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Stuttering Therapies

In this article I will be writing about the different forms of stuttering therapy that are currently available. I had a stutter from the ages of four and twenty-two. Those eighteen years were without doubt the worst of my life. Stuttering made things so much harder, as an example I found it very difficult to order a beer at a bar, I would often resort to pointing at a particular beer pump or beer bottle as one of my get out tactics. During the time when I had the stutter the main form of therapy on offer was via traditional speech therapists. My experiences with these so called professionals were far from positive hence the reason why I had to suffer with this form of speech impediment for so long. Nowadays there are far more options available for people who stutter. These include group speech courses aimed at helping people to overcome their speech impediment once and for all. These are especially popular with confident people. One-to-one speech therapy courses are the most sought after and often the most beneficial form of stuttering treatment.

A Cure for Stuttering and Stammering

Having a stutter made my life unbearable at times. It affected many areas of my life; I became quite depressed at times and found it very difficult to get to sleep at night. Despite attending various forms of speech and language therapy the stutter would just not go away, in truth these speech therapists were only attempting to improve my overall fluency and had stated to me that they were unable to cure the stutter. This was just not good enough, all people who stutter have what the call good and bad days, my aim was total fluency, why should I accept second best? After having had the speech impediment for eighteen years I decided that enough was enough. It was time to attempt to formulate my own cure for stammering and stuttering. I started by trying to work out how fluent people spoke compared to me. I concentrated on people who I believed were very good speakers, people such as politicians and actors. I also started to read books about how to gain confidence, self-esteem, how to handle pressure and about how to become a winner.

Stammering Cure Techniques That Work

Dad, I need your help. This stammer is ruining my life, I can not take anymore. I have had enough of struggling each day to speak, I find it hard to socialise, meet women, speak on the telephone and to order items from a bar or restaurant. Surely somebody must have a solution or cure for stammering. The speech therapy that I have been attending for the last few years just is not working. Come on dad; please help me to find a stammering cure. The above is a conversation I had with my father when I was aged around fifteen. As you can no doubt tel, l I had had just about enough. I had suffered with this form of speech impediment since the age of four and had been attending speech therapy since the age of five. After ten years of therapy I started to realise that it was not going to work! My parents were inspirational and extremely helpful. They had a belief in me and always taught me the correct values. I felt as if I was letting them down. They attempted to teach me to think in a positive manner however I was always just so negative.

Stuttering Cure Techniques That Work

Mom, I could really do with your help. As you know I have a stutter, it is now starting to really impact on my life and it is something I need to eradicate. For whatever reason the traditional speech therapy that I have been attending for the last ten years is not working. Would you be able to see if you can find if there is anybody out there who claims to be able to cure stuttering? I really need to achieve fluency as it would make my life so much easier. I remember talking to my mother in this way when I was aged fifteen. The stutter was really dragging me down by this stage of my life and every decision I took was being dictated by the stutter. Both of my parents understood just how imperative it was to attempt to find a solution to this form of speech impediment and worked tirelessly on my behalf. As I grew into a man I started to learn a lot more about speech and confidence. As an example I could seemingly speak perfectly well when I was drunk, no doubt the alcohol was increasing my overall confidence levels and my speech improved as a result.

How To Achieve Total Fluency

My life took at a turn for the worse at the tender age of four when for some unknown reason I developed a stutter. I suppose that it is only people who have ever had a stutter that can truly comprehend just how difficult it can make one's life. I attended numerous types of speech therapy over the next eighteen years however they did not manage to help me to achieve my overall goal of total fluency. I first attended speech therapy when I was five years of age; well that is what my parents have told me. I continued to attend this form of stuttering therapy for the next fourteen years. There were two main reasons why I believe the speech therapy did not prove to be successful. Firstly the speech therapists who were attempting to coach me had never had a stutter themselves and therefore could not fully understand what I was going through or about stuttering itself. Secondly the speech therapists do not actually believe there is a cure for stuttering, so what is the point then? I was taught to accept the stutter - no thanks.

Adult Dyslexia And Its Variations

Adult dyslexia can be defined as a language-based learning disability, which renders the person unable to read, write, comprehend and even speak. However, such disabilities do not mean that a dyslexic cannot be intelligent. Their intelligence level may range from average to above average. What is more, if given proper support and encouragement in time, they can even be helped and motivated for accurate and fluent reading. It means that their disabilities are not necessarily a hindrance in the path of their academic success. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that adult dyslexia is all about a problem with reading and writing and it has nothing to do with the smartness or intelligence of the person. In most of the cases, dyslexics have been found to be very talented people in different creative fields. The list of such exceptionally talented people includes Leonardo Da Vinci, Tom Cruise, and many others. Dyslexics are gifted people. It is just that they read more slowly and differently.

Understanding Dyslexia

In the past, some children who had difficulty reading were thought to have a lower intelligence level or were considered to be underachievers. In recent years, many of these youngsters were thought to have undiagnosed dyslexia, a learning disorder whose chief symptom is an impaired ability to recognize and comprehend written words or symbols. If you think your child may be suffering from dyslexia, you first need to understand what the disorder is and some of the symptoms that it can produce. Dyslexia is a problem that involves cortical (higher) processes of symbols in the brain, although the cause of the disorder has not yet been determined. Recent research has indicated that this condition may be genetic. In 1999, researchers at the Centre for Reading Research which is located in Norway studied eighty members from one family over four generations and discovered several family members that all suffered from dyslexia. These researchers report that a flaw in chromosome 2 can lead to difficulties processing information in the "normal" manner and can lead the development of dyslexia.

The Stuttering King of England

It was bad enough for just a mere mortal like myself to have a stutter, just imagine therefore how difficult it must have been for King George VI of England. He was the King between the years of 1937 and 1952 during which time his country fought in the Second World War. King George VI has proved an inspiration to me and his story should be of interest to many people who have, or have had, a speech impediment. I started to stutter when I was aged four. It had a major impact on my life and was a ready made excuse for all of my failings. I blamed the speech impediment for my lack of progress in life and for my lack of confidence. I truly believed that if I were able to speak fluently that the world would become a much easier place to live; I have now been fluent for the last twelve years and this belief has proven to be correct. I did in reality hide behind my stutter and did feel very sorry for myself. This was to particularly annoy my grandmother who saw it as a sign of weakness. She wanted the best for me and would often tell me to pull myself together.

Stuttering at Work

Only people who have a stutter can really comprehend just how frustrating it can be to have this form of speech impediment. I am somebody who has effectively managed to eradicate a stutter that had impacted on my life for eighteen years. Having a stutter made my school life to be quite a harrowing experience however it was when I started going to work that the real problems began. To say that I hated attending school would be an understatement. I found it quite hard to socialise and was the butt of many a joke due to the fact that I had a stutter. I could not wait to leave school and duly did this when I was aged sixteen. I then managed to secure a lowly position at an insurance company in my native city of Birmingham. I was extremely nervous as I travelled to work on my first day. First impressions count and I was aware that my speech would be put under enormous pressure due to the number of new people I was likely to meet. I was going to be asked a great deal of questions about my back ground and personal life;

My Stuttering Day

In this article I am going to describe a typical day in the life of a person who has a stutter. I am hoping it will amuse as well as educate the people who read it. I am now able to talk free from the stutter that plagued the early part of my life. I can clearly remember however the torment that having this form of speech impediment placed on my daily life for those eighteen years. Here is a typical day from my life back then when I was aged around twenty-one. 6.30am I am pondering whether to go to work. I am not ill however am very tempted to phone in sick. I have not slept too well and am dreading having to go into the office today as we have quite a big meeting in which I will be expected to do quite a bit of talking. 7.30am I have dragged myself out of bed and am now having a shower. It feels good as it starts to wake me up but just as I am starting to relax and enjoy the sensation of the water running down my body, my thoughts turn to the subject of my stutter. I am never free from these demon thoughts?

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