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Massage Chair Review - Omega Montage Premier With Mp3 Player

The Omega Montage Premier massage chair with MP3 player is one of the top chairs in its class ($4, 000 to $5, 000--see actual rank below). As with many of the chairs we have reviewed, the Omega Montage Premier has too many features to fully explain each one here. But let me describe the chair's most important features, qualities, and limitations, and especially those features that will not be found on other chairs. As always, our review starts with the company that makes the chair. In our experience it is very clear that no massage chair is worth buying if the company that makes it will not stand behind it. Omega has shown an extremely high level of commitment to its customers and chairs, perhaps the best in the industry. Returns are rare, because of the quality of its chairs, and, within the restrictions of its returns policies, Omega honors its commitments without hassling its customers. Omega is responsive to customer inquiries and helpful if any problems arise. We give Omega a 10 out of 10 for its outstanding commitment to customer service.

Top 10 Considerations in Selecting Your Massage Chair

First congratulations on starting your research into a massage chair. Certainly, a massage chair recliner may be one of the most critical products you put into your home. They can be one of the best purchases you make, if you take your time and find out what is most important to you. A massage chair is an investment in your health and well-being. A massage chair might be a necessity if you have certain health conditions or it may be an outstanding luxury. Finding the perfect massage chair for you can help to relieve aches, pains and tension. A massage chair can help improve your blood circulation and generally just make you feel better. Whatever perspective you are coming from, find out what massage chair features are important for you. Also, keep in mind that you will have the shiatsu massage chair for many years to come. So think about how your needs may change through time. 10 Steps for finding the perfect massage chair for you 1) Know Yourself: First and foremost you have to understand your needs and what results or benefits do you want from a massage chair.

Why Do We Use Scented Massage Oils?

We use scented massage oils because they add to the pleasures of a massage. The oil helps the fingers find just the right amount of pressure to be applied. It also reduces the amount of friction on the skin as well. Endorfins are released through the heat of the oil, which helps the body unwind and relax after the stress and pressures of the day. Scented massage oils are made with carrier oil. These oils are vegetable oils, which are used to dilute the concentrated essential oils. The carrier oils help to slow down the evaporation process, which makes it easier for the massage oils to penetrate the skin during the actual massage itself. If oil used during the process does not contain good carrier oil then it could breakdown during the kneading of the patient's skin. In order to prepare your own scented massage oils you will need to mix a small amount of essential plant oil with a larger amount of a carrier vegetable oil. The amount of essential oil, which acts as the aroma for the massage oil, is generally about twelve drops from a dropper into approximately two ounces of carrier oil.

Massage Chair Review - Sanyo Zero-Gravity Chair HEC-DR7700K

You may have read our first article in this Top 25 Massage Chairs series, which we wrote for the Omega Montage Premier massage chair with MP3. We ranked that chair number 2 in the $4, 000 to $5, 000 range. This article reviews our winner in this category, the Sanyo HEC-DR7700K Zero-Gravity massage chair. As I prepared to write this article, I spoke with our customer service manager about the level of customer service we receive from Sanyo. Without hesitation, she said, "Very good. We've never had any problems with them." Knowing that she had also highly recommended Omega, I asked her, "Even better than Omega?" Again, her reply was unequivocal: "Yes. Omega is great, but sometimes they will call the customer directly instead of getting right back to us. With Sanyo we never have any problem at all." Her positive responses on Sanyo were enthusiastic and encouraging. And as you've read in our other articles, our philosophy is that no quality or feature in a chair can make up for poor customer service.

Massage Chair Recliners Have a Massage Therapy For Every Need

There are many different therapies offered in today's premier massage chair recliners. You have a great selection from Swedish to Hawaiian to Deep Tissue or even a Sports therapy. Understanding what therapy and technique is most beneficial to you is an important first step in deciding on an appropriate massage chair. Here are the most beneficial massage techniques that you will find in the premier robotic chairs. Swedish-also known as a classic. The Swedish technique uses long, flowing strokes. Robotic chairs simulate the palms of the hands making these long, flowing strokes. The Swedish technique helps to increase circulation and blood flow and loosen tight muscles. For a great Swedish massage try the Omega chair. Shiatsu-Originating in Japan, the shiatsu technique is where thumbs, palms and fingers apply pressure to specific areas of the body. A robotic chair recliner replicates the feel of a human hand and applies pressure to acupressure points during the therapy. The acupressure points are directly associated with the anatomy of the body in order to maintain and enhance one's health or recovery.

Environmentally Friendly Massage Tables

As a massage therapist you probably care about healthy living. And you probably care about mother Earth. You should, because healthy and sustainable living and massage really go hand-in-hand. It is our responsibility to make sure that our own CO2 footprint is as small as possible. It's always easy to point at the big corporations and blame them. But each one of us also has an individual responsibility. So what can you as a massage therapist do? You can buy environmentally friendly massage tables. What's an environmentally friendly massage table? It's a table that has been made without the use of rain forest depleting tropical hardwoods. The wood finish is non-toxic, the glues that are used in the massage table are non-toxic, the foam in the foam padding of the massage table is CFC free, and the lacquer is water-based. If you buy a massage table you should inquire about its environmental footprint. Ask specific questions to show the merchant that it matters to you. The market always goes where the money is.

Try Natural Massage Oils to Enhance Your Massage

If you enjoy receiving or giving a massage then you are very familiar with natural massage oils. Many people are no longer using synthetic oils as the natural products are gaining in popularity around the world. For one thing, these products are better for your skin than a chemically manufactured product. If you are considering making the move away from synthetic oils then you will need to do some research to determine what the best natural products are. Natural massage oil that is quite popular is almond oil. You will notice that this oil does an excellent job of softening your skin and it does an excellent job of soothing dry irritated skin as well. Not only is it soothing on the skin but it provides a nice light nutty fragrance as well. This really helps in creating a relaxing atmosphere. If almond oil is not your thing, then natural massage oil that is quite popular is grape seed oil. This particular oil is not greasy like many other oils are. The fragrance is quite sweet and it will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Massage Therapy Benefits

Body fitness and good health are two very important aspects for maintaining a long successful life. It is important that all of the body systems work in synchronization to make a good living. In the present world of fast paced life, polluted environment and stress, it is highly possible that physical health will get deteriorated. One remedy for keeping the body in its right fitness is massage therapy. The benefits are many. We will review some of them in this article. Massage therapy is highly useful in treating many ailments. The massaging techniques are being under use as a body fitness technique from time immemorial. You can see many such techniques being employed in ancient India. Mostly the massages were done after applying medicinal herbal oils or Ayurvedic oils. All studies and researches on massage therapy brought out the high potential of this therapy to keep up the body health at its pinnacle. Let us see some of the benefits. • It helps skin to keep it tight and glossy.

Tax Deductible Massage

You may very well have been getting a tax-deductible massage and did not know it. Yes, that's correct! Your massage therapy may very well be tax deductible. Many deductions, such as medical expenses, require you to overcome a minimum. For example, only medical expenses that exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income are allowed. This means an individual with an adjusted gross income of $40, 000 can only deduct medical expenses above and beyond $3, 000. Your medical care expenses typically include medical insurance, some Medicare costs, and miscellaneous costs of health care. These could include costs for making alterations to your home prescribed for your medical condition, removing toxic substances from your home, enrolling in weight-loss programs, dental work, and travel-related expenses to get to your medical care, including mileage expense. Even that massage you got to relieve stress MAY be deductible. Other potentially deductible expenses include prostheses, and ointments or lotions for wound and skin care.

Schools For Sports Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is widely accepted as a wonderful remedy for many health related issues. Massage helps in rejuvenating tissues, equip skins to fight aging, relieves tension and also making the blood circulatory system sound and healthy. Sports massage therapy is one of the field which is intended to provide the wonderful effects of massaging therapy to the sport people to improve their stamina and vitality. There are many schools for sports massaging therapy. Sports massage is very essential for an athlete as it improves the blood circulation and hence enhances the vitality; physical ability to undergo training, helps to prevent injury and also improves the performance of the sports personal. Added to all the above it makes the body fit by removing fat contents, unnecessary waste deposits and also the massaging rejuvenates the tissues with the use of antioxidants and the required nutrients for the skin and body. The sports massaging will give the athletes a feeling of physical well-being, and also increases the mental strength in facing the challenging competition with ease and free of injury.

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