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Get Paid to Submit Photos Online Easily

There is a new and easy way to get paid to submit photos online. It is called micro stock photography and many photographers are now taking part in this amazing opportunity. It is not hard to get into the process and start earning some money off your photos either. This article will show you how. Micro stock photography websites are filled with thousands of photos that are being sold per download. People come to these sites for stock photos that they could use in their websites, advertisements, books, magazines, and art. Think of an ad you saw in print or a website with a picture... most likely it was a stock photo. Nowadays, companies don't have time to send out photographers to take pictures for them. Instead, they go for high quality stock photos. That's where you come in... If you can take photos then you can supply these photos. And with micro stock websites, the process is now very easy. These websites take the hard work right away. They get loads of traffic from buyers every single day and all you have to do is load your photos to their site and they're up and available for people to buy.

Making Money From Your Digital Photos

It's no surprise that professional photographers can be expensive, which is why some people would rather make use of stock photo sites than pay this cost. Stock photo sites accept photos submitted by professionals and amateurs alike, which is why this can be a truly a legitimate business that can be done at your own spare time. To do this does not require that you have an expensive or professional camera, as a matter of fact a fairly good digital camera that is at least up to 3 mega pixels will do. The sites that you can submit photos to are called stock photo sites, and how they help you make money from your photo is by allowing users to download photos from their site for a fee. A percentage of this fee goes to them to cover administration cost while the lion share goes to you. There is no limit to how many times your photos can be downloaded, so in actual fact you get paid for as long as your photo remains on their site and is downloaded. In some cases also you can sell the right to your photo in which case you get a one time payment which is a lot more than what you get paid for a one time download.

Matting a Picture

Matting is the initial step in any framing project, and involves the use of a thin piece of specially treated cardboard known as mat board. The picture frame mat is a decorative touch to be sure; however, matting serves several practical and protective functions as well when it comes to archival preservation. These include protecting the photograph from acidity and temperature fluctuations as well as separating the surface of the photo from the glazing material. When shopping for picture matting supplies, it's a good idea to buy the best you can afford. Low-quality mat board is often worse than using nothing at all. Often, picture framing supplies can be purchased as a comprehensive kit that includes custom picture frames as well. These are fine to use, and can be purchased online or from a real-world art supply store; the only disadvantage is that the photo frames that are often included are for a specific size of photo or other image; therefore, if your artifact is not of a standard size, you may have to have a frame specially made, or create one yourself.

Take Photos Everyone Loves - Digital Photography Tips

Taking great photos is something that not many people are very good at. Take a look at most vacationers photos and you'll see what I'm talking about. I was just on vacation with my family and my mom took over two hundred photos in two hours. She goes for quantity, not quality. This is how most people take photos. Take as many as possible. Doing photography like this almost guarantees you'll have some luck and a few nice shots, but for the most part your missing out. This article will show you how to take better photos. Professionals take a whole bunch of photos at a time. But, there's something very different in how they do it to how most others do. They have compositional techniques and tactics ingrained into their brains. Taking a well balanced, pleasing photo is super easy for these professionals. They've been practicing for years and have no problem taking nice looking shots. For a beginner, it's a different story. Before taking hundreds of photos at a photo session, start smaller.

Taking Great Photos You'll Never Delete

Isn't it so annoying to come back from vacation, a photo shoot, or a soccer game and see that a handful of your best shots aren't so good looking. Sure, they looked awesome from the LCD screen, but on your computer screen they're blurry, noisy, or too dark. Having to delete many photos from mistakes like these is awful. That's why I wrote this article to show you how to take photos that will look twice as good on a big screen instead of worse. The reason that many photos are getting ruined is not because you are bad at composing shots. It's not because you have a bad eye for photos. It's because you don't "dance" with your camera very well. Learning the "dance" of your camera will get you to take more perfect images easily. What I mean by the dance of your camera is that your camera has a language and you need to learn it as fluently as possible. Many beginners go out and buy super expensive cameras but don't even take the time to learn all the functions and features of this camera.

Easy Photo Techniques to Follow

Photography is not hard. It may seem hard for a beginner, but this article will make it much easier. In this article are easy to follow digital photography tips you can start using right now. When you take a picture what you are doing is pointing at something and taking the shot. Now, when many people point at an object of interest what do they do? Well... what do people do when we look at something. Our eyes automatically make the thing we are looking at the center of our eyes. Think about it. When you look at something to your left, you turn your head to center it. When people take photos, most do the same exact thing... center the subject of importance. Photography, however, is different. Having every subject you photograph dead center is just plain boring. It is not very effective unless that is the desired effect. A solution to this is the simple to follow rule of thirds. Basically, take a photo and draw three lines vertically and three horizontally. This should make nine equal sized boxes.

Beginner Photography Tips

When starting out in the amazing world of photography, it can be daunting. There are so many perfect looking shots and all of your shots look far less than these. However, with some easy to follow tips and techniques you can easily start taking great shots, if not better, than those perfect shots. This article will give you a beginners start on photography. The most valuable asset in photography is not your camera. It's not your lens. It's not any of your equipment or any such things. It's your eye. It's the way you take the photos that you take. You can have the most expensive and high tech studio and camera but if you don't know how to take compelling shots then your photos won't look good. How do you develop your eye? This is what can take lots of time and practice. In the older days, people would develop it through practice and practice. It would take years. Now, you can learn how to develop your eye very quick and easily. One of the easiest ways is to start following some compositional techniques for photography.

Starter Guide to Photography

Looking for a starter guide for photography can seem really easy. Go to any book store and there are dozens of books out there. Unfortunately, most of them are filled with pictures and nothing else but little captions with little value. This article will direct you through a step by step process of taking better shots. The first step To start, the first thing you are going to want to do is grab your camera. It doesn't matter if it's a point and shoot, a digital SLR, or your cell phones camera. After you have your camera, now you are going to want to learn everything you can about how to use it. Learn what every single button means. This is a critical step for photography. As a painter knows how to use a paint brush, you should learn how to use your camera. Photography is much more technical than just pushing the shutter button. The more you know, the more control you have over your shot. It's nice to occasionally take an awesome shot that looks perfect, but you'll enjoy it much more when you know exactly what you did to make a photo look beautiful and have the power to do it over and over again.

Composition - Can You Live Without the Rule of Thirds?

Composition in photography can be a difficult subject to teach to others. This is because composition can be a deeply personal thing. What appeals to me may not appeal to you. However, many photographers, beginners in particular, are not happy with the way their photos look. But often they can't quite put their finger on why. There are plenty of rules and guidelines to help you with composition. Possibly the best known is the Rule Of Thirds. This rule suggests your composition should be divided into a nine-part grid, by running two lines horizontally (a third from the top and a third from the bottom) and two lines vertically (a third from the left and a third from the right). According to the rule, large objects (trees, buildings etc) should be placed on these lines, and small objects are most effective if positioned where the lines intersect. Photos composed around these guidelines have a balanced look. Objects seem to appear exactly where your eye expects to find them. So when you build a composition around the Rule Of Thirds, your photo satisfies the viewer's natural sense of proportion.

Selling Your Photography - Sales Outlets

If you've been taking photos for a while now and are thinking of turning professional, trying to turn your hobby into a part time business, or just want to make a little extra cash to pay for the new lens you've been drooling over, there are many options for sales outlets. This article takes a look at just some of the possibilities. Stock Photography Agencies Stock agencies are libraries of images where someone who needs to use an image for a purpose such as a newspaper or magazine article can purchase a license to use the image. These days almost all stock agencies have online collections, where people can search the library, pay and download the image immediately. The advantage of stock agencies is that they market your images for you. This can be a big plus in the online world, as you are able to show your photos through an established website without having to build one. Associating yourself with a reputable agency will also add to your credibility as a professional. The downside of selling stock photography is that it is a numbers game.

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