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Bilingual Stuttering Patterns

A disruptive flow of speech experienced by a person is commonly referred to as stuttering. This is not a disability but is a mere speech order. With causes unknown, it is said to be more prevalent in certain set of people than others. It has been observed that children, men and bilinguals are some of the most affected people though there are no theories to support this case. Bilinguals are those who are capable of speaking two languages. Children who have been taught to converse in two languages come under bilinguals and a section of these kids tend to stutter in both or either of the languages. The simultaneous learning of two languages is sometimes considered a pressure on the child and is considered a reason for the child to stutter. But this cannot be the reason as studies have shown that children at a very young age are capable of absorbing new stuff taught to them. Although the prevalence in other sets of people cannot be explained, a slim connection can be made between bilinguals and stuttering.

Does Stuttering Have Something to Do With Intelligence?

Does stuttering have something to do with intelligence? This is one of the most illogical questions occupying the minds of most of the non-stutterers. And the answer to such a question is a definite no. Stuttering is only a speech hindering disorder which causes the sufferers to stammer when they speak. Being a speech disorder, stuttering has no connection whatsoever to intelligence and intellect. Though some may argue that the neural patterns of stutterers differ from those of non-stutterers, the neurons responsible for hearing and speech are in no way related to the neurons responsible for intelligence. The notion of comparing stuttering to intelligence is in itself erroneous because the intelligence of a person is measured through the IQ or Intelligence Quotient. The IQ of a person depends largely on the ability of a person to grasp new things and learn stuff quickly. But the neurons responsible for determining one's IQ is present in the frontal cortex whereas the ones responsible for hearing and speech are present at the posterior and this clearly shows that one can in no way affect the other.

The Michael Palin Center For Stuttering

The Michael Palin Center for stuttering is a specialist center which offers support and treatment to stuttering children in the UK. Named after Michael Palin for his convincing portrayal of a stutterer in the movie "A Fish called Wanda", this center has been existence since 1993. For utilizing the services of the center, there must be someone to refer the stammering child. Though initially this was the case, the center is now looking to extend their service to smaller districts in UK and hence is not strict on the number of referrals. Once a child has received the required number of referrals, the child is placed in a waiting list based on the age. Consultation is given more emphasis in this center rather than clinical treatment. This center believes in providing personalized treatment and hence requests the presence of both the parents during the consultation stage. In addition to the parents, local therapists and speech pathologists can also be present as the center is aware that not everyone will be able to visit the center for regular treatment.

Tips For Fluency to Help Stuttering

Stuttering as is known is a speech disorder which hinders fluent speaking. Though the cause and remedy for stuttering are still not known, there have been numerous instances where it has been treated successfully. Now stutterers can take solace from the fact that researchers are developing sure shot treatments to help them recover from the problem. But these treatments are still in their developmental stages and hence till then stutterers need to patiently work on their problem with simple self-help treatments. The first thing to remember while trying to overcome stuttering is that it requires a calm mind and a lot of patience. The next thing to be kept in mind is that no chance of an overnight recovery and faltering is bound to happen while recuperating from the problem. Before attempting to speak, the stutterer can write down what he is going to speak which will give him an idea as to which words he is going to utter. This helps as it doesn't require the stutterer to retrieve a word from memory while speaking and fumbling in the process.

Gender Link and Stuttering

Stuttering is a strange case of disorder which seems to prefer a section of the population than the others. With causes and remedies being unknown, the prevalence of these disorders in a certain sect is also unknown. The categories of people who seem to belong n this fateful section are children and men. While the reason for the dominance of the stuttering problem in these sections of people is unknown, it has been a proven fact till now that men are more prone to stuttering than women. The ratio of men stutterers to women stutterers have always been high and this is also the case with children. But the ratio differs as the age increases and this difference is again in favor of the fairer sex. While it is observed that the ratio of boy stutterers to girl stutterers is two to one, this number changes to a ratio of four to one with the men and women. The recovery from stuttering was also favorable to women and girl children as the female sex is known to have recovered better and faster than males.

How Do Parents Get Help For Their Child's Stutter?

The role of parents in a stuttering child's life can play a major part in how the child will be in future. It not only affects the behavior of the child but can also affect the chance of recovery from the problem. But sometimes even though the parents do everything in their might to help the child, there is no significant improvement in the child. This may force them to lose hope and give up. This should be avoided and parents must seek to help the child in other ways possible to recover from the problem. The difficulty faced by most parents is in dealing with the problem. Once the parents realize their child's problem, they do not find the right way to go about it even though they are willing to put in all efforts. The first thing parents must do is to find a speech therapist or pathologist who can diagnose the child and confirm that the child is indeed suffering from stuttering. Once he does this, he tries to treat the child with his own methods. While most cases of stuttering terminate with the help of a speech pathologist, there are some cases which don't.

Parent Child Interaction and Stuttering

The problem of stuttering though not considered a serious one, is capable of evoking serious changes in the personalities of the stutterers when not treated rightly in their surrounding environments. Stuttering or stammering is a type of communication disorder where stutterers experience difficulty in pronouncing certain words or tend to elongate syllables. With this problem, stutterers are mostly made fun of in their surroundings and this may have an effect on their behavior. Since it is observed that stuttering is predominant in children, any type of ridiculing will have an effect on the stuttering child's character. This is where the parents of the stuttering children come in. Knowing the child's difficulty in fluent speaking, parents must constantly encourage a child to recover from the problem. But the first fact that must be acknowledged by the parents is that their child is a stutterer. Most parents fail to accept the stuttering problem in their child and consider it to be a part of the child's growing phase.

Working With Adult Dyslexia

Adult dyslexia is not a life-threatening illness, yet it incapacitates the brain of the afflicted, if not handled truthfully. Adults need to begin to accept the disorder and start changing the way they view themselves to work with the disorder. This isn't a handicap of the intellect, even if you may experience challenges in spelling and reading. It's a condition of the neuroses that should be correctly diagnosed to get the necessary support at school or at work. You need to alter how you look at the disorder in order to seek assistance for it. By being aware of the condition, you'll have an easier time living with how it affects your career and personal life. Dyslexia in the Workplace Adult dyslexia is apparent in these behaviors: * Difficulty in speech recognition * Difficulty in following discussions that are detailed * Reading comprehension is abysmal * Numbers like 69 and 96 are mixed up * Spelling difficulties * Poor or short-term memory * Focus is poor Adult dyslexics who are not privy that they have the disorder normally try to hide their challenges, afraid of repercussions.

Therapies For Stuttering

A recent report suggested that nearly one percent of the adult population in the UK had a stutter. This may seem like quite a small figure however in reality is a huge amount of people. Stuttering has been thrust into the news over the last few years with the singer Gareth Gates bravely attempting to make his way to the top despite suffering with this most frustrating form of speech impediment. So what are the different types of therapy for stuttering? The majority of people who stutter will start by attending their local speech and language therapy classes, mainly because it is free to do so. This may well prove to be beneficial and what's more because it does not cost any money is definitely worth a go. It has been well documented that speech therapy alone is not likely to be able to help a person to eradicate their stutter/stammer as the speech therapists themselves openly admit that they do not know how to cure stuttering. Over the last few years there have been a number of alternative therapies for stammering and stuttering emerge, some of which are run by people who have previously had a stutter themselves.

Advice For People Who Stutter

It is often difficult to know where to seek advice when you have a stutter. People who have this type of speech impediment often try speech and language therapy at the outset before searching alternative forms of specialist stuttering therapy. Stuttering is quite a complex subject and as such only a person who has had to endure life with the impediment can really comprehend what it is like. People who stutter will fully understand what I mean when I write this. What the majority of people who stutter dream of is to be able to speak in the same way as fluent people do. When they are taught to speak very slowly at traditional speech therapy this can some what frustrate and annoy them, it did me! I would think something along the lines of; my friends do not speak slowly and they do not stutter, therefore why should I have to? When I had a stutter, I had to endure and listen to what I call demons in my head. These voices would try to make me think in a negative way, they would try to make me stress and worry and they would convince me that I was going to stutter.

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