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Stuttering Medication

Stuttering remains one of the unsolved mysteries in the world of medical science. Many theories have shown different causes and effects for this problem of speech disorder though none of it has been proved thus far. Because of the uncertainty of its causes, appropriate medication has thus far not been discovered by the specialists. Research is going on in this area to effectively find remedy for the stuttering problem. In spite of all this, there are a few medicines which are capable of reducing the stutter to a certain extent. But these medicines seem to have different effect on different people and were able to lessen the stutter only by 50%. Because of the uncertain effects of theses medicines on different sets of people much has been left to chance. The stutterers have to take the risk of consuming the medicine to check if it personally works for them. Dopamine antagonist medicines are known to suppress stuttering. This is because it is observed that the brains of stutterers are found to contain high levels of dopamine.

Anti Stuttering Services

Stuttering is a disorder which causes non fluent speaking, the causes of which are unknown. Since the origin of the disorder is unidentified, proper medication has not yet been formulated to relieve the stutterers of their problem. But anti-stuttering devices have been introduced into the market for this purpose. These devices help the stutterers to speak fluently while using the device. Though the use of treatment can totally eliminate the stuttering problem, it is only effective with children and young adults. These anti-stuttering devices are mostly used by adults with the stuttering problem as there are no other effective ways for them to get rid of the problem. These anti-stuttering devices work for the stutterer as long as they are in use and cease to reduce stuttering when removed. The anti-stuttering devices also known as electronic fluency devices help the stutterer to speak fluently by using the theory of altered auditory feedback. According to this, it is assumed that a stutterer's fluency improves if his own voice is heard while speaking.

Is Stuttering a Disability?

Stuttering cannot be termed as a typical disability as it really doesn't impede the functioning of any organ or part in the human body. It is a problem which only affects the outcome of the speech and is generally considered a disorder. Stuttering is neither a physical disorder nor a psychological disorder but it can only be considered as a developmental disorder. The question of whether stuttering is a disability is a highly debated one even amongst the stutterers. While a section of the stutterers are content with being branded as disabled as long as they are able to benefit from it, a section of the stutterers are still against it as they feel that they are not given enough credit for their capacity because of this factor. And while some feel that potential growth can be achieved with being accepted in such a way, others feel that it brings down their confidence level which may hinder their growth and progress. Stuttering has legally been considered a disability in many countries and concessions have been made for stutterers to occupy positions in certain industries where speech is not the prime requirement.

Are People Who Stutter Shy and Nervous?

Shyness and nervousness are two traits which are commonly associated with the personality of every stutterer. It is not something that is inborn to them or something which is caused as a side-effect to the stuttering problem. But these attributes are developed in the stutterers because of the incidents that have happened in their life. And since most of the people in the world treat stutterers the same way - as tease toys - the incidents in every stutterer's life is more or less the same. This behavior meted out to them not only makes them hesitant to approach others but also makes them uncomfortable in their communication with others. This lack of communication portrays them as a reserved lot who basically keep to their own work. Most people consider the nervousness associated with a stutterer to be part of the disorder itself but it is not so. The nervousness and anxiety is just a reflection of the way the stutterers feel within them as they speak. During a casual talk in a group, if a stutterer happens to stammer a word, the immediate reaction from others would be a slight chuckle which in turn could embarrass the stutterer.

Speech Therapy- Learning To Speak

One of the not so noticed areas of rehabilitation medicine is Speech Therapy In fact, a lot of people may not even know that something like this existed. It may be the case that this is your first time to encounter the field or you may have heard it somewhere, but don't fully understand what the practise is all about. The sad truth about Speech Therapy is that you may not encounter it unless the situation calls for it. However, getting to know what the practise is can be very beneficial information. As the name suggests, speech therapy deals with speech problems that an individual may encounter. However, the field of Speech Pathology doesn't only tackle speech but also language and other communication problems that people may already have due to birth, or people acquired due to accidents or other misfortunes. Speech therapy is basically a treatment that people of all ages can undergo through, to fix their speech Although speech therapy alone would focus on fixing speech related problems like treating one's vocal pitch, volume, tone, rhythm and articulation.

Speech Pathologists - Fulfilling The Lives Of Others

Speech pathologists, otherwise called speech language pathologists (SLP), are healthcare professionals who work with people who have speech, language, voice, swallowing and communication related disorders. They are dedicated professionals who are committed to fulfilling the lives of others. This is a profession which requires certain necessary qualities such as innate kindness, consideration, patience and understanding on the part of the practitioner. Speech pathologists are usually required in educational institutions for providing treatment to students with voice disorders. The earnings of a speech pathologist depend on their experience, educational background, specialization and nature of work. However, the tremendous job satisfaction one experiences by fulfilling the lives of others is itself considerable reward. A person is eligible to apply for the job of a speech pathologist only if he or she has a master's degree in speech pathology. Speech pathologists can acquire Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

Bullying At School And Stuttering

One of the serious issues concerning school life is bullying and it is common for the bigger children to usually pick on the weaker children or children that are different such as stutterers. The weak children fail to retaliate back at the bad behavior caused to them because they feel they will be unable to tackle their seemingly stronger peers. The kids picked on to be bullied are usually lacking in some trait or the other; sometimes they are physically wanting and sometimes they have some disability. And a peek into any school life can reveal that stutterers are the most targeted by the bullies. Stuttering is not a disability but can be considered to be a deterrent to fluent speaking. This fact works both in favor of and against the stutterers, the latter being the most prominent. Being labeled as a mere speech disorder and not a disability, it gives the stutterer a bit of confidence to realize that he/she is in no way lesser than other people. But the same confidence is reduced when they become the object of ridicule in any place in their surroundings.

Lidcombe Programme And Stuttering

The Lidcombe Programme which originated from a suburb near Sydney, Australia of the same name is a special treatment program developed for the cause of stuttering children. The programme which originally began in Australia has received world-wide recognition because of the effectiveness of the treatment. It was developed by Professor Mark Onslow as a behavioral treatment to help stuttering children recuperate from their problem. This treatment makes use of parents or closely related relatives of the stuttering child so that there is involvement and ease. The treatment is undergone in the presence of a speech pathologist who briefs the parents on the methods involved in the treatment. The speech pathologist only directs and guides the parents or volunteers in doing the methods of the treatment so that the stuttering child feels comfortable and familiar in its surroundings. Divided into two stages, the Lidcombe programme focuses on eliminating the stutter in the first stage and in the second stage care is taken so that the stutter doesn't reappear.

Neural Patterns And Stuttering

The problem of stuttering has been around for a long time now. But the causes and remedies in overcoming this problematic situation are yet to be found. Though there have been many theories circulating differing ideas as to what causes stuttering, none of them have been proved concretely. Researchers are still working on the problem of stuttering to determine its causes and try to provide definitive treatments to prevail over the stuttering problem. Meanwhile research has also been going on to find the connection between the neural cells and stuttering. There seems to be some sort of correlation between neurology and stuttering as there have been cases where the performance of a stutterer has been affected because of the problem. Though the change in performance has been minuscule, it just goes on to show that there is a distinct connection between the neural patterns and stuttering. With studies and research going on, samples of neural patterns were taken from stutterers and non stutterers to try and study the difference between the two patterns.

Job Interviews And Stuttering

Job interviews can be nerve-wrecking for a lot people and with the anxiety levels high, people tend to fumble up their interviews. Even the most confident of people can be caught unawares with the sort of questions that the employers come up with. While nervousness is normal with most people, the level of nervousness and anxiety will be at an all time high for stutterers trying out a job interview. This is because many employers prefer non stutterers to stutterers because they do not trust the efficiency of a stutterer. While some jobs genuinely cannot have stutterers because of the nature of the job, some employers deny stutterers the job for no apparent reason. Stutterers have a disadvantage when it comes to proving their talents but it must also be understood by them that many famous people have proved merit despite the stuttering problem. This must encourage the stutterers to try their best before giving up on something. Though it is understandable that stutterers get jittery right before the interviews, it is necessary that they keep their cool to perform well in the interviews.

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