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Understanding Latin Dancing

Although there are many different types of dance that are popular with individuals that would like to take dancing lessons, Latin dancing is one of the most popular styles requested by individuals seeking professional lessons. Latin dancing is viewed as an energetic, sensual type of dance and is one of the most difficult types of dances to learn properly. Individuals that are interested in learning Latin dancing methods should obtain the assistance of a qualified professional dance instructor for their teaching to ensure that they are learning the dance steps properly and do not harm themselves during the process. Latin dancing is typically faster paced than traditional ballroom dances and the steps for the dances tend to be more intricate. Individuals that choose to learn this type of dancing soon find that some of the moves can be physically challenging and requires the individual to exert a moderate amount of energy to perform. Latin dancing lessons provide the individual with a great cardiovascular workout while teaching the individual stamina and coordination as well.

Proper Posture and Professional Presentation for Singers, Public Speakers and Actors

Before we can Breathe, Sing, Speak or just walk around, we need to create good posture in our body. Good posture is demonstrated when your body is standing straight up with no "hunch back." Imagine standing or walking while balancing a book on your head and this will create the effect I am talking about. This type of posture provides a few positive things for you. The most important result is an open Lower Abdominal Cage so you can consistently inhale a full breath and an Erect Stance that communicates to others that you are Confident and Positive. Posture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The word "posture" is derived from the latin verb "ponere" which is defined as "to put or place." The general concept of human posture refers to "the carriage of the body as a whole, the attitude of the body, or the position of the limbs (the arms and legs)." Good posture is the stance which is attained, "when the joints are not bent and the spine is aligned and not twisted." In this position, a person is thus able to completely and optimally attain balance and proportion of the body mass and framework.

Preparing Monologues

A lot of people are confused as to go about preparing a monologue for audition or stage. Let me tell you something, it isn't that hard! You just need to follow a few simple steps in order to maximize your effectiveness in the audition or class. One of the common misconceptions about monologues is that you should memorize all of the stage directions and words first, THIS IS NOT TRUE! To prepare a monologue you should first decide where your character is in the scene, and who is there with you. If you haven't read the play then you can use your imagination based on the words in the text. It is your creative choice to decide where you are, because the point of any monologue is to MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU. What do I mean by this? You should always choose a monologue that shows off your personality. Forget everything else if you are trying too hard to convey something that you simply aren't, no one is going to believe it! So you want to choose a monologue that makes the light in you shine, something you can relate to!

The Best and Worst in Restaurant Dancing

Restaurant dancing is such an art not just because we dance in close proximity to customers but because we have to understand people psychology. There have been evenings when I performed that I was on cloud nine. And there were evenings where I wondered what rock people crawled out from under. (It seemed like they all crawled out from under the same rock! ) But this is restaurant dancing where we are secondary to the food and service. Throughout the years of dancing I have been very blessed to dance at some amazing restaurants and some not so amazing restaurants. There were a few restaurants that I danced at that were open only a few months. Those gigs are my most memorable because I learned "what not to do" while dancing in a restaurant. First of all when the restaurant owner requires you to bring in family members, friends, co-workers and strangers off the street, you know you're in trouble. Imagine being asked to help out with washing the dishes. (Yes, this did happen to me.) At least I had sense enough to say "no" and suffice to say this particular gig lasted only a few weeks and the restaurant stayed open for 6 months and than closed.

The Live Theater Scene in Austin

With the different varieties and styles of live theaters in Austin, a night at the theater could be wild and rambunctious, or a beautiful and classy affair. On the east side of town, one can find small, arty theaters such as the Salvage Vanguard, while downtown patrons can take in the ballet, or a family-friendly show at the Zach Scott. In 1932, the Zach Scott Theatre got its start as the Austin Civic Theatre, and is central Texas's oldest resident theater. Zachary Thompson Scott Jr. was born in 1914, son of Zachary Thompson Scott, one of Austin's premiere surgeons. Zach Scott was raised in Sweetbrush, the family estate off Windsor Road. Scott Jr. dashed his father's hopes of following in his footsteps when he graduated UT as an actor, moved to Hollywood, and enjoyed a successful film career. In 1972, an 8, 000-square-foot theater facility with a 200-seat thrust stage was built, and the Austin Civic Theatre officially changed its name to Zachary Scott Theatre, after the Scott family provided the final funding for the facility.

Making an Impact on Today's Belly Dancing World

How many dancers have wondered how to get well known in the belly dancing world? Realistically probably everybody! I have wondered this myself and forged ahead almost blind because I didn't have the faintest clue what to do. As I look around me even today I see many dancers starting off just like I did 23 years ago with that hope that maybe one day they will be teaching a workshop or performing in a major show. Training and practicing is a huge endeavor that for most of us can consume most of our daily lives for years. We gain confidence to go perform and with experience and trial and error we learn how to be entertainers. So what can we expect down the road? First of all most dancers will work within their own community and get established either in their hometown or State. I traveled around so I established myself as much as I could in the different States that I lived in. (It would have been easier with a magic wand but there weren't any available when I checked) so I knew I had a lot of hard work to do.

Build Strength For Ballet Technique By Understanding Your Core Muscles

Your body's core is the area around your trunk and pelvis. When you have good core stability, the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen work in harmony. Strong core muscles make it easier to do most physical activities - from swinging a golf club to getting a glass off a top shelf or bending down to tie your shoes. Weak core muscles leave you susceptible to poor posture, lower back pain and muscle injuries. Enter core exercises Core exercises help you strengthen your core muscles. And it doesn't take specialized equipment or an expensive gym membership to try core exercises. Any exercise that uses the trunk of your body without support counts. Think squats, push-ups and abdominal crunches." The article then presents some simple and effective core exercises that anyone can do. As a ballet student, your core muscles are engaged all the time. Posture and turnout depend on your core muscles. Correct neutral spine, and correct turnout is the basis of your stability. Holding the turnout in your deep hip rotators, assisting with your inner thigh muscles, and supporting with your lower ab muscles pulled up and flat, allows for a relaxed upper body, and smooth head movements and port de bras.

Dance Fever

My interest with dance began when as a child. I would sit with my sister and watch black and white movies featuring such stars as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. These films oozed glamour and sophistication and totally captivated my imagination. What made Fred Astaire so special was that he was very exciting to watch plus his dancing had such wit and flair. He was known to put in a punishing sixteen-week rehearsal period before the start of any film. Fred Astaire's initial screen test report for RKO Pictures stated "Can't sing, can't act, balding but can dance a little". Goes to show you can't always get it right. I've always loved the cinema and theater but didn't care much for ballet. I couldn't see the point of it and found it rather boring and what's with the cod piece! I remember taking my little girl - who was having ballet lessons at the time - to Sadlers Wells. Unfortunately, neither of us were impressed and we left the theater feeling even more disenchanted. So how did this transformation come about?

How To Get Into Acting - Modeling World

Although not applicable always, an actor's career generally begins with modeling assignments. Therefore, the genesis of the word combination acting modeling is appropriate in the sense that both careers are interrelated to some extent at least. Models can be found featured on magazine covers, newspapers, billboards, posters, ads, and even on the packets that your grocery store provides. These models earn anything between $25 and $250 per hour. These models can have very sharp features making them look drop dead gorgeous or they may even look like the next door friendly guy. The main motive of models is to present a face that people find attractive so as to sell a particular product. But for most of these models, modeling is not the end but is only a step-up to an acting career. But the acting modeling world is highly competitive. In addition to a great face, you need a good agent to get you into the acting modeling world. So here are some steps that will help you in the search for and the selection of a good agent and thus a successful entry into the acting modeling career.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Actors Studio

Situated in New York, one of the most popular cities of the world, Actors Studio is a membership organization for playwrights, directors from numerous theaters, and numerous actors. It was founded by Robert Lewis, Elia Kazan, and Cheryl Crawford. Its efforts to teach method acting to budding artists is well known. It constantly strives to bring about refinements in the way people act. This organization came into limelight only in 1952 when Lee Strasberg took hold of its reins. The most attractive feature of this organization is that actors constantly strive to refine their work in its premises, but without their usual commercial roles affecting their work. Further, people who oversee the work here are all related to this field. So there is a very high chance that your work will improve. These supervisors can easily identify the faults of actors, find solutions by suggesting improvisations, and also praise them when they do good work. Currently, Actors Studio has Al Pacino, Ellen Burstyn, and Harvey Kietel, as its co-presidents and Carlin Glynn, Stephen Lang and Lee Grant as co-artistic directors of Actors Studio.

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