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Sugar is the Devil

Sugar is evil", Dr. Dave Woynarowski responded when I questioned him about the dangers of Aspartame. Not the answer I expected, however, his tone convinced me to take a different avenue in the sugar vs. aspartame controversy and focus on sugar. As I searched for the devil in sugar, I found some reasons to believe he is right. Sugar's destructive ability goes well beyond calories and cavities it attacks your sex life and prematurely ages your skin. In short sugar can make you fat, sick, old looking and kill off your sex life. It is widely accepted that sugar contributes heavily to obesity and that obesity increases the risk for most diseases. But not so commonly known are the results of a study in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, where sugar is found to shut off the SHBG (the sex hormone binding gene). This is the gene that regulates the amounts of testosterone and estrogen in your blood system. When SHBG is disarmed, complications in your sexual health range from low libido to uterine cancer.

Refined White Sugar

Refined white sugar is a simple carbohydrate produced from sugar cane or sugar beets. It is in the processing from these natural sources that it is stripped of all the fiber and nutrients, resulting in a substance that is devoid of any nutritional value. What happens when we consume refined white sugar? Good question. Your body has its own blood-sugar regulating system. When refined white sugar is ingested, this system is set in motion. Sugar is a simple carbohydrate, so it passes through to the bloodstream without the need to convert into glucose first. The bloodstream gets overloaded with glucose. The pancreas then will excrete insulin to metabolize the glucose. This insulin quickly burns off the glucose and then remains in the bloodstream for hours, continuing to burn glucose, thus causing low blood-sugar levels and the inevitable sugar lows that follow. This is why you will feel an initial surge of energy when sugar is consumed only to have it replaced with fatigue afterwards.

The Nutrition Facts Panel - Part II of Your Food Label Guide

The FDA designed food labels to provide helpful information to the consumer. If you know what you're looking for you can make the healthiest food choices to keep your diet low in fat and sodium, and high in the vitamins and minerals. found in nutrient-dense foods. There are a few very important facts to keep in mind. 1) Probably the most important to note is what the manufacturer calls the "serving size" for that food. Keeping in mind this may not be your idea of a serving (what? Only 10 potato chips?), remember that this amount is what all the rest of the information is based on. So if you choose to eat 30 chips, while the stated serving size is 10, you must then triple all the rest of the nutrient information: 360 Calories instead of 120, 30 grams of fat as compared to 10 grams in 10 chips, etc. Likewise, if you are going to be eating cup of spinach instead of 1 cup, and 1 cup is what the label shows as a serving, you will be getting just half the stated amount of fiber, vitamin A and calcium.

Take It Back, Geico!

"So easy a caveman can do it! ", says the Geico commercial. Well, I have news for Geico. An article about the Paleolithic diet (see 'Consumption of Trace Elements and Minerals by Preagricultural Humans' by Eaton and Eaton in 'Clinical Nutrition of the Essential Trace Elements And Minerals') tells us that cavemen were far from stupid: they had a smart dietary regimen. In fact, their diet can tell us what is wrong with the modern one. Meat was very important. They especially ate the organs, bone marrow and brains of animals, which are the most nutrient-dense parts. They also ate wild plants and berries but rarely grains. Stone Agers lived in small groups as nomadic hunters and gatherers. The time and energy needed to gather and mill grains into digestible forms with primitive technology was not worthwhile for them. The authors list the nutritional advantages Stone Agers had over modern people. They got their energy from foods with far more nutrients per unit of energy than do modern humans.

Benefits of MonaVie

Drink it. Feel it. Share it. You might have heard of a new product called MonaVie. It is a blend of 19 very powerful fruits, with the key ingredient being the acai berry. It is widely used by many top athletes, and has been said to enhance their performance significantly. It is widely known as the worlds number 1 super-food. Many doctors and scientists are also on the MonaVie bandwagon, supporting it whole-heartedly. It's main ingredients of Glucosamine, the 19 fruirts that are blended in, and esterified fatty acids provide numerous health benefits for overall health improvement. You can expect healthier joints and cartilage, improved blood flow, decrease in chances of heart problems, and many others positive affects. One of it's most popular affects, is it ability to be a powerful antioxidant. With all the different foods and substances we put in our bodies this day and age, it is becoming increasingly more important each day to flush our bodies of anything harmful. MonaVie is very efficient at just that!

Enjoy Eating Dairy Products Again

Summer is just around the corner, which means backyard barbecues, trips to the beach and taking the kids for ice cream. Unfortunately, those of you who have trouble digesting dairy products may not be able to indulge in a scoop of Rocky Road on a hot summer evening. If you suffer from lactose intolerance, as many of my patients do, you may be tempted to shun all milk products. This may not be necessary. In order to help my patients experience more pleasure and less stress due to eating, I have researched natural ways to deal with this common problem. Your Unique Condition Lactose intolerance is a common problem that is often due to aging. Lactose is a natural sugar that is present in milk and other dairy products. Our small intestine is responsible for producing lactase, the enzyme needed to normally digest lactose. If the body does not produce a sufficient amount of the enzyme, lactose reaches the large intestine without being properly broken down. This results in the familiar symptoms of gas, bloating, stomach pain and diarrhea.

Raw Food Expert And Author, Shazzie, Shares Her Vision For Living In Bliss

Raw Summit Excerpt with Shazzie, a raw chocolate revolutionary, author and entrepreneur and mother. Kevin : Hi everyone, this is Kevin Gianni, and I'd like to welcome you to a very special Raw Summit Teleseminar. Tonight, we're going to talk about ecstatic bliss. So, that line up is just incredible. So, Shazzie I want to welcome you to the Raw Summit. Shazzie : Hello, bless you and thank you. Kevin : Wow! So, there's so much to cover here. What do you want to cover first? Shazzie : Let me talk to you about ecstatic bliss. Kevin : Oh, absolutely. Shazzie : Because it really is the beginning of something so new and something so big, I'm writing a book with my friend Kate Magic, she is formerly known as Kate Wood and she has written some raw food books, and she is an absolute magician in the kitchen. We made a commitment at the beginning of 2007 to live permanently in ecstatic bliss and we have a life-based site where we're trying to get 144, 000 signatures of people living in ecstatic bliss.

Signs of Dehydration - Clues To Help Avoid Health Problems

Below is a list of 48 signs of dehydration, that you can detect, or feel as you become increasingly dehydrated. That list also includes some specific signs of dehydration in children. Children's dehydration signs need to be acted on more quickly because any prolonged dehydration in children can result in sickness & growth delays. Also, since children have less fluids, going from mild dehydration to severe or worst, occurs much quicker than it does in adults. The following list highlights immediate clues that you are suffering from dehydration, from mild to severe. Mild dehydration: 1) Thirst (However, note that thirst is one of the dehydration signs that may diminish with age, so it is not always a good indicator.) 2) Loss or increased appetite 3) Dry Skin (This may occur from chronic dehydration. The body pulls water from the skin as soon as it senses dehydration to get water to systems that are more vital.) 4) Skin Flushing 5) Dark colored urine (Note that light colored urine can mask dehydration if your body is eliminating ingested water too quickly.

Building Your Immune System the Natural Way

Having a healthy immune system is very important for people today, as getting sick means not just being uncomfortable and inconvenienced; it can also mean missing work, passing the sickness on to others, and doctor's visits and medicines that put quite a dent in the budget. The body is built in such a way that it has natural defenses against sicknesses as part of the immune system but strengthening and protecting this system is important, as is giving it all the help we can. Some people just have a naturally strong immune system; maybe you know someone that never seems to get sick or that when he or she is sick they get over it quite quickly. It's true that genetics can play a large part in how well all of our bodily systems work, but even for those who seem to have some weakness in this area there is much one can do to bolster up their immune system. It's interesting how eating right has so much to do with our health overall, and this is true with our immune system as well, after all you are what you eat.

Simple Healthy Foods for the Whole Family in 7 Steps!

I know we sometimes feel that preparing healthy food is time consuming and a lot of work, especially for families. And it can be difficult if you don't know a few tips of the trade. Here are a few tips that make eating healthier easy: 1. Eat simply. We live in a world of convenience, yet we often seem to forget nature's convenience foods. A nice big crispy fall apple or a bag of spring's sweet cherries. As parents we often feel we have to prepare a snack for our children instead of handing them a juicy peach. Eat simply for breakfast and lunch, and save prepared foods for dinner. 2. Skip a step. Buy your salad greens already washed. A lot of markets including Trader Joes and Costco carry prewashed baby greens such as arugula, spinach and mixed greens. This makes it really easy to open a bag and throw a salad together. 3. Avoid store bought salad dressings. Make fast salad dressings with tasty oils. There is an amazing array of delicious, exotic oils that now fill the markets such as pumpkin seed, almond, sesame, and walnut oils (always buy organic, unheated, cold pressed) or simply first, cold pressed Olive oil which is my favorite olive oil.

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