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Finding Yourself in Solitude - 10 Lessons of Growing

Finding yourself in solitude. Everybody hears this time and time again. From the fruition of youth when sent on "timeout" to the isolation every individual needs in order to hibernate with one's emotions. Even through days of work, locking the mind and body behind concealed doors in order to cram a semester's final paper or spurn a creative project. Isolation, solitude, being alone-these words derive a connotation of growth and progress. They emphasize a deeper understanding not only of one's surroundings, as well as past and future actions, but also of the most significant and empowering quality-finding oneself within the present moment. Yes, who are you, I dare ask? Where are you? And what and why are you doing, exactly? Well, to find out I've a suggestion: Take leave of all your worldly possessions, my friend. Drop work. Let go of your family and friends (assuming you have the freedom to indulge in this responsibility). No, wait. Sorry... I mean quit work, hail for a leave of absence from school, and buy that one-way ticket to nowhere.

End Times - Uri'el a Sketch

And the Soul of the Earth moaned, and was quieted by God for a time, for many things were yet to take place... I had a statement-having read the paper the other day on the great melt down in Antarctica- and said to Uri'el: "What is going on with the weather now?" Said Uri'el to me: "God has revealed from ancient times, the times of the future, as you can see the world is confused on the strange occurrence presently at hand, many scientists believe that global warming is occurring because of the cosmic forces (solar radiation) striking the earth from outer space. Other scientists say that an overactive sun causes this cosmic radiation. Millions of people believe that there is a definite climate change going on but they cannot agree on what is causing it. Some scientists believe that it is just a natural occurring weather cycle and these same people most certainly do not know why it is happening. Many scientists believe that there is a definite climactic change occurring on a worldwide scale especially in the Arctic area and the Northern Hemisphere.

The New And Old Souls Like Dead Wheat - A Sketch Into The Land Of Dead Souls

((DNA and the Genetic Code, Genesis) (like Dead Wheat)) And Micha'el quoted from the Book of John, and Mathew; for I had asked: "... what were the answers to the soul of Adam and those before him..., " and Micha'el quoted the New Testament, saying: John 3:12 If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things? (Micha'el was looking for me to give him an answer! ) Mt 11:25 At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto the simple, and unto babes. Mt 16:3 O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? And I said to Micha'el: "I have never turned face on listening and looking at what my mind does not understand, for those are the things I find most simple, once told me, perhaps because I am not all scientist, nor all philosophy, plus I am a simple man, and God has given these things to such people like me.

The Business Side Of a Spiritual Path

Most dancers will tell you that belly dancing is a spiritual awakening of the soul. Others awaken from a deep sleep and learn what it is like to really live. For myself I became a little girl again and understood what becoming a woman was really all about. With each move we learn, grow and when we put together combinations and create dances and choreographies we show the world our knowledge of who we are. Each choreography represents our path and how much we change with the seasons. Dance gives us that connection to mother earth but what happens when we become successful and we forget our purpose? As of lately I have felt that I have forgotten my dance purpose which started out as a passion so intense that it engulfed my life and choices. I did it because there was nothing else I knew I was suppose to be doing. Today as a woman older and wiser I smile at this younger version of myself and wish I had half her determination. It's not so much that I don't feel the passion, it's just that I have had to become a business woman to keep my dance going.

Global Volcanism WWIII Watch the Antichrist on TV

Everyday we seem to be on the edge of World War Three, from the war that just about took place in South America between three countries, Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador; China wanting to slowly weed out the blood of Tibet subjecting them to live in a rats nest, and telling the world to stand back and watch. Russia trying to tell the world Kosovo has a right to be under slavery and the hate of Belgrade; North Korea telling the South, they will burn them to ashes if they do not bow and talk nice to them, and Iran, Syria trying to eradicate Israel, and slowly bombarding Iraq to submission. Where will the spark be? It perhaps will not be the first spark that ignites WWIII, but the second (in essence we are in the first stages of WWIII now, it is just the spark we are waiting for). Those who promise to use the big bomb and have it, most likely will. I don't blame Japan or South Korea for its concerns over those who have the ability, to harm them, because it is always hanging over their heads, and can and will the USA get its self involved with a nuclear country over a non nuclear country's first strike, or take over because of a potential first strike, perhaps they would have in the last century, but I doubt this new century they will, plus, we are not as strong as we were eight years ago, and everybody knows it-and we are stretched to our limits worldwide, and do not have the capability of fighting a third war while the other two are going on (Iraq and Afghanistan).

Simple and Direct - The Only Way!

Can you remember sitting in a classroom or lecture hall and listening to the speaker, professor or even a panel discussion, and wished they would stop trying to impress their peers or the audience with their eloquent rhetoric that sixty percent of the audience doesn't understand? You look at the person sitting next to you and ask them, "I'm not sure what they are referring to or what they mean. Can you explain what they just said?" The man/women just shrug their shoulders with the impression, "Hey, I'm just as dumb as you are." Now you have missed the whole point and have no idea what is trying to be accomplished, or, is anything really being accomplished? Did anyone learn anything and what expertise or knowledge are you going to come away with? It's parallel to watching a movie and you miss most of the conversation between the characters at a critical point. Now you're frustrated because you don't understand the plot. Sound familiar? I attended Catholic Elementary School for four years.

Are Near Death Experiences Real? Read This To Find Out!

In this article we are going to examine the near death experience, and take a closer look at the explanations, and potential implications they may have in revealing what may await us all after we die. So if you are curious as to what may happen after death, read on as we explore this fascinating topic in a bit more detail! The notion that we survive our bodily death is clearly not a new one. All societies and most religions have some sort of model for eternal life, a heaven, a hell and some form of perpetual life force. The Tibetan Book of the Dead is one of the earliest and most complete examinations of the human body, soul, and its transition from this life, to the next. Is this simply a "feel good" sort of story that we all want to believe, or could there truly be hard science applied to this pursuit? Many scientists right now are engaged in exactly that: The pursuit of "hard evidence" that would support the notion that the human spirit does indeed survive the death of the physical self!

When You Change Things Are Still The Same

At John Muir Fundamental we had the biggest playground that any elementary kid could ever imagine. It would take me a whole recess session to walk around the borders of this play ground. This upper case "l" shaped playground had in one corner a huge baseball diamond that was designated for organized soft ball games and on the other side we had a smaller baseball diamond in which fifth graders roamed and played kickball. In the middle was an endless field of grass that many students tread on by powering their little legs that pumped their little hearts in a chase to the nearest kid to shout "you're it! " Every field was surrounded by playground equipment. There were monkey bars, jungle gyms, three swing sets (small and large), pull up bars, and tunnels. This playground was my heaven. That was twelve years ago. The last time I visited my elementary school was in 2003 I was in shock at what had happened since I left. I'm guessing the school district put John Muir Fundamental into a washing time machine because everything had shrunk and throughout the years it made everything seem as though it had changed.

On Demons Part of the 'Cadaverous Journey'

I had a question for Moun'el the Lesser, "Look, " I said, "I've encountered in my life many demons, in lamps, in pictures, in my bedroom, in a Karate dojo in San Francisco, in an attic, in a building in Babenhausen Germany, and on and on I could go. Once even in my car, he started to stink it up, and I had to stop, and cast him out right there; once one was looking through my mother's living room big window, my mother say it; and in several visions. Moun'el looked at Micha'el, and Surr'el's face (Surr'el is about six-foot five, huge broad shoulders, perhaps two-hundred and forty pounds, I only saw him once, but he didn't smile, he just guarded my bed, so the demons could not harm me after my stroke, and bypass, back in 1994) and they both being archangels, nodded their heads thinking, I think, he did really have all that much experience, so I also would have guessed, by the looks of things, I mean he had to search his data banks or whatever angels do, for the information.

The Reality Behind Truth

By nature, we constantly ask questions to give answers to the things that plague us. We always want to know the why's, what's and the how's. We ask them as though knowing the answers to these questions would give us a higher meaning, a means to bridge the gap between ignorance and solutions. It is human nature to search for truth and its absolute meaning. Truth is relative, a fact that differs from one person to another depending on our perspectives, culture, and just personality. Philosophers and ordinary people alike, we think that knowing everything about origin and phenomena would help us. But that is also relative. I believe in meaning, I also believe in truth. But I would like to make it simple, the way I view truth and comparing it to love would be easiest as they say it is universal. I believe that there is only one great love, just one that would come along into your life. Others would call this soul mate, one that is destined just for you, but not in my point of view.

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