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How to Make Him Fall for You - Advice for Women

When you meet a guy and you start falling for him, it can be difficult to contain it all. We all know that uttering those three little words too soon can cause a man to bolt in the opposite direction at lightning speed. If he hasn't yet expressed that he's feeling the same emotions as you, you might wonder if there's a way to persuade him to adore you too. If you want to make him fall for you there are a few effective tactics you can use. It's incredibly important when you want to make a man fall in love with you that you be genuine. One thing that really turns men off is a disingenuous woman. Men aren't interested in someone who puts on a show for them. Don't exaggerate anything about yourself. If he has been on exotic vacations don't pretend to have traveled extensively if you haven't. Don't give yourself a promotion to assistant vice president of the company you work for if you are the mail room clerk. If this relationship works you'll have a lot of explaining to do and he'll label you a liar.

Be A Love Hero

April 23rd is Lovers Day. Be someone's Love Hero. Men, romance is not a word to be feared. It's a word that will bring joy, passion, and great pleasure to your life. Being romantic is not difficult and in fact is very easy. Men have to realize that women want romance. It is about making your partner feel sexy, wanted, loved and cared for. She wants to know that you still love how she looks and she makes you feel like a man. Being a love hero will help you turn romance into a word that will bring music to your ears and songs of joy to your heart, not to mention other things. A love hero is a person that does something for their partner without looking for anything in return. Do it just because you can. Remember, women are auditory. Give her a flower, a kiss, tell her that you love her, write her a note, or tell her that you appreciate the food she cooks. Skip watching a sporting event and do something she would like to watch or do. She will be impressed by your sacrifice. Do it and enjoy being with her.

Love in Relationships

Confusing sexual intimacy with love is the same as listening to the politicians saying there is no such thing as global warming. Sexual intimacy can and should be magically mystically marvelous and it will always be when true love is at the core of the expression. If you want a nice hot cup of tea you have to plug in the kettle and heat up the water until it boils and then heat the cup or mug up before adding the tea and smothering it in boiling water. In order for the water to boil in the first place energy in the form of electricity is required and then a very suitable outcome is arrived at and a beautiful refreshing cup of tea is enjoyed. Add some scones and fresh strawberry preserves and the enjoyment is even more enhanced. Likewise loving relationships need energy or electricity but should not be available with an on off switch. The first ingredient is the perfect match and if the match is perfectly suited then the on switch is forever in place apart for personal time and other alone requirements.

Love Warmed with Fires of Passion

fires of passion ignite touches electrifying and light tenderness calms and soothe kisses covering release and loose hair flowing across shoulders bare awareness acute skin tingling everywhere oh you are the mystical queen always with me, always seen hearts on fire souls mingling bodies writhing fingers tickling smiles from lips tantalized eyes gazed answers mesmerized relaxed in arms tired bodies exhausted energies expired loving eyes peer and hazed closing sleeping delighted amazed. No one in their right mind wants to be with someone who is blah.. and whose sense of excitement would darken the sky. However how we behave or appear in public is different to how we are in the private domain of our roost and passion may be quite alive that the world is oblivious to. So be it and that is how it should be too, for many a quiet shadow is a fiery beacon with the love of their life and it is not our right to judge by appearances. True love is alive and well and warmly welcomes others into its very respected enclave of delightful relationships that are as real as a tornado and as valuable as a trillion tons of gold.

Our Capacity to Love

Light Orbs and Our Capacity to Love (transcription of Light Orbs transmission March 8, 2008 through Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich available at You Tube under "sacredsarrah") A few days ago, in the middle of a conversation I was having with someone, the Light Orbs jumped in and they said into my mind, "We are not only the Guardians of Your Soul, we are the Guardians of Your Love." I thought that was beautiful and a little bit mysterious at the moment. Later on, I asked them if they could clarify for me what they meant by that. What they said was that they are actually the Guardians of our capacity to love. So I asked if it would be possible for them to speak tonight so that you could hear them speak through me about this capacity to love, about what they see and why they feel that they are guarding it with us and for us. They jumped at the idea. They thought that was marvelous. So what I am going to do for the next few minutes here is allow them to speak to you in your heart and because they don't have a heart like we do, they come to you totally open, absolutely vulnerable.

The Glory of a Man

What is it that makes a man? Typically when I use the word, "man" I speak of mankind. However in this instance I am talking about men. What makes a man? While some good answers may come to mind, the reality is that men often think of their careers, positions, possessions, reputations, etc. to define who they are. The truth is that the world itself thinks that way. Society honors men of great standing, often times regardless of their moral character. There are men who repeatedly cheat on their wives, but who are held in very high esteem. So being in a society that is willing to look at these external attributes to define a man, it is not surprising that men think less of themselves if they do not meet these requirements. These things are not what makes a man however. The glory of a man is what keeps a man standing even if his world around him falls apart. The glory of a man is what cheers him on when he is trying to excel in this world. The glory of a man is what a man thinks about when he makes life decisions.

Does He Truly Love Me? 3 Practical Tricks That Answers He Really Love You!

I've heard that question from friends, relatives, and random people more times than I care to count. Everything is smooth sailing between them. They seem to enjoy being together. They won't last a day without talking personally or on the phone. They always plan for a night-out or a trip... The list of sweet situations they get themselves into goes on and on. BUT one question seems to bug the woman, if not both of them: "Does he truly love me?" I won't be surprised if you're going nuts for days because of this 5-worded question. Now hold your horses before you go ballistic. I'll be spilling out some practical tricks that would answer that question in no time! Does He Truly Love Me Trick 1 : Tell him about another guy you met. Tell him how you bumped into this newcomer, the topic of your conversation, his mannerisms that you noticed, and more. Make sure that you're as detailed as possible and show that you're quite happy meeting this new guy. Men are very territorial. Once they realize somebody might swoop in and snatch someone who's important to them.

Aspects of Love

Ah, love! What rapturous, torturous words have been set down to try and capture the essence of love. Those clever Greeks, who invented the Olympics, also invented many names for love --Cupid, Eros, Venus, Aphrodite -- and each name represented an aspect of love. The ancient Greeks had several words for several categories of love -- they did not attempt to squeeze all of it into four little letters! Eros was erotic, or sexual love; Philos was brotherly love; Agape was altruistic, spiritual love. The Latin poet Ovid spoke of amor ludens, or playful love -- love as a game. You might call it sport sex.... Having separate categories like these can be very helpful in thinking and talking about how we love. In modern times, we speak of romantic love, mature love, parental love, innocent childlike love, friendship, and even intellectual love. And why not circumstantial love for those we become fond of because we're thrown together at work or some other activity -- even though the relationship or friendship doesn't last once the circumstance changes?

5 Ways To Restore Trust In Your Relationship

A solid, long term relationship needs to be built on a platform of trust. You and your partner need to trust each other on every level, from simply believing what you say to each other, to knowing you can count on your partner to be there when you need them. But what if that trust has been broken? Unfortunately trust is a hard thing to re-establish when it has been broken, particularly if that breach is a large one such as the discovery that your partner has cheated on you. On some level, that nagging doubt is always going to be there, but with a little work and effort the damaged trust can be restored. The following 4 step process assumes you have done something major to betray your partners trust, and you want to make it right again. Step One: Understand How Your Partner Feels Put yourselves in their shoes and realize just how much the breach of trust would hurt you. This is critically important because you are going to be reminded of your breach of trust more than once. You need to understand that the reason that your partner does this is because you have really hurt them.

Does My Boyfriend Really Love Me? 4 BIG Signs That Answer the Question

The inquiry: "Does my boyfriend really love me?" is more than just a question. Its filled with doubt... it's a question asked by a woman who's in pain especially when she's alone. Both of them may be alright when together. They may be having a great time on the surface. But at the back of her head, she may be having doubts as to the genuine feelings of her man. Whatever the reason for that doubt, it sure is hard to cope with it and here are 4 big signs that a woman, stuck in this situation, should be looking for. After this, you should be able to answer: "Does my boyfriend really love me?" Does My Boyfriend Really Love Me? Sign 1: Look at him, straight into the eyes, when he talks. A man who's sincere about what he's saying, especially when expressing his feelings, will look straight into the eyes of their girlfriend. Does your boyfriend have the guts to look straight at you? Or is it the other way around? Does My Boyfriend Really Love Me? Sign 2 A man who is truly in love with his partner will always make time for her.

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