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Gain Confidence By Attending Speech Therapy

I have recently read a report which suggested that a large proportion of people who have a low self-esteem or have a lack of confidence, also have some form of speech impediment. This could be in one of many forms including a stutter, a stammer, a clutter, a stutter or a lisp. I thought the report was very interesting and was a real eye opener for me as I had a stutter for eighteen years and during this period my confidence did take a big hit for the worse. When you are unable to converse in a fluent way other people look at you in a real strange way, it as if they think you have some form of deformity. In reality it is probably due to the fact that they are feeling uncomfortable with the whole situation. This does not make it any easier for the person who has the speech impediment; it used to make me feel like a freak and as less of a man. If you have a speech impediment I would strongly recommend that you attend some form of speech therapy. Not only could it help you to become fluent, it should also help you to gain in confidence.

Stuttering, Confidence And Shyness

Some people would say that stuttering and shyness go hand in hand. If you have a stuttering problem you are also likely to be shy. Would you agree with this statement? Why are people shy? How can you overcome your shyness? My name is Stephen Hill; I am from the Midlands, in England. I was unfortunate enough to develop a stutter/stammer when I was around the age of four. This frustrating speech impediment had a major impact on my whole life as I was growing up and continued to cause me problems for the next eighteen years. Thankfully at the age of twenty-two I was able to find the solutions and techniques to enable me to eradicate the stutter. I am now thirty-four years of age and am very much appreciating my ability to speak fluently, free from the fear of stuttering. As well as the frustration of having a stutter I also would become annoyed with seemingly everybody referring to me as shy. He is so quiet isn't he? He is not very talkative is he? He is not very confident is he? Well would you be if you had a stutter?

Stuttering Specialist In The UK

Mom, I really do not want to go to speech therapy this morning, it does not work, they have not got a clue what they are talking about, they don't understand me or what it is like to have a stutter, please do not make me go. I clearly remember making such a plea, on more than occasion, when I was a child. I had a speech impediment and was desperate to find a solution, I soon realised however that speech therapy was not the answer. I am quite sure that speech therapy is more than beneficial for certain types of speech impediment, stuttering however is very complex and is something that is very difficult to comprehend for people who have not had the impediment themselves. To be fair to my parents there were not many options available at the time. Where else could she have taken me for therapy? This was way before the birth of the internet. I first attended speech therapy at the age of four, I was still being asked to attend their classes fully ten years later. You may now see why I was so reluctant to attend.

Test For Dyslexia In Adults

Dyslexia is a learning disability manifested in written and spoken words. Some symptoms that dyslexics have are difficulties in reading, spelling, distinguishing left from right, following instructions and difficulties in sequence and numbers. Today, schools are performing dyslexia screening for children to make sure that they will be given the right teaching approach. But years ago when this learning disability was not yet acknowledged, dyslexics do not know about their condition and simply tagged as stupid or slow learners. Test for dyslexia in adults is available now to help those who were not diagnosed earlier in their life to understand about their disability. Growing up labelled as dumb and ridiculed for a disability that you do not know and the people around you are so cruel and mean is a painful process resulting to low self-esteem. Adult with dyslexia who were not diagnosed and received no treatment or therapies end up hiding their disability affecting their jobs and personal relationships.

Dyslexia in Children - Computer Games Provide Easy Detection

The National Institute of Health (NIH) estimates that 1 in every 10 children today has dyslexia and 1 in every 166 has autism. 74% of the dyslexic children who are undiagnosed in the second grade, remain undetected and undiagnosed into adulthood. Early identification and diagnosis of dyslexia is the key to minimizing its negative effects and to getting the child on the right road to dealing with the problems and overcoming them. Furthermore, early diagnosis of dyslexia in children is an important key to reducing adult dyslexia. The developers say they made and calibrated the dyslexia and autism detection games because millions of children with autism and dyslexia go through our school systems undetected. That means there are millions of people who probably cannot develop their full potential because they lack knowledge of their condition. Dyslexia in children is made more difficult to detect because children dislike tests, especially if they know that they are the ones being tested!

Stuttering Fears And Phobias

Stuttering is a speech impediment which affects approximately one percent of the adult population in the UK. This speech defect mainly affects men and can have a catastrophic impact on their lives. In this article I will be writing about the ways in which a stutter can ruin and dictate a person's life. My name is Steve Hill; I am aged 34 and I am from the United Kingdom. I feel that I am well educated in the field of stuttering due to the fact that I had a stutter for eighteen years. Unless you have suffered with this frustrating problem, it would be impossible to understand just how it feels to be unable to communicate in a fluent manner. For many years I had a fear and phobia of speaking to other people, I could talk to myself without any problem at all, I was able to talk as fluent as the next man, it was when speaking to other people that I had issues. Talking to strangers or meeting new people was especially difficult. I used to find it hard to get to sleep during this period of my life.

The Stress Of Stuttering

Having a stammer or stutter can affect a person's life in many ways. It can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety, many a sleepless night and can erode one's confidence. How do I know this? Well I am somebody who had to live with this form of speech impediment for eighteen years. In this article I am going to be writing about how the stutter affected my life. I am Stephen Hill, born and bred in Birmingham in the UK. I started to stutter at the age of four and the problem continued to affect my life for the next eighteen years before I finally managed to achieve fluency after a long hard battle against my demons. I am a person who really hated my own stutter, hate is a very strong word but boy did I hate the stutter. It impacted on virtually every aspect of my life. Can you imagine how your social life would be affected if you were unable to converse fluently. The stutter made me develop into something which I am not, a shy and un-confident person. I became a loner; I did not want to make friends just in case I was unable to communicate clearly to them.

Helping Children Who Stutter

Does your child have a speech impediment? Does your child have a stutter? Are you looking to find out what types of stuttering therapies are available for children? I am fully aware of just how damaging life can be for people who have a stutter; this is due to the fact that I had a stutter for eighteen years. I have now been fluent for the last twelve years and became a father myself, for the first time, seven years ago. I am now trying to ensure that my son will not develop a stutter. It took me nearly a year to manage to eradicate my own stuttering problem. During this period I learnt a lot about all things to do with speech and about why people do in fact stutter. This knowledge eventually led me to being able to achieve fluency and will also help me to keep a check on how my son is speaking. As soon as I notice that he is not talking or breathing in the correct way, I am quick to advise him on where he is going wrong. This may seem a little bit over the top but it is done in a fun way.

Stuttering Cure Tips

Are you looking for tips on how to cure a stutter? Have you had enough of living life with a stuttering problem? These are two questions that I would have certainly answered with a yes when I was a bit younger. I was one of the unfortunate children who grew up with a stutter or as some people call it, a stammer. I really hated having this form of speech impediment and was constantly looking out for a cure to stuttering. Twelve years ago when I was aged twenty-two, after having lived with the stutter for eighteen years, I finally managed to eradicate the problem. Life is so much easier now, yes I do have problems however the fact that I have managed to overcome the stutter makes it quite deal with any issues that arise. Various people tried to make me believe that there was not a cure for stuttering. I did listen to their thoughts but would never accept what they were telling me. There view point was very defeatist and negative. That may well be their character but certainly is not mine.

Stammering Treatments And Stammering Therapies

What types of therapies are available for people who stammer? Are the treatments for stammering expensive or are they affordable for the average person? These are the types of questions which I am asked on a regular basis and in this article I will be writing about the ways in which I tend to answer them. People who stammer now have a number of stammering therapy options which they can choose from. No longer is it the case that the only place that people can go, in an attempt at improving their fluency levels, is to the speech therapist. Therapies and treatments for stammering have improved some what over the last decade as famous people such as Gareth Gates have thrown this form of speech impediment into the public eye. With the birth of the internet the world has suddenly become a much smaller place and it is now far easier to gain greater information and resources about specialised subjects. Just by doing a simple search on google for stammering treatments will provide people with a whole host of different options.

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