rate is about. After all, if we cannot define them properly, how can we figure out how it can help us lose weight? In simpler words, metabolism is the group of chemical reactions that happen within our bodies to aid and they're responsible for out survival and healthy living. True, we have a fat-burning metabolism whose duty is to take care of getting rid of those excess fats and calories. And if you're looking for some weight loss advice and weight loss help as to how this can help us lose weight, this article will be an eye-opener for you. Does having a high metabolic rate help you lose more weight? How can you increase your metabolism for better weight loss results? That's just some of the weight loss help and questions that this article on weight loss advice will be answering.

The Importance of Eating a Balanced Diet - Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins

Do you know where your calories come from? For most normal people, their calories are supplied by carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The only difference is the ratio each type of food contributes to these calories. Unlike popular perception, any excess calories you do not use up gets converted to body fat. So, even if you eat a completely fat-free all-fruit diet, you can still get fat if you do not get enough exercise. On the other hand, if you are on some extreme form of Atkins diet with high protein and high fat, do add some carbohydrates to your diet. Without this carbohydrate, you will likely feel listless and enervated, because fat needs a bit of carbohydrate to be properly consumed. Even if you expect to get most of your energy from protein, as long as there is fat in your diet, make sure you include a little bit of carbohydrates as well. If you fail to do this, acid products will accumulate from the incomplete conversion of fat. This will eventually lead to untoward results.

The Real Answers to Losing Weight

When I started out trying to drop a few pounds I wanted to make sure I was doing it right this time. So many times in the past I would starve myself or try one of the popular fad diets in hope of dropping a whole lot of weight. Most of the time I would lose an initial amount usually between ten and twenty pounds, but never really more that that. This time would be different since now I would do some research and find the correct way of losing weight that I could now ask myself the question "How do you lose weight"? I found an article by Ginny Graves on MSNBC called "Forget fad diets. Get the facts on weight loss" where she ran certain questions past a group of weight loss experts and here are some of their thoughts: What's the biggest thing you've learned from successful dieters? That no particular diet works better than another, but it becomes an issue on which diet you can stick to the longest. Most successful dieters tend to weigh themselves more and keep track of the foods they eat, usually by a diary or journal.

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