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Smoking is NOT an Addiction!

I bet you think that I'm crazy to say that Smoking is NOT an addiction, especially since we have all been brainwashed, all our lives, to believe that it is... .hear me out, please. Smoking is a habit and a very bad one at that. Have you had it, really had it and decided that it's time for you to quit smoking? (By the way, no method will work unless you have reached this state of mind). What I'm reviewing here is a quit smoking resource created by a highly recognized, licensed professional by the name of Valerie Dawson. First let's discuss possible reasons why you want to "kick the habit". Yes, I've said it again... smoking is not an addiction, it is a habit. Valerie's program explains why this is so in down-to-earth, simple facts that detail the logic behind that statement. Honestly, it was quite a revelation to me when I first heard that notion of smoking being a habit vs an addiction. What this did for me, though, was make me think that if this were in fact the case, then it should be easier to quit than we have been led to believe all along.

How to Become an Ex-Smoker

How to become an ex-smoker is a very important question for millions of people, chained to their cigarettes day in, day out. The difficulty most people face trying to quit means that after a few failed attempts, they give up trying to give up and resign themselves to an early grave! In my opinion, it needn't be difficult to become an ex-smoker. It is purely a matter of how much you can change your attitude towards tobacco and cigarettes that determines how successful you will be in achieving your goal of becoming an ex-smoker. The problem is that most people have been bombarded with information about how damaging cigarettes and tobacco are to your health. This is all very good and true but it only serves to tell you why you should quit smoking. It does nothing to tell you how to become an ex-smoker. Unfortunately, many smokers don't even realise that the reasons why you should quit will do nothing to actually help you quit. It is the equivalent of expecting to stop someones hunger simply by telling them they should eat!

Adult Smoking Cessation - You Are Never Too Old to Quit Smoking

There's so much upside that comes as a result of making the decision to quit smoking, even when you think you are too old to try. Adult smoking cessation has many health benefits, namely reducing the risk of illness or premature death due to tobacco smoking related causes. When you quit smoking, the positive effects begin within minutes of your last cigarette. After just 20 minutes of not smoking, your blood pressure decreases, your pulse rate drops, and the temperature of your hands and feet increases. I remember those cold hands and feet! ! At 7-8 hours after quitting your carbon-monoxide level in your bloodstream will drop to normal levels, and normal levels of oxygen in the blood will return. This is all after just 8 hours, or one working day. So this means that for people who currently work in a non-smoking environment for 8 hours a day, and who don't smoke during that time, your body has already achieved these amazing results, and you had no choice! In less than 26 hours, your chance of a smoking related heart attack has decreased, and within 2 days, your nerve endings begin to re-grow and your normal senses (smell and taste) have started to return.

What Happens When You Stop Smoking - Timeline

When you quit smoking your body goes through a few changes, some in a short space of time and some throughout a long period of time. Here is the time line of what will happen after you smoke that last and final cigarette. After 20 minutes, you have smoked your last cigarette, both your blood pressure and your pulse decrease significantly. You may also notice that your hands and your feet start to sweat more than normal. After 8 hours of being a non smoker, the carbon monoxide in your blood stream goes down and is almost at a normal level once again. Your particular blood oxygen level in your blood stream will also go back to normal after 8 hours or so. After 24 hours of being a non smoker it is thought that your chance of having a heart attack goes down significantly. After 48 hours of being a non smoker, your taste buds start to be able to taste food once again and your ability to smell properly returns as well. You will notice that after 2 weeks of stopping smoking, breathing becomes easier so you can walk, run or jog without becoming as breathless as you used to do.

Reviews of Nicocure - the Truth About This Formula

In this article I'm going to give a review of Nicocure. I've heard a lot of talk about this product lately so I did my own personal research to see what all the hype is about. I'm a skeptical person so if I hear about anything intensively talked about, like Nicocure has been, I usually think it's a scam - especially if its on the internet. Described below are the findings I learned about Nicocure in my research. I hope you take my reviews of Nicocure to heart and take the proper steps to quit smoking to live a healthier life. 30 Days Or Less To Quit Smoking One of the main things that Nicocure advertises is that you can quit smoking in 30 days or less. From the forums and user feedback, this is pretty much true. For many, after 10 days their cravings for cigarettes completely disappeared, and after the complete 60-day program, they were no longer dependent on Nicocure and free of their addiction. The main reason why Nicocure users have seen so much success is because it accomplishes what most nicotine patches/ gums sought to do - lessen the physical withdrawal symptoms of quitting, except the ex-factor of Nicocure was that it did so without the use of nicotine.

Nicocure Pills - a Great Solution Or a Great Scam?

There has been a lot of buzz around Nicocure pills on the internet. A lot of people want to know if this formula is a scam like most solutions you'll come across, especially on the internet. I've done some research on Nicocure and have posted my findings. Enjoy! How Does It Work? Nicocure pills works very much like most nicotine based solutions such as patches, gums, and most pills you'll come across. The main difference is that its all-natural and doesn't contain nicotine. This is the ex-factor which separates Nicocure from most products out. Lobelia Inflata, the main component of Nicocure, will help your body deal with the cravings, without actually feeding your body what you trying to free yourself from. This will more effectively help to rid you of your habit. Nicocure also contains herbal ingredients that will help deal with withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, headaches, inability to concentrate, and other stresses that your body undergoes. For example, its ginger extract, used in Chinese medicine for over 2 thousand years, is used to promote calmness.

Buy Nicocure - the Last Review You Need to Read

If you're thinking about buying Nicocure, be sure that you are making the right decision. Many products found on the internet are huge scams, so its important to make sure what you are thinking about purchasing isn't a waste of your time or money. As of late, there has been a lot of talk about a quit-smoking pill called Nicocure. Does it actually work or is it another overly hyped internet product? In this article I'll give you the information for you to decide for yourself. What's In Nicocure? Only 5% of all people this year will actually quit smoking for the long term. A huge number of people attempt to quit smoking, but only a small minority actually free themselves from this addiction. This is because the physical cravings, stress, irritability, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, and all the other nasty withdrawal symptoms make it extremely difficult to quit. The herbal ingredients contained in Nicocure helps to dramatically lessen, if not remove, most of these symptoms. Lobella Extract, its main component, will help give your nervous system similar effects that smoking a cigarette would which helps to combat your cravings.

The Stop Smoking CD

Have you been trying to quit smoking, there is a method that can help you stop smoking, quickly, effectively and completely all natural. This method eliminates the need as well as the desire to smoke by sending your mind subconscious suggestions. The other great thing is there are no side effects. Smoking cannot be considered as a healthy habit. It is a habit that is not at all healthy. It is a habit which is really difficult to quit. People find it really difficult to quit this habit. It is not always easy to get rid of the smoking habit. There are many ways which people use to get rid of the smoking habit. One of the ways of getting rid of the smoking habit is to use the stop smoking CDs. These CDs are effective for many people. The CDs have a lot of information and they can give the smoker an idea of where he or she is leading his or her health to. Leading a normal and healthy life is possible only by quitting smoking. Smoking is not a very healthy habit. It is something which you must get rid of.

Information On Smoking Cessation Treatment

To know about smoking cessation and the latest aid for it, read on. What is Smoking Cessation? Smoking cessation is a nightmare for all smokers but a dire need to. Smokers need to go for smoking cessation if they want to improve their health. Many smokers try endlessly to quit smoking but are unable to do it. This is because of nicotine in cigarettes. Nicotine addiction is the culprit behind the habit of smoking. Many aids are available for smoking cessation such as nicotine patches, nicotine gums and lozenges, and nicotine inhalers. All these are nicotine replacement therapies and aid in smoking cessation by providing nicotine to smokers and slowly weaning them from their habit. Recently, another drug called Zyban, which is a non-nicotine drug also got approval in the US, however, this drug causes seizures and hence is not used vastly. About Chantix Chantix is the latest aid for smoking cessation and works by attaching to nicotine receptors in the brain. The active ingredient in Chantix binds more strongly to the receptors than nicotine and hence even if a smoker smokes during the treatment, he gets no pleasure from smoking.

Pros And Cons Of Quit Smoking Aids

Are Quit Smoking Aids Worth Your Time and Money? As more and more smokers decide they want to enjoy the benefits of quitting smoking, there's been an explosion of quit smoking aids coming onto the market. But are they really worth your investment? Here are some thought on both sides of that question listed below for you so that you can make an informed decision as to whether quit smoking aids may be right for you. The Pros There are many benefits to quitting smoking aids, especially the fact that they can help to take the edge off of your cravings if you have had trouble quitting cold turkey. Depending on the type of aid you decide to use, you may find that you not only break your addiction to nicotine, but also your addiction to the motions of smoking (which is even harder to break, according to leading experts). There are many different types of aids that you can choose from, according to just how heavy a smoker you are. Not all quit smoking aids will work for everyone, so it is important to know which quit smoking aids will work best for your individual physiology.

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