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The Danger and Safety Tips - Teen Online Dating

If you're a teen between the age of 13 to 19, teen online dating sites can provide a lot of services. While some of these services can be the best thing to hit the teen online dating arena, keep in mind it can also be the worst online situation. This also brings to mind all of the dangers involved with teen online dating. Keep in mind that even though dangers are involved with teen online dating there are also very good things that come out of teen online dating. The Dangers of Teen Online Dating Many times violence is after a break up in a relationship that was not previously violent. It is estimated that more 10 percent of teens nationwide are in a dating violence situation.Because of a teen's age and inexperience it may be harder than adults to recognize the warning signs of abuse. Teens often also misinterpret warning signs of dating violence which includes jealousy, possessiveness, and sexual pressure as signs of love rather than warnings signs of abuse. Messages can be confusing for teens especially.

How Are You Going to Keep Your Kids Occupied This School Summer Holiday?

When I was a child the school summer holidays seemed to fly by. However for my parents I'm sure it seemed like an eternity. My friends and I occupied the days by going fishing, riding our cycles and generally enjoying being outside with the sun on our backs, british weather permitting of course! Not for us watching TV and laying around the house. No doubt, our parents wanted to know where we were going and what we were doing but they didn't have too worry too much. It was a fairly innocent age before 24/7 news and the start of advertising aggressively to children. Two things have happened that have changed the way children occupy their free time and neither can be attributed to them. Firstly, parents are rightly or wrongly more worried about letting their children out of their sight. This is due to the stories on the news of children being harmed or abducted by strangers. This unfortunately has always happened and statistics show that cases of this nature have not increased. What has changed is that it is reported alot more on the News channels that were not around when I was young.

Involvement of Grandparents in Childcare Breeds Happiness in Children

Various studies have been conducted in the past in order to understand the impact of outside factors on the growth of a child, one of them being the role played by the grandparents. According to a recent study by researchers at the Institute of Education, London and Oxford University, bringing up children in an active involvement from the side of grandparents, cause them to be happier that those who have been deprived of their special care. The study showed an interesting link between adolescent well-being and active participation of grandparents. As adolescence is the most crucial phase in the life of a child and it can be the starting point of creation of a divide between the parents and children. If a child's parents are working, then the possibility of the child getting alienated increases even more. At such a time the grandparents can prove to be of great help by being a constant source of support and proper guidance. The researchers also made it clear that mere closeness will have no effect on the child keeping in mind the nuclear families in which the grandchildren meet their grandparents during holidays and vacations.

Help Your Student Stay Sharp This Summer!

Summer is a time for fun--a time to take a break and slow down. It's also a time when children can lose valuable academic skills that they have built up throughout the school year. Duke University researchers conducted a review of studies that show that students' achievement score do indeed decline between spring and fall, and that this loss of skills is greater for math than it is in reading. The good news is that there are steps that families can take to limit the loss of skills their children experience over the summer, while still having fun! You can also get help with this through the use of a teacher or tutor. Consider these ideas when thinking about how you'll encourage your child to learn this summer: Find teaching opportunities in everyday life. Reinforce math concepts by cooking with your child, building a birdhouse, or setting up a lemonade stand. Watch the news or read the newspaper together and discuss current events. Summer is a great time to encourage reading! Allow your child to find reading material that complements his interests: wildlife or sports magazines, mystery novels, comics and graphic novels are all great ways to foster a love of literacy.

Bring Back the Classic Games to Your Child's Birthday Party

Remember your favorite birthday games of the past? What party didn't play a few rounds of "musical chairs" or "pin the tail on the donkey?" My personal favorites were the "spoon race" and good old fashioned "treasure hunts." Lately, when I go with my children to birthday parties, games for the most part are not part of the program. If a child is having their party at home, it seems that you are more likely to find a bounce house or an entertainer. Birthday party themes and activities do tend to conform to what everyone else is doing. Maybe classic games are out of style? Classic games may not feel fresh and new for parents, but from personal experience, I can tell you that they are still a blast for kids! My son turned six last week. The children made a picture frame craft and then we finished the party with some classic games. My daughter and I came up with an elaborate treasure hunt, complete with aged maps, shovels and lots of dirt. I have never seen a group of kindergartener's so excited!

Sun Protection Messages and Children Safety

The sun uv radiation is damaging to your skin and that of your loved ones! Over exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause short term health effects such as sunburn, wrinkles and sun spots; and long term exposure to ultraviolet radiation can increase the risk of damage to the skin which may cause skin cancer and eventually Melanoma, as well as damage to the eyes which may result in cataracts. The risk for Children is even greater at young age. This message has been repeated by government and private health organizations in the hope it will raise awareness amongst parents and personnel responsible for children during their outdoor activities. Below are some important sun protection messages, which we hope will be useful and aid you in providing adequate UV protection for your kids. Please take your time reading and sharing with your community, your family members and friends; Children below age 15 have sensitive skin and eyes, therefore extended sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancer later in life and can cause serious damage to the eye and the skin.

Jobs For Teens - Tips For a Great Resume

The resume is a very powerful self-marketing tool that is designed to present your skills and qualifications in one neat package. An effective resume will give you an advantage over your competition in getting an interview where you can sell yourself. Your resume should be a one page summary of your skills, experience, and training. There are many ways to put a resume together. If you don't have much experience writing a resume, you may want to get help from someone that has experience doing this. A well prepared resume will contain certain elements: Contact Information Name (no nicknames) Address Telephone number (or message number) If you are using a cell phone number, make sure your greeting is mature and professional. E-mail address (if you have one) If you are using an e-mail address, be sure it is tasteful and appropriate. Objective Briefly state what you hope to accomplish with the resume. Experience Experience is any activity (paid or volunteer) which allowed you to learn or use a skill.

Ways For Teens to Make Money

What is the best ways for teens to make money? I would say the best place to make money for a teen is using the net. You can do a number of different things. You could sell junk in your house on e-bay to start with then look for whole sale products to sell regular this is a really good way to make money and one of the best ways for teens to make money online. That's one way you could go to start making money. The other way is to start your own information publishing business. You can start this business from your spare bedroom and it doesn't matter what age you start. In fact the younger the better because you will be making more money then all your family put together when you are just a teenager and people will envy you. It's a grate feeling when you earn more in a month than most people do in a year. If you ask me information publishing is by far the best ways for teens to make money because it's so easy to set up and with in just a few weeks you will be earning good money and the money just keeps growing week by week.

7 Playground Safety Tips

Children enjoy using the playground to have fun and just relax. However, the chances of a child getting injuries from the playground are seemingly high. This is because most parents do not think about doing some form of consulting before setting out to build playground facilities for their kids. Recent statistics have shown that parents who built playgrounds or school owners or parks where there wasn't some form of consulting have been known to have high incidences of playground related injuries. Some of these injuries are concussions as a result of the kid hitting his head on the floor of the playground, bone fracture and joint dislocations. Therefore, it is of high importance that if you have a playground or are interested in building one in the near future, you need to have some safety tips that will guide you and make the playground safer for the children. 1. The floor of the playground must not be made or fashioned from very hard objects. Playgrounds with concrete, dirt, grass, asphalt or even cement floors have a tendency of doing a lot of harm to any child that falls - let's say - from a swing and hits his head.

Teenagers Cognitive Skill and Education Options

Knowledge is information gained from learning, studying and memorizing academic material, such as historical facts, grammar or mathematical equations. IQ is a measure of intelligence, including things like spatial reasoning, logical ability and relationships. Where once IQ was thought to be a stagnant number (e.g. you were both with your IQ), brain researchers now know that it can actually be increased by strengthening cognitive skills. Many people believe that kids that have memorized a lot of academic information -- such as facts, figures and formulas -- will automatically do well in college because the did well on their final exams. What is cognitive skills? Cognitive skills are the mental mechanisms that process incoming information. By strengthening cognitive skills, you'll create a stronger learner, which is what's needed to succeed in college and beyond. It's common for parents to believe that if their teen is getting A's and B's in high school, that's probably what they'll get in college.

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