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How to Watch Free Online Movies

Do you want to know how to watch free online movies? It's easier than you may think. However, finding out where and how to watch free online movies safely is harder than most people actually know. Why? There are many websites out on the World Wide Web that want to do you and your computer harm. It is wise to be hesitant about any site that offers you free movies because they could be scam or illegal sites. However, all you need is the know how to watch free online movies. There are tons of honest and legit websites. All you need to do is know how to get free online movies from these sites. They not only offer free movies but television shows and music channels. There are two ways to watch movies online. First, you can use websites that offer the movies using online software or the Divx media player. Second, you can download from websites, allowing you to burn the movies to disc later on. This is the option most dangerous to you and your computer. These sites can intentionally and secretly install spyware, adware and/or malware.

Sex and the City Movie Review

BOTTOM LINE: A very faithful translation of the TV show to the silver screen, whilst still working very well on a level for people who have never watched the show. It scores points for being a decent romantic comedy with themes and unique characters (just like the show), but it loses points for overstaying its welcome at two and a half hours. THE GOOD: "Sex and the City" is a surprisingly fresh and unique romantic comedy; it works so well because of its strong character and quirky delivery which breaks it away from your stock-standard formulaic films in this genre. The film begins very slickly with a funky soundtrack and smart editing to introduce the four lead girls for the benefit of any one who hasn't seen the TV show, and for the most part this emphasis on slick, sassy, funny and unique qualities is maintained throughout the film. Aside from a dull half hour in the middle, the film is not boring, and manages to engross you in the lives of these four women as they go in search for love in the Big Apple.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Movie Review

BOTTOM LINE: Indiana Jones is back with style with a strong central concept, great character moments and entertaining sequences that we've come to know and love, despite not quite hitting all the marks (and in fact missing some completely) that the previous films did. THE GOOD: The single biggest question mark hanging over this new installment in the Indiana Jones series was whether or not Harrison Ford could still play the role at his age without any mobility assistance; I'm glad to say that he's most definitely up to it and for much of the running time you can believe that no time has passed at all, save some scenes where they make his age a blatant issue. It's great to see Ford back in action and in a strong, dignified role after a string of woeful and forgettable films ("Hollywood Homicide" any one?). Story-wise, this film has a lot going for it, least of all being the Crystal Skull itself and it's tie in with an alien civilisation that helped teach early humans to build technologies more advanced than they were capable of at the time.

Iron Man Movie Review

BOTTOM LINE: This is a comic book movie cut above most of the rest, and despite a highly predictable last act, this is an entertaining piece of popcorn with a stellar performance from Robert Downey Jr. and a few anti-war messages thrown in for good measure. THE GOOD: "Iron Man" doesn't quite have the reputation of other comic book superheroes like Superman, Batman or Spiderman, but he does have a fascinating origin story in that Tony Stark (played with great wit and charm by Robert Downey Jr.) is in essence a war profiteer who sees the light when he learns his weapons are falling in to the wrong hands and he decides to do something about it. Captured in Afghanistan, he manages to break free from his captivity by building a cast iron suit with weapons and flying capabilities. When he returns to America with plans to cease all weapons manufacture for his company, partner Obadiah Stone (a very menacing Jeff Bridges) has other ideas, deciding to find the secret behind Stark's designs to make the ultimate combat soldier.

Review of One Tree Hill 5th Season

Longtime fans of the popular teenage soap drama, One Tree Hill may find the 5th season of the show jarring, due to the jump in time from the previous season and the big changes that occurred with the characters off-screen. However, it is these same radical changes they have went through that will pull longtime fans closer and keep their interests for a long time, as the changes were all logical, and made a lot of sense in spite of being surprising. As a throwback to the 4th season opening at the final phases of their high school life, One Tree Hill's 5th season opens 4 years after their high school graduation. Lucas Scott is now coach of the Ravens basketball team and is being assisted by Skills. Lucas has a new love interest in the form of new character Lindsey Strauss (played by Michaela McManus), who is his book editor. Meanwhile, Nathan and Haley are now raising their son Jamie (played by Jackson Brundage) in Tree Hill, but were having problems due to an accident that left Nathan near-paralysed and unable to play basketball.

How to Make a Civil War Movie

So you want to make a civil war movie. All you need are some basic items, a camera, costumes, a script and some scenery. Taking a few simple ideas into consideration will help when it come to how to make a civil war movie. You already know that you want your movie to be about the civil war so now you just have to write yourself a script to follow. Before you begin writing select your characters and storylines. Once the script is written you will have an idea of the scenery, costumes and amount of actors needed for your civil war movie. Next you will need actors and sets. Family and friends can help not only with the acting part but with the making of sets and costumes as well. Try to use some outdoor scenes to make the production easier. If you use outdoor scenes you will need fewer props and the film will appear more natural; remember there were no cars during the civil war. There was nature during this time, keep it simple. You can have a few scenes take place in the woods instead of building a set to look like woods.

Why Should You Go to Film School?

Film making is a competitive profession and entering the film industry well armored is no small task. To be able to stay in business with a firm footing and stay clearly ahead of all your competitors, it is advisable to be formally trained not only in the techniques of the job, but also learn the ropes of staying in the job. Hollywood, with its competitive standards, has created the need for formal training in film making. The "Big Five" film schools, mainly on the West Coast with a few exceptions on the East Coast are attractive passageways for film students looking forward to entering the Film Industry. The Famous Five Some of the top rated Film Schools in the country are On the West Coast, such as The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), The University of Southern California (USC) and The American Film Institute (AFI) along with The New York University (NYU) and Columbia University on the East Coast in New York complete the big five. Of the Big 5, each film school specializes in a certain field.

Movie Making Software

Films are today, one of the largest preoccupations of the world and movie making software are making it large in the film business. Film making has come a long way in becoming a more accessible, affordable and easy to make entertainment commodity for the masses. With advanced movie making software in the market film making is no longer exclusive and out of bounds to the lay man. The twentieth century has seen film technology greatly progress from silent films to talkies, black and white to color and widescreen. Now days, high internet speeds coupled with advanced computer technology make it easy to place good quality film on the web. This makes it accessible to almost everyone. Choosing the correct movie making software must be solely based on one's requirements. A great part of choice making depends on the size of the script and the amount of audio visual tasks to be achieved in a video. For casual unscripted events and editing their audio visuals the services of the basic windows Vista suffice satisfactorily.

Free Movie Maker

If you believe that beauty is in simplicity, the free movie maker software in Windows OS will surely add to your entertainment deck. Most of us using Windows Operating systems are blissfully (or not! ) unaware of this magical little toy tucked away in our programs folder. The free movie maker is a charming piece of utility worth more than its due share of foreplay. Free movie maker is almost quite the same as free candy - mom, dad; grandpa and kids can all make home movies and whacky videos with the free movie maker on the windows home computer. Not only can folks make movies, but edit, improvise and customize sound and make creative use of those snapshots stashed away in the pictures folder. It's basic and fun! People expecting too many functions out of this humble home software overlook the fact that with more functions, the software becomes more complicated and its purpose is deflated. Though it has its own drawbacks, this free movie maker from Microsoft should be appreciated for its sheer unassuming modesty.

Are Film Schools Worth It?

Making the right choice in film schools is extremely important for any one aspiring to be an actor or entering the other avenues of the film industry. Just like most little boys want to be conductors and engine drivers, the not so little boys and girls today seem to want to be actors and film schools are the new Mecca for the young and enthusiastic. Wanting to climb to the moon is a very attractive prospect but one doesn't get beyond finding rocks and craters on the silver shine. Any one finding themselves interested in the film industry should first carefully evaluate what it is about the film industry that interests them. Some people write lucidly, while some envision and storyboard imaginatively, while someone else does a great job at getting things done by others and wears the directors cap. Although acting can be monetarily satisfying, glamorous and creatively fulfilling, it is one area of film making that requires persistent effort and diligent commitment to really flourish in any actor.

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