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Teen Dating - Sex, Violence, and Abuse

Many teenagers merely assume that sex is a natural part of dating and even a glance at magazines and television aimed at teens gives a clear idea of just why this is so. Do not simply assume that your teenagers know the difference between dating and sex and ensure that you clearly communicate this message to them. A significant number of parents teach their teenagers how to go about saying no to sex and suggest a whole string of excuses or one-liners. The solution therefore is to teach your child to simply say no firmly and clearly and that, while they might feel like giving a reason, they should not need to do so and merely saying no ought to be sufficient. Many teenagers think that once they have had sex with someone they cannot reasonably refuse to do so again. The fact that they have had sex does not mean that this issue can simply be 'ticked off' their development list and you must make it clear that they they are free to refuse sex if they feel uneasy. You should also discuss with them the fact that engaging in sex should always be something of significance and special and that a great deal myth surrounds the significance of their initial sexual experience.

Ganz Teddy Bears - A Collectible

The charm of a Ganz teddy bear is both straightforward and awesome. They were originally created in the 1950s, and are still being made today. These teddy bears give you a shoulder to cry on, and love you unconditionally. Sometimes, if you listen closely, they will tell you "take me home." The love affair between us and these Ganz teddy bears shows no signs of slowing down. Often used to calm and reassure children, this is an enduring and traditional stuffed animal. The price of these teddy bears has recently increased as they have become collector's items. It is very hard to picture a world that didn't have the Ganz teddy bears to provide a listening ear and a warm hug to both young and old. The teddy bear has been a part of the world for a long time. The history of the teddy bear began in the year 1902. Not only did it make its entrance into the United states that year, but also made its entrance in Germany. In the United States, the teddy bear got its name from a cartoon featuring Theodore Roosevelt.

Toys and the Racial Divide

Did you know that there used to be a Crayola crayon that was called 'flesh'? They changed the name in 1962 to 'peach' in recognition of the fact that not everybody's skin color is the same. This was quite probably a fairly reasonable step to take, but there are occasions when, looking at toys that are available today, and that used to be available, you have to ask the question - have toy manufacturers gone mad with political correctness? Go into any toy shop and you will see an equal mix of races amongst the dolls on offer - Caucasian, African, Asian, all available of course in both male and female. I haven't yet seen a cross dressing Barbie or a gay Ken, but just wait - they'll be along one day, I'm almost sure of it. Of course, toy manufacturers have two points to bear in mind. The first is, naturally, marketability. If all dolls were Caucasian, then it may quite possibly be that a significant proportion of the potential market would feel that they were not being catered for, and would choose something else instead.

The Conflict Between Ken and Action Man

Did you know that the Barbie dolls launched way back in 1959? Since then they have sold over three billion dolls to date. That's a lot of Barbie in the world - one between two for every single man, woman and child living on planet Earth at this moment. Every single person in the UK could have fifty of them if they wanted. In fact, if we took every Barbie doll that had rolled out of the factory since their inception, they would stretch right around the globe not once, not twice, but a full three and a half times. They seem to be popular. Quite why this particular doll should have proved so popular is hard to say - perhaps it's the absurdly idealistic glamour, the accessories, or simply the fact that you aren't deemed to be a proper girl if you didn't at least have one Barbie doll during your formative years. Interestingly, the Ken dolls, Barbie's partner, have proved just as popular, and yet still only with girls. Boys are still keen on the Action Man figurines, but Ken seems to have been left on the shelf as far as boys are concerned.

Coaching Your Children to Be Cash Smart - Practical Tips For Parents

Our children are extremely well placed to pick up on the Internet Marketing techniques and using the Internet to build their own businesses. As parents, we should be doing all we can to coach our children to use their naturals abilities to build an online business. However, before they start their business, we should be giving our children a sound financial education. It is a sad fact that our school curriculum does not cover finance and by the time our kids need to "understand money", it can be too late. Part of the education should include teaching our children to take financial responsibility for their lives, from a very early age. Teach them how money works in the real world and what it means to them. Then teach the Law of Attraction and The Law of Abundance and how to combine everything. I started with my children when they were toddlers. When we went to the Shops, if they "whinged, whined and wanted", they got nothing. Good behaviour was often rewarded with a small treat that had a defined value of between $2 and $5, and we let them choose their own reward.

History Of Prom Night

Nowadays prom nights have turned into indulgent and expensive affairs. Teen students eagerly look forward to it and preparations begin much in advance. If we delve into the history of proms, we find that they were nothing of the grand and exorbitant affairs they happen to be now. There was no flaunting of designer dresses, elaborate hairdos, and stretch limousines. Let's take a trip back in time to find out how proms used to be earlier: The History Some historians believe that proms have existed as early as the late 1800s. The earliest mention of prom came in 1894, when the journal of a male student at Amherst College published a narration about his experience as an invitee to an early prom at the neighboring Smith College for women. In the early 1900s, prom was a simple affair where high school seniors wore their Sunday best but never bought new clothes exclusively for the event. In the 1920s and 1930s, students started arriving in cars, flaunted party clothes and danced. As America's economy boomed post-war in the 1950's, proms developed into extravagant affairs.

A Space Age Toy - Silly Putty and How to Make It

We all remember as youths sitting comfortably upon the dining room floor and playing with a mysterious substance known as silly putty. Perhaps we had a newspaper handy and pressed a glob of it on one of the images. After lifting the putty we noticed the same picture appeared on it. Silly putty is fully shapeable allowing children to display many of their artistic talents. Silly putty was then and will continue to be one of the most popular toys available for children. Silly Putty was invented by Dow Corning in 1943 and intended to be a synthetic rubber for industrial use. Dow's patent number 3179 was essentially a failure because it simply was not firm enough to replace rubber. Until 1949 silly putty remained on Dows shelve and was all but forgotten until an unemployed ad executive gave birth to an idea of marketing the putty as a Childs toy. It was packaged in a plastic egg shaped container to which it has continued to be sold to this day in an egg container. To be more precise silly putty is what the chemists refer to as a polymer.

Picking The Perfect Toy - Part 1

With all of the choices out there, it is difficult to pick out toys for kids. Do you pick the train that is only red and green or do you pick the one that is red and green and lights up? Do you choose the baby that cries or the one that giggles? How do you know if the toy is age appropriate? How do you even know if your child or niece or friend will like it? Here are some general guidelines. First, look to the child's interests. If you don't know their interests, you can always speak to their parent or a sibling to get some ideas. Don't always assume that you know what a child will like. A lot of girls love playing with dolls, but some would rather play with dinosaurs. Once you get some ideas of their likes and dislikes, go to the store. (If you go to the store before getting some ideas you'll probably get overwhelmed by the number of choices.) If the child likes something specific, like a particular brand of die cast cars, then go straight to that section. If it's a general idea, such as the child really likes dolls, then find the part of the toy section that has dolls.

How To Brainstorm The Best Teenager Jobs For This Summer

Is your teen looking for a job this summer? Is she dreading having to work at a fast food restaurant and smelling like a grease ball at McDonald's or Burger King? Well, thankfully, McDonald's is not the only teenager job in town. But the best teenager jobs during the summer really depends on your teen. Here's how my daughter and I brainstormed the best teenager jobs for her this summer. First, I asked her to think about... What does she enjoy doing? What are her interests and hobbies? Or what would she do for free whether she gets paid or not? My daughter loves horses. She spends countless hours during the summer in the stable... brushing, grooming, cleaning stalls, and of course riding her horse. So it didn't surprise me when she came up with the idea of getting a horse-related summer job. And her second choice was swimming. She's on the high school varsity swim team and even lettered in her sophomore year. So getting a job around water would be a lot of fun too. Here's what we came up with for horse-related teenager jobs: Working at a horse camp Riding Stable Stable Help (cleaning, feeding, grooming) Horse Sitting Saddle & Tack Shop And for swimming-related teen jobs: Lifeguarding Swim Instructor YMCA Pool Summer Swim Camp Sounds like some pretty fun teen jobs, right?

Picking the Perfect Toy - Part 2

You have narrowed down the likes and dislikes of the child and are standing in the toys section ready to search for a toy or game to give to that special little one, but you are still a little lost. To narrow it down even further, there is one more item that you need to keep in mind- age appropriateness. You need to think about the age of the child you are buying for. Keep in mind that toys will often have an age guide on them, but the ages they suggest are not always the most appropriate for the characteristics of that age group. Here are some general guidelines for different age groups: Infants- (0 -2 years) * Very sensory oriented. They enjoy toys with different sounds, colors, and textures. Be careful not to get toys that are too loud or bright because it will overload their senses.v * Along with this sensory idea, babies have more nerves on their tongues than anywhere else on their body. As a result, everything they touch goes into their mouths. When choosing a toy, a good rule of thumb is that if the toy can fit inside a toilet paper roll, it is too small.

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