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Which Girl Would Naruto End up With?

It's always amazing to see how much people can get riled up over Naruto's love life. Indeed, Naruto's love life is the subject of many debates and flame wars in the internet. Either way, we can't deny the fact that the whole 'romance' aspect of the anime makes it more interesting. And, since Naruto's the main character he has to end up with someone, right? There are two girls in the series who posses the possibility of ending up with Naruto. Unless, the author Kishimoto throws in a new female character onto the mix. Haruno Sakura Sakura is and has always been Naruto's crush, even from the beginning of the series. Although she is Naruto's teammate but she wasn't not necessarily his friend at the beginning of team Kakashi. In fact, Sakura displayed a lot of hostility towards Naruto in the beginning of the series, owing perhaps to Naruto's reputation as the academy's 'deadlast'. However, she warms up to him as the series progresses and starts to care for him as a friend. Sure, if you look at it this way, these two seem like they're headed for the holy matrimony.

Free Cable TV Secrets

Would you like to know how to get free cable TV without any difficulty? This is not about pirating cable. It is about free, legal, unlimited cable TV access to thousands of cable and satellite TV channels, live, uncensored, and available to you twenty-four hours a day. Watching TV on your pc is very easy now. You can say goodbye to your cable box, your satellite dish, and the tangled wires that come along with it. All you need is a laptop or a desktop computer with a high-speed internet connection, and you can access live TV from over seventy-eight nations, being broadcast in dozens of different languages, any time, absolutely free. There are no particular free cable TV secrets. The fact is that millions of people are already watching free cable TV internet and satellite TV and saving hundreds of dollars per year. Imagine being able to see news, sports, and entertainment being broadcast from the different parts of the world. You can watch international channels as well as many American network and cable TV channels for free on the Internet.

Is There Too Much Of Bollywood In The News?

"When a dog bites a man, it's no news, but when a man bites a dog its news." In Bollywood, whosoever bites is breaking news. Be it Rakhi Sawant's tantrums on Valentines Day or April fools day, a tattoo on either Amrita Arora's butt or Saif Ali Khan's hand, Mallika Sherawat's short, revealing dresses or Aishwarya Jodha Rai's royal jewelry, news channels and page 3 sections of newspapers have devoted majority of there manpower, time and space to Bollywood gossips. I have grown up reading Hindi newspapers like Amar Ujala, Dainik Jagran and Rajasthan Patrika. There were days, when I used to fight for reading Sunday's colored edition of these regional newspapers. Out of four pages i.e. one whole leaf of the newspaper, only one-fourth was devoted to such gossips and rest three-fourth was for intellectual or socio-spiritual articles, short stories and series by budding or established writers, poetries, and kids' section including Chacha Chaudhary cartoon series, jokes, puzzles and many more games.

6 Alternative Endings To I Am Legend

Have you seen the movie I am Legend which stars Will Smith? How many of you were satisfied with how it ended? Well.... Definitely, after watching one man living alone with his dog and witnessing how he lived his daily life, the ending was quite anti-climactic and highly melodramatic as far as I am concerned. Now there is a problem with this kind of ending. It assumes that the human-turned-monster has gotten in touch with its human side again and was able to identify his female monster partner and feel emotions upon seeing the female monster. If they wanted this kind of ending then the humanness of the monsters should have been progressively developed in the movie. There were hints that the monsters were developing a sense of intelligence, like the trap that they set up, the ability to prowl at the edges of sunlight, etc. But this was not apparent enough to make that kind of ending. The jump would have been too Moreover, if the monster was that cognizant, shouldn't he have asked for the treatment as well instead of just taking the female monster away?

Top X Whatevers

As I sit watching Kerrang's "Top 100 Air Guitar Songs" something miraculous has happened. I've seen the future. And it's recursive. Almost every program on TV seems to be a "Top 50" or "Top 100". This is genius on the part of the shadowy people who choose what gets put out on TV... .. not only is it cheap (no expensive new content to produce), but it forces us feeble-minded TV users to keep watching... after all, once you've started, you've gotta keep watching to find out what's number one right? Yes, you have. Because not knowing will, for no sane reason, bug you for the rest of your life. But how does all this relate to the future? Well - it's simple. The amount of existing content isn't growing, barely anything new seems to have been made since some time around the year 2000. We're just getting it all recycled and fed back to us again. But you can only repeat the same "Top 100" shows so many times, so what's next? Recursion. While today's TV bods have all the content from the last 20 odd years to blend into countless insipid "Top 100"s, the TV bods of 2020 will have nothing but 20 years of "Top 100" shows to play with.

DVD Copy Software - It's Easy To Use

With things being the way things are... (Cheaper, Faster, Smaller) it is becoming exceedingly effortless to produce high quality back-up copies of your DVD movies. With just a few simple clicks of the mouse, most software programs will have your back-up DVD completed in 20 to 40 minutes. However, when shopping for DVD copy software, there are several things to keep in mind... There are plenty of software programs out on the market that claim to do the job, but all are not created equal. First off, the DVD copy program needs to be uncomplicated and straightforward with its interface. You don't want to end up with a software program that just sits on the shelf because it is too difficult to use. When it comes to DVD copy programs, they all have different features and options to choose from. So figure out what you will be copying before you purchase the software. This way you can match your needs with the features of a software program that will be able to perform the functions that you want.

How Plasma Television Has Enhanced The Choice Of Our Entertainment

Recently i went out on a shopping spree and was actually amazed by the sheer variety of plasma television sets on display at the various electronic shops lining up the street. The manufacturers of these sets are also as many. Back in the nineteen sixties, we were only used to brand names like Sony just to mention one. Today, we have seen the proliferation of hundreds of brand names and imitations from Asia and sometimes even Europe. These companies are using state of the art technologies to produce artistic looking designs which are interesting to behold. The Plasma television is slowly becoming the natural choice of would be buyers. Their presentation is crystal clear, their sound is unmatched and their shape is appealing to the eye. Watching the film "the gods must be crazy" on a forty two inch flat panel liquid crystal display television feels like you are part of the characters. The difference between plasma television and the old black and white television looks like two centuries, yet the two technologies are only two generations apart.

Betty Boop In The 1930s

When Betty Boop came to life in the Fleischers' "Dizzy Dishes", she pretty much resembled a French poodle, with floppy ears and a black puppy nose. At first, she was intended to be a merely supporting character and a girlfriend of the studio star Bimbo. In a while, though, she eclipsed his popularity and gained the central role in the cartoons. She also transformed from a dog-like creature into a human, with hoop earrings instead of the puppy ears. In 1932 the Talkartoons series were renamed into the Betty Boop cartoons, and the girl remained the star of the animated screen for a few more years. Betty's character was modeled after Helen Kane, the famous singer of the 1920s and inventor of the "boop-oop-a-doop" trade mark. Miss Kane's career suffered a decline after 1930, while Betty Boop's fame continued to rise. It's still a point of debate whether the cartoons are to be blamed for the end of public interest in Helen Kane's performance. Up to the Hays Code imposing strict regulations on the image of the Betty Boop character, the girl appealed to the audience with an explicit sexuality conveyed through short dresses and high heels;

Can TV Rescue Us?

Can TV rescue us? Or is it TV from which we must be rescued? Will TV end up being the most powerful educational tool ever invented? Or will TV finally plunge us all into a permanent stupor? Is TV the benevolent agent of all that is good, a magic well of entertainment, a cornucopia of culture? Or is TV the the evil agent of all that is bad, a purveyor of trash, a corrupter, a thief of time? Well... yes and no. The fact is, TV is a little bit of everything: Dream merchant, mentor, windbag, bore, enchantress, confidante, storyteller, hypnotist, braggart, buffoon, flatterer, sage. TV is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. TV is the barking dog outside your window at night. TV is your favorite uncle, the one who cracks corny jokes, makes funny noises and always brings you presents. TV is your cousin from Minneapolis who visits right at suppertime with his wife and your four cousins you've never met. TV is all this, but none of these metaphors are exactly right. More than anything, TV just is.

CG Special Effects - No Longer Special?

There is a growing trend in big budget cinema for the special effects to be the star of the show instead of a strong story or a compelling script. Granted, many people are content to inhale this form of visual popcorn in massive quantities, but the films that are stuffed with pixellated chaos don't always measure up in terms of being a coherent piece of drama. Isn't it time movie makers took a look at the classics of their respective genres and took a few lessons? Yes, we are now capable of showing literally anything on screen, no matter how outlandish the imaginations of writers and directors, but there is the danger of it becoming the main attraction of the films instead of being moved, thrilled, entertained or otherwise stimulated by celluloid. Look at the first ALIEN movie. There are some massive, grandiose set pieces in there that have become some of the most iconic moments in science fiction and horror movies, but then again, it is the stuff you don't see that gets the scares and makes the adrenalin pump.

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