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How to Choose the Perfect Tattoo If You Are A Woman

Are you a feminine woman who just wants a tattoo to add to your sexiness? If you are not a biker lady and don't want to show people how tough and manly you are but just want an elegant permanent decoration on your body, follow these tips. Things You'll Need: Tattoo magazine or website full of pictures friends or family to consult Step 1: Look through tattoo magazines or websites that have various tattoo pictures. Look for something small and sexy but that you can live with having at 80 years old. Small pictures looks sexier in a sexy position. Step 2: Pick a sexy spot. I think large tattoos down the forearm, neck and top of back are all manly spots. Pick a spot such as the top of breast, lower back, mid-thigh and ankle, butts. Step 3: Watch out for tattoos that may portray you as someone you are not. If you don't want men to think that you are loose, don't get a tattoo on your lower back that says 'enter here'. Only use a tattoo that defines what you want. Seek the advice of friends and family who may suggest something that you haven't thought of before.

Where To Find Capricorn Tattoo Designs

There are some really beautiful Capricorn tattoo designs available to day. I'm talking about the online tattoo galleries scattered over the web. Having become a member of one of these sites I can appreciate why so many people join. The standard and choice is phenomenal. I'm not a Capricorn, but wish I was after seeing what these sites have to offer. Obviously there are many goat orientated designs; as this is the traditional sign of Capricorn, some with really intricate detail. The Capricorn glyph (astrological symbol) is represented as well. Taking this glyph and entwining it with flowers, animals, words etc is very decorative and creates many innovative designs. Before going for an obvious Capricorn symbolism where not consider other, slightly less well known symbols that are also associated with Capricorn. For example, the willow tree, pine cones, pansies, Ivy, Saturn & its rings and the colours dark green, grey, silver, black & brown. You might as well be all things Capricorn!

Tattoos - 3 Steps to Getting Tattooed

There are 3 important steps to getting tattooed. These steps will ensure your tattoo will be the best it can be and you won't have any regrets. Here they are: The Concept: The concept will be your idea for a tattoo. Concepts or ideas can be anything from representations or symbols of people, places, animals, or they can be abstract designs, words, or borrowings from already established art forms like Celtic or Tribal. Base your concept on whatever is important to you, or that which you have a strong feeling towards. Or perhaps you will be drawn to a certain artistic style that speaks to you. The Design: Next you want to figure out a type of design. Do you want a more classic-old school look, or a more intricate modern design? What about colors? Size? You can look through tattoo books, magazines, and tattoo online galleries for different design examples, which will make your design decision much easier. The Placement: Most people have an idea of where they would want to get a tattoo placed on their body, but make sure your concept and design choices will fit that particular area of the body.

How To Care For Your New Tattoo In 5 Easy Steps

So you just got a new Tattoo that you just love, and you want to know how to take care of it. The artist is no longer to blame for any infection or damage to the tattoo so care of your new picture is up to you. By following these 5 easy steps for the first couple weeks after getting your new body art, you can make sure it looks great forever. 1) Leave the Bandage on for at least two hours. The bandage was put on your tattoo to protect the wound from bacteria found in the air. Removing the bandage too soon can always your tattoo to get infected, which not only is a serious health threat but will also destroy the artwork. Remember that a new tattoo is like a new wound, you have to treat it as such. 2) Wash your tattoo with lukewarm water and mild, liquid antibacterial or antimicrobial soap. Do not anything abrasive such as a wash cloth as you might damage the artwork. After washing your tattoo, pat it dry with a clean towel (do not rub). 3) Use a dye and fragrance free lotion to keep your skin moist.

Libra Tattoo Designs

Libra tattoo designs, um, I'm not sure about that! You're the most likely sign that's going to want to weigh up their options when it comes to getting a zodiac sign tattoo. This is because your astrological symbol is the scales and all your life you are indeed, looking for harmony and balance. Something that can make you a bit of a ditherer as you can always see both sides of things and normally a third too! So, heaven help you trying to decide what tattoo design to go for! I think; more than any other sign, that you could do with some helpful advice. A good choice of designs is going to be vital. You'd appreciate designs categorised for ease of viewing and you won't want just any old rubbish either. I'm going to have to leave whereabouts on your body; you'll have your tattoo, up to you, but I can help you with the rest. Steer clear of the free online tattoo galleries that offer Libra tattoo designs as even if they're printable; the quality won't be that good. After all, as with everything, you only get what you pay for.

Scorpio Tattoo Designs

Statistically Scorpio tattoo designs are looked for more than any other astrological sign, to understand why; we have to delve into some of your traits. As a sign you have enormous reserves of energy. This can be presented in either a positive or negative way. Positively this makes you a very big achiever as you're literally driven to get what ever it is you want. This energy used negatively, however, makes you brooding, secretive, resentful and dark. You'll fluctuate between these, I'm sure. But fundamentally you are very deep and mysterious compared to us other 11 signs! But as far as the latest popular art work on tattoo galleries is concerned, Scorpios are very good customers! A sample of top tattoo designs around at the moment include: Gothic Egyptian Tribal Dragon Cross Star Butterfly Fish Celtic I'm sure that some of those will appeal to you. Of course there are thousands more than that to choose from. Your own astrological symbol is the scorpion and many Scorpio tattoo designs incorporate this, as well as the astrological glyph (which is basically the letter M with a curled up last leg with an arrow head on it, symbolising the sting in the tail!

Sagittarius Tattoo Designs

Sagittarius tattoo designs are a little limited if you stick to your astrological symbol, the archer. Not that there's anything wrong with that design & there are indeed many great designs incorporating bows & arrows out there. But have you ever thought about having your astrological glyph as a tattoo instead? For Sagittarius, this is actually quite fashionable at the moment, considering the trend in tribal, Goth & Celtic tattoo designs. The glyph is an arrow, as simple as that. Obviously this can be styled & interpreted in a thousand different ways. It could be incorporated into one of the above latest trend styles, it could be in colour, have patterns, flowers or barbed wire entwined around it, to give you a few ideas. As Sagittarians are notoriously busy people, always on the go you'd probably appreciate a short cut to getting your hands on some Sagittarius tattoo designs. Well, the best option I've found is by becoming a member of an online tattoo gallery. These sites have thousands of designs for you to view.

Taurus Tattoo Designs

In order to find excellent Taurus tattoo designs to choose from, you are going to need an excellent online tattoo gallery from which to choose. This; although, an obvious statement, is of utmost importance to you because you're Taurean! You yourself are very reliable and it is a quality that you look for in others and services that you take. You like your possessions and so when it comes to your tattoo, you're going to want exactly the right design (that you've already got in mind), from a reputable company that has been recognised as excellent in their field. I'm right aren't I? The company I've got in mind are award winning with thousands of designs to choose from and their database just keeps on growing. As the associated Taurean body area is the throat and neck, I suspect that many of you will be thinking of a Taurean tattoo design for there. Probably nothing too big then. Your astrological sign is the white bull but the shorthand symbol that Astrologers use is a circle with a half circle sitting on top of it.

Gemini Tattoo Designs - List Of Ideas

Are you after Gemini tattoo designs but are fed up of having to choose from twins, twins or more twins? Being Geminian you're well aware that your astrological symbol is the twins, but when wanting a tattoo, that doesn't give you much to choose from does it? There are a lot of other things that are symbolic of Gemini, from flowers to Countries. All of the following relate to Gemini: Birds: Parrots, parakeets, minah birds Flowers: Lavender, Lily-of-the valley, myrtle, fern Animals: Monkeys Nuts: Horse chestnuts Countries: Wales, Belgium, USA, Egypt Cities: London, San Francisco, Melbourne Ruling Planet: Mercury As you are an air sign & very versatile and adaptable, I should think that you'll be after quite a unique tattoo design that says something about you. If you try and get ideas from the free online gallery sites, then you're not going to get a lot of choice or anything very inspiring. Best to get the biggest choice of Gemini tattoo designs possible by going to an award winning online gallery that offers thousands of designs that are constantly being updated.

Cancer Tattoo Designs

Cancer tattoo designs are an excellent idea for a tattoo if you happen to be born between 22nd June & 22nd July as this makes you Cancerian under the western form of astrology. The need to protect yourself and your family is uppermost, as one of your traits. Therefore, you're possibly torn between having the name of a loved one tattooed or going for something a little bit more artistic and having a zodiac tattoo done that says something about you that can never change. After all, you can't change your birthday, can you? You probably already know that the symbol for your sign is the crab, so this may be a good idea as a design. You could have a cartoon, cute or scary version done. Did you know that the glyph for cancer is, in effect, the number 69 on its side? This on its own makes a good tattoo. I've also seen this used with Celtic designs around it that looks good too. Other Cancer tattoo designs I've seen are where that glyph's been used & the circles are turned into eyes, that's really quite effective.

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