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Should I Use A Meditation Timer? Why Not Try This Instead?

In this article we are going to discuss using a meditation timer as a conduit to providing more structure to your practice. Simply stated, many people use a timer to essentially block out the appropriate amount of time they will be spending in the meditative state, and find it adds a layer of reliability and predictability to the process. The Zazen "bell" for example, is not a timer in the conventional sense, but does serve the same purpose - providing an "end" point into session, so that the meditating mind can focus on what's important, namely... ..insight..:-) Let's look at another, dare I say MORE effective way of accomplishing the same goal all while having a mind melting meditative experience! Read on..:-) Use a Guided Meditation Instead A guided meditation provides the exact same benefits of a timer, or bell... .but with the added benefit of injecting an incredibly powerful layer of depth to the experience. Binural beat technology, for example, can entrain the brain to achieve incredibly profound inner states of bliss, all the while providing the structure of a predetermined amount of time for the session.

Benefits Of Meditation

Many people have heard of meditation, but most may not be aware of the real benefits of what it can do. Many think of meditation as simply closing your eyes and doing some chanting. Many also think that meditation is closely related to religion. The most commonly known benefit of meditation is stress reduction. While this may be true, there are also many other benefits that most are not aware of. This article summarizes some other benefits that meditation can bring: Relief Stress and Anxiety The most known benefit of meditation of course, is that it is used to relieve stress and anxiety, and this is the reason why most people meditate in the first place. Reduction of Blood Pressure Studies have shown that regular meditation can lower your blood pressure. The reason for this is because the practice of meditation opens up the blood vessels, thus lowering the blood pressure. Reduction of Cholesterol Level Meditation can also reduce blood cholesterol levels, minimizing chances of heart disease.

Meditating On A Regular Basis

Meditation. Everyone knows that it is good for you. Lowers blood pressure, fights stress, helps one to be centered and more peaceful. There are 1000's of books out there on meditation. Books on how to meditate, the benefits of meditating, martial arts and meditation, Zen, etc.... Books are how many of us first learned of "sitting" in the first place. You can only read so much. Eventually you have to do it, and you have to do it on a regular basis. Here are a few ideas that can help you keep that commitment to "sit" everyday. The first and perhaps most important tool is a good "zafu". The zafu is a round meditation cushion, usually filled with kapok or buckwheat hull. Kapok provides a firm zafu and buckwheat hull provides a softer zafu. It is a personal choice. Choose whichever helps you sit longer. A soft zafu may feel good at first but it may cause problems as your mediation period continues. Another important tool is the actual place you sit. Take a small area in your house and make it your "meditation place".

Proper Zen Meditation Technique - Part 2

Now that you have the proper posture, lets begin the breathing. You will breathe in and out, through your nose. When you breathe in, you will say the number 1 in your mind like OOONNNEEEEE, until your belly is full. Then when you breathe out, you will say the number 2 in your mind like TTTTWWWWOOO until your belly is completely empty. Also on each even number exhalation you will imagine the sound of that number down in your "hara" (Japanese for belly) where your hands are resting. Do not tense up your hara while doing this. Just relax and imagine the sound there. You will count from 1 -10 repeatedly for the allotted time. Now, thoughts will come into your mind periodically. Just let them pass like a cloud floating by and go back to your counting. If you find yourself in a narrative, for instance, all of a sudden you are daydreaming about driving to work, just begin at 1 again. If you find yourself at lets say 14, stop and begin at 1 again. Thoughts are not bad. They will always be there.

How Binaural Beats Help You In Meditation

One of the most important breakthroughs in modern times is the discovery of Binaural beats and their use in achieving an instant meditation state. The modern life has become so demanding and tense that we don't have any time for trying the traditional methods of meditation. Even then the busy, complicated and highly competitive life of 21st century forces us to find some alternatives for relaxation. In such a scenario when we find ourselves extremely tensed with so much mental anxiety and pressure along with a tight schedule with no time for any relaxation exercise, the advent of Binaural beats is a god send. Never ever in the history of mankind, achieving a meditation state was so easy as it is today thanks to binaural beats. You only need to find a peaceful place where you can attach a headphone to your ears and listen to the sounds while closing your eyes. That's it and binaural beats takes you to a new world where all your mental anxiety and tension vanishes like magic. There is nothing more powerful and quick than listening to binaural beats through a headphone for achieving a peaceful tranquil state.

How to Meditate For Stress Relief

How many times have you felt overwhelmed, panicky, or chased through your day by obligations, deadlines, work demands, children, relationships, bills, illness, you name it. How many times have you read or been told to relax, and stop worrying about _____ that is bothering you? How many times has that worked? It is impossible to simply stop worrying when you experience involuntary hormonal and biochemical changes. This automatic stress response, also called the fight-or-flight reaction, puts your body in alarm mode: heart rate speeds up, breath becomes shallow, and our muscles tense. When the source of the stress is not life threatening, your body stays in an extended state of tension and eventually begins to take on illness from the stress response. The only way out of this stress response cycle is to change your focus. Meditation used correctly changes your focus and soothes the physiological response, easing the fight or flight reaction. Many students of meditation seeking higher awareness meditate by emptying the mind.

Amazing! 2 Simple Rules For Meditation Success

In this article we are going to cover some simple rules for meditation success. The reason this is important is actually quite simple: Most people who start meditating simply won't keep up the practice long enough to enjoy the magical benefits that it provides to its practitioners. Like most other things in life, most aspiring meditators START with great intentions, but simply find themselves, after one or two restless sessions, unable to achieve anything outstanding... and their practice withers away into a puddle of unfulfilled expectation. So read on as I cover a few of the rules I follow when initiating a practice, and follow me along the same path to prosperity that can be found at the core of the mindfulness rainbow! The Discipline of Devotion There is NOTHING that you are going to accomplish in one short 8 minute meditation. No satori experience. No vision of god. No evaporation into the bliss body of eternal illumination. (These things all come in session number 2..:-) But you are NOT going to build a beautiful body in one workout - you aren't going to cultivate eternal love on ONE date, and you aren't going to build a business on the back of ONE sales call.

Benefits of Meditation - Meditation For Mind and Body

Meditation has been around for too long to be just another buzz word in the multi-billion dollars wellness industry. Meditation is indeed the method of choice for one's spiritual evolution but this is not the benefit discussed in this article. Rather the focus is on meditation immediate benefits for your mind and body. There is not only anecdotal but also more and more scientifical evidence that meditation benefits both your mind and body in a synergistic way: your mindset influences the body and at the same time your body helps your mind go further on its quest for evolution. Meditation benefits your mind by: Increasing your awareness in every moment, as opposite of living your life on autopilot, hence everyday seems to last longer and be filled with more noticeable experiences. Increasing your focus and concentration which in turn, like a magnifying glass, helps resolve the problems at hand faster and more profound. Raising your threshold of tolerance to stress inducing events therefore you become calmer, happier and more tolerant.

Astonishing - Fastest Way to Have an Out Of Body Experience Revealed

In this article we are going to discuss what I believe is the fastest way to have an out of body experience. Interestingly, there are any number of increasingly popular ways to explore the astral realms, and if you believe a lot of OBE practitioners, the ability to project is well within ALL of our natural sets of skills. I've been actively engaged in the wild and wooly supernatural surfboard for more than 10 years, and having had lots of experiences rich and disappointing both, I'll share my number one projection method below! Read on..:-) The Beats are in the Brain I'm a big believer in Binural beat technology, which are essentially, sound frequencies used to balance both hemispheres of the brain to achieve a state of equilibrium, deep relaxation and the "formless" awareness that many of us use to project outside of the confines of the physical form. So is this all a bunch of new age bunk... or Not? Interestingly enough, Robert Monroe, the founder of Hemi-Sync technology ( the original Binural beats from years ago) was a VERY successful pioneer in cable TV, and many other entrepreneurial pursuits BEFORE he began having spontaneous out of body experiences 30 some odd years ago.

3 Different Types Of Meditation - Sensational Secrets To Samadhi Revealed

In this article we are going to take a quick look at 3 different types of mediation, and discuss how you can easily and effortlessly incorporate these into your own meditative mindset. The truth of the matter, in my humble opinion, is quite simple: People spend FAR too much time trying to learn the different variations of possible practices to choose, and far too little actually cultivating the practice itself. This leads to many highly educated occasional meditators..:-) Personally, much like the Refuge Vow in Buddhist practice promises, I'd rather pick ONE path and pursue it to nirvana, rather than many, and spin my wheels. Read on as we cover a few different types so YOU can get started in short order. Concentration: In the practice of Vipassana, concentration is a skill that must be mastered to move up to the higher levels of the meditative mind. It is also brings on the "blissful" states that a highly relaxed and engaged mind can create. Many peak experiences, mystical visions and far more esoteric experiences can be found in the subtle states of concentration.

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