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Learn How to Sing Well

Having a good voice is one thing but being able to sing good is another thing entirely. A lot of people think that singing is something you are born with and not something you can learn and this is far from the truth, in my opinion with the right training you can learn how to sing. This article will look at some of the ways anyone can learn to sing and become better at it. One of the ways in which you can learn to sing well is by going to a private instructor who should be a certified trainer. The good about this method is that you would be getting one on one training and by using a tutor you would be able to work on your specific needs. Although private instructors are good they are not necessarily your only choice for instance some people because of work and family commitments would like to learn to sing from the comfort of their home, for this people there are online singing software that would help you improve your singing. Most of them just require a one time fee for you too download it to your computer and use whenever you want.

Learning Guitar is So Easy! Who Would Have Thought?

My entire life I have been a huge Jimi Hendrix fan. I never imagined being able to manipulate a guitar as magnificently as the master. Eventually I had enough motivation to pick up the instrument that always put me in the right mood, I fell in love! I was going to learn to play guitar. I wanted to do something special when asking my girlfriend to marry me. She always appreciated artistic endeavors so I decided to write her a song. After the first few attempts I acknowledged I was up against a bigger challenge than I initially expected. I wasn't expecting to learn and master the guitar... so I decided to search the internet to find some comprehensible method to learn guitar. After wading through multiple bogus promises and false advertisements I stumbled upon a gem. A report that actually taught me play the guitar, overnight! It was awesome. It explained everything from how to hold the guitar properly to to finger and hand positioning. I was able to read guitar tablature after reading this single report.

Learn Guitar

Many people want to learn guitar, they want to play guitar in a band, at parties or just as a hobby. Whatever your reasons for learning guitar are doesn't matter what does matter is that you get the right guitar tuition from day one. the guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world today and I guarantee in your own city there will be some excellent guitar teachers who will be able to guide you through the basics. One of the first things you need to do before deciding whether to employ a local guitar tutor is to decide what you want to learn, do you want to play rthym guitar i.e. guitar chords or do you wanna be a great lead guitar player blasting out awesome solos at a hundred miles an hour or do you just want to learn guitar so you can play your favorite songs. After you have decided what your learning for then its time to look for a good teacher who specializes in that area. The internet is also a great place to learn guitar with plenty of courses that are completely interactive learning experiences and use both video and audio as tools to help you learn how to play guitar quickly and easily.

Online Guitar Lessons, The Beatles - 3 Tips For Acoustic Guitar Magic

At some point of your guitar playing career, you will discover The Beatles, in fact some players never recover from this intoxicating musical experience. It's hard to imagine the musical world without this famous group. Whether you are an ardent Beatles fan or a working musician in a cover band it's important to able to authentically play some tunes. There has been hundreds of articles, books etc written about The Beatles telling the reader "what" the Beatles did, I'm going to approach The Beatles music from a different perspective and look at "why" they did it. By understanding "why" a particular group chose certain musical resources the guitarist/musician moves from merely imitating a sound to being able to create his or her own sound based on proven time tested musical examples and formulas... and as we all know The Beatles formula certainly works! As most guitarists own an acoustic guitar the following tips are offered primarily in mind, however these ideas can be applied to electric guitar as well.

Tchaikovky's Greatest Fan

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovky, the composer of the Nutcracker Suite, was an eccentric who lived a life worthy of a fantasy in a child's book. He was extremely neurotic and given to crying fits. Once, when visiting New York, he checked into a hotel and made himself at home. First he sat down and wept "rather long." He then walked quietly along Broadway, returning to his room where he, "started whimpering again several times." This was for no particular reason, by his own account. It is likely that much of the voluptuous music Tchaikovsky created would never have been written were it not for Madame von Meck, a wealthy Russian heiress who became Tchaikovsky's greatest fan and secret patron. It began when Madame von Meck wrote Tchaikovsky a fan letter, in which she told him of her love for his music and offered him a generous yearly allowance with the sole proviso that they were never to meet. They followed this rather strange pledge even though they were within sight of each other at concerts and parties in Moscow.

Learn to Play Acoustic Guitar

Learning how to play acoustic guitar it's like any other skill you want to master. It takes time, practices, patience and willingness to learn. You should consired learning the basics first: learning the strings, basic major chords, tune the guitar, what are the parts of the guitar and what is a chromatic scale. Two acoustic guitars stand out in the high end beginner guitar category. The Seagull S6 makes a fine acoustic beginner guitar of high quality, that plays well enough to take a novice guitar player well into advanced technique. It is priced in the $400-500 range. Also in this price range is the Washburn D10S. If you're looking for a high-end acoustic beginner guitar, an excellent choice is the Seagull S6, costing about $400-$500. It may be more expensive than what most beginners are prepared to pay, but it is an exceptional guitar for the price. Even professionals often keep their Seagull S6 after they've purchased many other guitars. Another good high-end acoustic beginner guitar is the Washburn D10S.

Learn How to Play Beginner Acoustic Guitar Chords

An acoustic guitar chord consists of several notes played simultaneously. There are several different acoustic guitar chords but one needs only to learn a few basic chords in order to play hundreds, if not thousands, of different songs. A basic fact to commit to memory before you begin is that major chords should sound bright while minor chords sound dark. Acoustic guitar chords are expressed in print as chord diagrams. Chord diagrams for acoustic guitars look like guitar tabs for electric guitars but while guitar tabs are printed side-to-side (horizontally), acoustic guitar chord diagrams are vertical (top to bottom). The chord diagram appears as a series of crossed lines with vertical lines to mark each string, horizontal lines to mark each fret and dots to mark the spot where the string should be held down. The acoustic guitar chord diagram will display six lines with numbers on those lines. The lines represent the stings from top to bottom of the guitar neck, and the numbers represent which finger is to be used on the string to produce a chord.

Why You Should Give Away Free Music

Do you remember Ashley Dupree? She's the prostitute who was involved in the whole Elliot Spitzer fiasco. After the scandal was revealed, there were all types of stories going around about how this girl was suddenly making windfall profits from sales of her mp3s on the website I even read one story about her being recruited by major labels as a result. I bet many of you didn't even know she was a singer. Well, there was all this buzz about how her newfound notoriety was encouraging sales of her songs. Many people read those stories and believed them. Even serious people didn't bother to check whether any of it was actually true. The New York Post, a large newspaper with a daily circulation of around 725, 000 copies, reported that Dupree had sold more than 300, 000 digital downloads via and said she had netted $200, 000 as a result. It turned it to be false. The truth was that at the time the New York Post published that piece, Dupree's tracks had been listened to on amiestreet.

Beginner Piano Lessons for a New Year - Find the Right Piano Teacher in Your Area

There is no better time than the New Year to begin piano lessons. If you have been thinking of enrolling your child in piano lessons, don't wait because piano lessons are so valuable for children. Parents know this, but a common excuse given is "We haven't found a piano teacher yet." Don't let this be a stumbling block to enrolling your child in piano lessons. Below are a number of options that will result in your locating the piano teacher that's right for your family. Just go down the list to find some options you probably haven't thought of yet, and get your young child enrolled in piano lessons for the New Year. The easiest way to find a piano teacher in your area is to expand your area! The Internet is a great way to find information about piano lessons and piano teachers, as well as home piano lessons and resources. Do an internet search for "piano lessons for children" or "piano resources". Here you'll find internet resources available immediately to guide you in supporting your children in piano lessons at home.

Jazz Piano and Style

The piano or keyboard is an instrument that can be played in a solo performance or it can be part of a band. Jazz bands make heavy use of pianos since jazz began. The reason for this is that pianos along with guitars are some of the few instruments in a jazz band that can play chords in addition to a melody or counter melody. In the past, a jazz pianists main role was to keep tempo with a combination of repetitive chords, but in recent years this has changed. Jazz pianists now days are able to select from a multitude of styles and techniques that they will use to accompany a band or singer. Short and sustained chordal or melodic fragments are used. Experienced jazz pianists are not only great at sight-reading, but can also improvise chord symbols and adapt to the various playing styles of jazz bands. A jazz pianist must balance this improvisation and interpretation with the music style of the band. The extended range that the piano provides also helps a jazz pianist with creating unique sounds that other instruments in the jazz band can not create.

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