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Hire A Comedian

If you're thinking about hiring a corporate comedian for your next corporate event there are a couple of ways to go about it. One way is to do it yourself. The other is to book through an entertainment agency. There are advantages to both, but for my money it's easier, faster, safer and simply more convenient to book through an agency because they've already done the work for you. You could spend days or weeks scouring the internet for comedian's sites, watching videos, checking references, poring over quotes, negotiating costs and contracts, sending e-mails and making phone calls; or could call a reputable agency who has already done all that. There's really only one reason, albeit a powerful and erroneous one, that corporate entertainment buyers come up with to do it themselves- it costs less. This simply isn't true. Any agency that's been in the business for a long time will have built relationships with the entertainers they work with. To you, the buyer, this means more flexible pricing, increased negotiating room and a professional who knows what comedians or other acts typically make.

The Song is You

The words to this old standard suddenly invaded my dreams the other night and I awoke with a new revelation. Although it was written as a romantic love song, the last 2 lines seemed to speak to me of something else... something genuine, authentic, and true... kinda like the way I want you to sing. The words to the last lines are, "The music is sweet, the words are true, the song is you" When I talk to you about being real when you sing, I am talking about choosing songs that are comfortable to you in style and mood, as well as lyrics and melody. When you choose comfortable songs that say what you want to say, AND are based on your beliefs your traditions, your customs, your upbringing and environment, then you ARE the song, and the song is YOU! Finding Your Song I grew up in New York City and was influenced by Jazz and Broadway musical styles. Jazz songs feel very natural for me... the way jazz notes are bent and improvised feels familiar and comfortable, and when I sing Broadway songs, they flow from me with an effortlessness that feels as if I could go on singing for hours and hours.

Dance Lessons - Tips For Your Wedding Dance

The wedding couple leading the first dance can be one of the most romantic highlights of the big day. More and more couples are choosing to have professional dance lessons so that they look their very best when the time comes. This article provides tips on getting it right. Choosing the music for your 'First Dance' may turn out to be one of the most difficult things you have to decide. Not only do you have to agree on the music that you both like, there are many other things that you have to take into consideration as well. You would be better served to choose five or six different songs to start with and take them along to your dance teacher on CD so that you can discuss the merits of each song individually. A few things to think about when deciding: Remember the Wedding Day is a long day for you, your family and the guests, and everyone will want it to go smoothly. The less you have to think about on the day the better it will be, so plan well in advance. Don't leave it to the last thing on your list!

The Magical Entertainer

Card magic is the art of creating illusions with cards. Card magic is commonplace in magic performances, especially in close up magic or street magic. Card magic is probably the easiest way to get started. Card magic is clean, close-up, and interactive. Magicians Most TV magicians are shown performing before a live audience, who provide the remote viewer with a reassurance that the illusions are not obtained with post production visual effects. Traditionally, magicians refuse to reveal the secrets to the audience. Keeping the secrets preserves the professional mystery of magicians who perform for money. A magician who reveals a secret, either purposely or through insufficient practice, may typically find oneself without any magicians willing to teach one any more secrets. However, it is considered permissible to reveal secrets to individuals who are determined to learn magic and become magicians. Membership in professional magicians' organizations often requires a solemn commitment to the "Magician's Oath" never to reveal the secrets of magic to non-magicians.

Why Actors Need to Stay Fit

Almost more than anyone in any other profession, an actor needs to take excellent care of his or her body. This is for a much more important reason that just fitting into the Hollywood mold of good looks. That is a trend which will pass in time. The reason being physically fit is so important for an actor is that your ability to play diverse and physically interesting characters is limited only by your own physical capabilities. This means that in order to be the best actor possible, you have to be as fit as you can possibly be. Don't forget, fit doesn't mean thin! Fit means being flexible, being strong, and having the stamina for this very difficult job. Flexibility was mentioned and with good reason. Being flexible is one of the most overlooked areas of fitness, and only the recent yoga craze has really emphasized how much flexibility training can contribute to one's overall fitness levels. Being flexible is good for your body in all ways, and makes you much less prone to injury.

Vocal Anorexia

We know what Anorexia looks like, right? A 5'4" woman, weighing 80 poundswill stand in front of a mirror gazing at her image and will see FAT! To her eyes, as she stands in front of the mirror, examining every inchof her body, her body weighs 250 pounds. Anyone else; ANYONE ELSE sees the reality of her weight which is 80 lbs. Her skeleton is clearly observed below the skin surface, which has such little mass, that to the objective observer, this woman appears malnourished and maybe even close to dying. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that this woman is seeing a distorted image of her body that no one else, I mean NO ONE ELSE sees. And that's her illness! The cure, if there is ever is one, is several weeks in an institution where the "patient" is taught to rely on and perhaps even trust what OTHERS are seeing, and not his/her own reflection in a mirror. Once the patient is helped to understand that his/her view of their body is not real, but a distorted mental image, (sort of what we look like when we see ourselves in one of those "Fun House" mirrors at the amusement park), then the patient starts to see him/herself through more objective eyes, and ultimately see the truth of the matter.

How To Get Started In Magic

When I was 8 years old, I traveled back to Luverne, Minnesota to visit my grandparents on the farm for a week. After helping with the cows, feeding the ducks, jumping around in the corn crib, we would hang out on the porch. One evening my Uncle Leroy was visiting and asked me if I wanted to see a card trick. I readily accepted. During the trick I was so focused, so observant, that when he produced my card my heart literally jumped. I was hooked. It wasn't, however, a real part of my life until December when I received my first magic kit. It wasn't a cheap one either. Everything in it was quality, and wasn't made of "red plastic". From that time on, my quest from a little kid learning magic to producing my first stage show with various magical acts had many twists and turns. Which is why I hope this article will help sort out some of the proper steps and proper sequences to starting a fun hobby/career in magic. Step One: Start easy. Learn very basic tricks. Card tricks and coin tricks.

So, How'd Your Audition Go?

Sometimes it's just not that easy to answer that question, is it? The fact is as actors and performers auditioning is just as much a part of our job as. .. well. .. acting and performing! There have been a few years that auditioning is ALL I've gotten to do. And because getting the job is based on so many other factors that are out of our control, the quality of the audition experience shouldn't be based solely on whether or not we book the job. Understanding the reality of the casting process will help you to audition better in the future and increase your chance of landing the roles! Make sure to check out the acting tips and evaluation page for more... I was very excited about an audition that I had recently. It was a well written TV pilot and I thought I was really right for the role. And although, I did my work and went into the room feeling strong and grounded, I walked out of the room feeling disoriented and a little sweaty. When I was in my car, my friend called asking "so, how'd your audition go?

The Lure Of Show Business

I'm sure that most of us, at one time or another, have wished that we could be on center stage and grab a bit of the limelight. That is all well and good for most of us. But there are a few hardy souls that want more ... They want to be the center of attention and get paid for it. Sadly, there are a few "performers" who feel that all they have to do is put on a costume or wear outlandish makeup and then they're in "show biz." We know the type: The costume is somewhat rumpled or out-sized because, after all, "It's only for a few bucks and I have my job to go back to and the party planner wanted something cheap and I don't have to worry about clothes or makeup or new material because they aren't paying me enough to do this" and on and on and on. In short, there are a lot of "wanna-bees" out there who haven't the foggiest notion of what it takes to be a performer and make a living with it. I'm saying this because this article is not about the person who wants to go out and entertain friends or do a few things at the church social or around the table at the family reunion.

Blackpool Shows Ideal For Opera Lovers

Going on vacation to Blackpool to see the festival of lights, but want something else to do while you're there? Why not go to the Blackpool Winter Gardens and see one of the many Blackpool shows on offer? If you've never been, it could make for a fun and interesting experience. The Winger Gardens that is a residence to the Blackpool opera house is divided into various rooms for multipurpose activities. From hosting a variety of functions like concerts and banquets to political conventions, the Empress Ballroom with its vaulted ceilings and crystal chandeliers can serve from 1000 to 3000 guests. The Empress Ballroom is attached to the Arena. This is a room with a lot of different uses. Space for up to 600 people can be provided if your group requires a small to medium sized room. This room can even be made completely dark, if that is a need you have. Blackpool Winter Gardens also hosts a variety of conventions, symposiums, and banquets every year in the Olympia, the Renaissance, the Baronial Hall, and the Spanish Hall, each with a capacity of several hundred people, depending on the event, and up to thousands in some rooms if standing room is all that's needed.

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