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Doll Bear Photography - A Few How-tos and Why-tos

Dolls and bears make good photo subjects. Why? They don't move for one thing. Don't get red-eye. You can go back and back. With today's digital cameras you can see immediately if your shot succeeded and re-do it for other effects. You can cheat with an over-large outfit folded around behind the doll or use a "real" prop like an actual cookie with a child doll and fool the eye of the viewer. Dolls and bears in photography take us into other worlds, other lives. Visual fairy tales. How wonderful to be able to glimpse a moment of someone else's story? Let's face it taking pictures of dolls and bears is just plain fun. Yes, it is also work. Sometimes, like with any other subject the picture just does not come together and all the photographer ends up with is a headache. But lots of times the camera "sees" and you come away from the experience with a picture of magic in your hand. What elements do you put in a photo? Well, as with any kind of photography simplicity is best. Let's consider the photography done on Annette Himstedt's website for a fairly well-known example.

Figure Photography

Photography can be considered as one of the sciences that has developed a lot in the past few decades. Figure photography is one of the types of photography that are becoming really popular these days. Science and technology has developed a lot in the recent past and as a result you find that technological advancements have made a lot of sciences really complicated. It is not always very easy to understand figure photography like many other branches of photography. You need to have a sense of understanding the science working behind successful figure photography and you need to be really good at what you do. Only then you can master the art of figure photography. The world of fashion has also changed a lot in the recent past. With the internet as a household phenomenon today and with the ever innovative technology, every thing has changed. The world today is a small village where communication is very impressive and easy. As a result fashions of one part of the world affect the other parts of the world as well.

Photography Tips

Just about everybody fancies himself or herself to be a photographer. As soon as somebody gets a camera, they start clicking away. And they start looking for photography tips. Which is great - you get tips on how to take photos underwater, you get photography tips that tell you how to get rid of reflection on window panes - you even get photography tips on how to take great pictures when you are skydiving. So, how often do you plan to take photos underwater? Or when you are skydiving? Or paragliding, for that matter. The one big photography tip that everybody ignores, that should be the first thing to do is - read the manual. Read the manual, from the beginning till the end, and do not imagine that you can just figure things out as you go along. Making it up as you go along does not work with photography. Once you read the manual, you will have a fairly good idea of what kind of adjustments to make - what size aperture to use for what kind of photos, the exposure time, the mode you should use - the basics.

Build Your Photography Business Through Referrals

Have you pondered the idea of making some real money from your photography? In this article I will show you one of the simplest and low-cost ways you can learn-to-earn from your passion for photography. Call it your first step to Building a Successful Photography Business 101 Start with the people who already know, like and trust you and then ask them for referrals. For example, shoot your nephews birthday party, portraits of your neighbor's kids or pets, even your favorite neighborhood restaurant dishes if food photography is your passion. Gently hit up everyone you know, siblings, parents, coworkers and friends and when you exhaust those resources (but don't be a pest) ask them for referrals and remember everyone is a potential source. You could build your business solely on referrals and word-of-mouth if you exercise this approach properly. Don't ever forget that photography is a people business and people like to work with others that they enjoy being around period, so it never hurts to ask.

How to Do Lighting For Your Home Photography Studio

Do you want to learn about how to do lighting for your home photography studio cheaply and quickly? Why not create a studio that doesn't require any external fancy lighting or strobes or those expensive soft boxes? If you just want to try out some still life photography, or you need to take some shots for eBay, this article is just for you. This still life photography studio utilizes a huge soft box and a seamless backdrop and you will need the following materials: A thick, A0 sized, sheet of paper. (you can use polypropylene sheets because they are more durable and can be cleaned ) A sunny day and a shady location. (a porch will do) A wall/table/chair/fence A few inches of Duct tape (or just any tape) Now, this will not take care of all your studio needs, but it will provide you with a cheap way to start exploring studio- like pictures. Namely, you will get good background for your pictures, pictures with little shadows, and good, even light. The first thing is to find a nice shaded place on a good sunny day.

5 Tips For Finding a Senior Portrait Photographer

5 tips to help you find a photographer for your child's senior portraits. It is very important to find a photographer that is willing to share their talent with you, not sell it to you. While reputation is important, having your senior being comfortable with his or her photographer is a very important factor. 1.) Find a photographer that is willing to get to know your personal style. Every person is different, and wants different things out of their senior pictures. You need to find a photographer willing to take the extra time to get to know you, and what specific things you want out of your session. It is very important that you know you are getting what you want. 2.) Someone that is willing to share their talent with you, not sell it to you. A lot of photographers out there copyright all of their work, and require you to buy it from them at a very high price. It is worth the research to find a photographer that will give the photographs of yourself to you without charging an outrageous price, or require you to purchase the copyright release from them.

ISO Rating and Its Importance

This article is written in the context of Digital SLR (single lens reflex), which are combing the market like hot cakes nowadays. ISO, which stands for International Standards Organization, refers to the how sensitive to light the camera sensor is for a Digital SLR. Quite a handful of new photographers do not really understand the relationship between ISO, aperture and shutter speed settings, which determines the exposure of the photograph. It is important to understand what ISO is as it affects the outcome of your image as well as its quality. We are lucky that SLR has gone digital and thus changing the ISO setting can be done by simply pressing a few buttons. Could you imagine the good old days where films are used? You need to replace the roll of films and you may need to carry a few rolls with you when traveling. The typical range of ISO are 50, 100, 400 and up to 1600 or above for newer Digital SLR models. Simply, a low ISO setting is desired to achieve good image quality while a high ISO setting would most likely produce grainy image with loss of details due to noise produced by the camera due to distortion caused by "over-amplification".

Let's Picture This

Let's take a closer look at cameras. Digital? Film? What's the best? Each has Its' own plus and minus. Let's take a closer look at 35 MM Cameras. Their only minus Is the cost of having the film developed vs Digital, which uses an assortment of capturing media to save ones pictures on. But for absolute resolution, and I no doubt will take a lot of grief with this comment, film cameras have it won, Hands Down! ! A good film camera will equal or even surpass its Digital counterpart. The cost of both is really the issue. But the cost thing I'll have to give to the Digital. Although a good Digital SLR Camera will run $600 to $1000 verses $200 to $300 for a 35mm, The digitals ability to delete unwanted shots makes it more cost effective to operate. I have countless thousands of photos shot with an assortment of film cameras and considering only 2 to 3 photos worthy of keeping it's easy to see the Digital won that round. The Digital however has won the Princess and the Pea award in that it's unable to take a licking and keep on ticking like its film counterpart.

Camera Tips For Photography

There are many camera tips out there but many people still don't know how to use cameras properly. It can be tough learning how to use such a complex little machine. Cameras are getting more technical and one button can be used to do hundreds of different functions nowadays. If you have a small point and shoot camera you know what I mean with the mechanism that a few buttons can do a whole bunch of cool things. This article will run through the basics of a camera and what you definitely need to know. Operating a camera is simple. Basically you point, push the shutter button, and take the photo. This is great for most people, but since you probably want to take better shots than the average person, you need to understand and master your camera. The best place to start in learning your camera is with the manual that it came with. Every camera has different buttons and systems. Learn what everything does and where to find certain functions. This is critical that you do this. All cameras have certain functions that are universal.

Sell Pictures Online For Money

Learning how to sell pictures online is not hard. It may seem hard at first, but it is very easy due to the recent advancement of the internet and users that need photos. People that run websites and such are in very high demand of photographs and if you can supply these shots you can reap lots of profit. This article will give you the first steps towards the world of making money selling your pictures. There are many ways to sell your shots, but the easiest and fastest way is through stock photography. Stock photos may seem difficult and very perfect looking, however, with the advancement of the internet new micro stock agencies are coming out letting anybody submit photos and have a chance to earn money through the process. When you submit a photo to these agencies you are paid every time someone downloads your photo. The amount you are paid for each download is small, around a quarter a download. But if you have a hundred photo getting downloaded every single day it can really add up.

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