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Office Ergonomics - The Growing Trend In Workplace Injuries

Ergonomics has drawn increasing interest from large companies in recent years. Employees ranging from machinists to marketing executives are becoming victims of repetitive stress injuries, pain and tension from poor office furniture and awkward postures. Occupations that cause the worker to sit or stand in the same position for long hours can be devastating to the body. This type of activity can cause overuse of muscles, joints and tendons which usually results in pain or discomfort. If this type of activity is continued over a consistent period of time, more serious injuries can develop. One common example of what prolonged periods of poor positioning can cause is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). CTS is a condition in which the median nerve in the wrist becomes pinched causing pain and loss of feeling. CTS can cause burning, tingling, itching or numbness in the palm of the hand and the fingers. It will also decrease grip strength and can even cause wrist muscles to start wasting away.

What Drove the Design of the Herman Miller Aeron Chair?

The creation of the famous Herman Miller Aeron Chair was spurred by a drive for form and function. After the ground breaking design of the Equa Chair, Herman Miller turned to Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf for the design of a totally new chair. The direction given was that the chair was to be designed completely from scratch. There were to be no assumptions about what a chair was, especially assumptions about material or the form of what is conventionally known about work and office chairs. There were, however, strong ideas and conviction about what a great chair should do for a person, and how it should add value. The following 4 are the start for what drove the design. When deciding what the Aeron chair was to represent, these were key factors. 1. From and ergonomic standpoint, the new Herman Miller chair should become and integral part of the person sitting in it. Instead of the chair just sitting there, the chair needed to support and play a key role in creating a healthful environment for the person who sits for longest than she should.

The Ergonomic Desk Chair - Sweet Relief

When you were a little kid, was it not the greatest thrill in the world to climb up on your dad or grandpa's big leather chair and sit at his desk, playing with the rubber stamps, rifling through paper clips, and scribbling on blank checks? And that awesome desk chair! Was there ever anything more fun than spinning around and around until you could not stand up when you stopped? Do you remember thinking how cool it must be to be a grown up? And now? Not so much. You walk into the office every morning and stare at that desk chair as if it were your worst enemy. As soon as you sit down in it you feel a crick in your neck just thinking about the long day ahead. Painful, tired, and uncomfortable, you drag yourself out of it at the end of the day, barely able to walk from the stiffness. Another childhood dream turned to dust. If you are disillusioned and abused by your desk chair, give it the boot! There really are some excellent office chairs out there that do not sap your energy or make you feel like every day at work is like a day on a chain gang.

Stay Comfortable at Work with Good Posture

With so many of us sitting at a desk all day it's natural that our posture will suffer slightly as we get tired and slouch down in our seats. However, this posture problem can lead to back pains, carpel tunnel and lower energy as a result of the extra work it puts on our bodies to sit poorly. Good posture is a good habit and is an important aspect of caring for our bodies. It plays a role in avoiding neck and back pain, avoiding shoulder problems, keeping our muscles tones and in good balance, and allows our breathing muscles to stay toned. It improves your overall health and appearance. Poor posture, on the other hand, promotes back pain and can affect the position and function of your abdominal organs, inhibit breathing and oxygen intake, and cause headaches. Good posture ensures that the least strain is placed on muscles and ligaments. Maintaining the best posture is a combination of a lifelong habit, a healthy body, and awareness. Some people just naturally have the best posture, but others are much more slouched.

Ergonomic Myth - Wrist Pads and Gel Pads Do Not Prevent Carpal Tunnel

Here's a news flash, Wrist Pads and Gel Pads are not proven to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). In fact, they may actually make matters worse. To understand this better, one needs to know what Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is. Since I like to get right to the point, I'll explain it in one sentence. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is when constant pressure and repetitive movements or stresses cause the "tunnel" of bones and ligaments in your wrists to narrow, which pinch the nerves that pass through the "tunnel". This pinching of nerves can cause numbness, pain, and damage to your hand. The carpal tunnel in your wrist is actually quite tight. There is very little room for anything but the tendons and nerves that pass through it, so any additional pressure, from say, a wrist pad for your mouse, will increase the chance that the median nerve in your hand gets pinched and irritated. Repetitive movements and stresses could cause your tendons to swell, which would just make matters worse. Tips to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) 1.

Neck Pain After Extended Computer Use

You sit down at your computer, ready to put in a full day's work and make some serious headway on your projects. You know you'll easily be spending 8 to 10 hours sitting in front of the computer. You've set up your computer workstation as effectively as you can figure. Your keyboard is appropriately placed in front of you and your monitor is directly in front of you at eye level. So why will your neck start to hurt? Why will your effectiveness be destroyed by the nagging, aggravating neck pain that seems to show up more and more frequently? If you are regularly spending a lot of time in front of a computer, you have to realize that your body is going to begin to change and adapt to take on this frequent activity. Your front neck muscles are slowly growing shorter and tighter, while the muscles in the back of your neck are growing longer and weaker. The back muscles are also growing full of spasm and knots while they are forced to hold up your ten pound head for hours at a time. You would think they would grow stronger from having to hold your head up all the time, but it just never seems to work that way.

Raised Air Bed Great For Guests And Master Bedroom

In recent years, there have been many new styles of inflatable air mattresses introduced to the market. Because of the new choices, many people are tending to move away from the low air mattress beds that had you feeling like you were sleeping on the floor. With the advent of the raised air bed, the traditional inflatable mattresses are being passed over in favor of these higher beds of air. First of all, the closer you are to the floor, the colder it is going to be during the night, making it harder to be comfortable and rest without interruption. This type of a bed gets you up off the floor and this fact alone should help to improve your quality and quantity of sleep. Another reason that a raised air bed is much preferred over the older air mattresses that are down at ground level, has to do with being able to get in and out of them easily. For your overnight guests who have difficultly getting up and down from floor level, raised air beds are a very thoughtful way to make them feel more welcomed and comfortable.

What Your Office Chair Should Have

Your office chair should be your best friend in the workplace. Just imagine how long you have to sit in your chair for the good part of your working day and remember every muscle sores that you have experienced with having the same chair through the years. While it may be time to fire your old chair, make sure that you have a guided checklist on in finding the perfect ergonomic chair for you. Now let's open the list... Is the office chair high enough? Comfortable ergonomic chairs should match your height. The way you sit in a chair depends on the length of your legs. This then influences your sitting posture. A poorly matched chair for you will leave you with a sore leg with not much room to stretch, while for petite people, high chairs can force a hanging feeling that can be very uncomfortable after a few hours. Consider purchasing a chair with a foot rest if you want your feet firmly placed with your sitting poster. Of course there are height-adjustable seats in the market. Just make sure that the height of your seat levels with your knee-cap for a comfortable sitting posture.

Where To Buy A Good Memory Foam Mattress

The word is spreading; memory foam mattresses provide unparalleled support and comfort. Traditional inner-spring mattresses just can't offer the same degree of restful sleep as this new type of mattress. But, not every memory foam mattress is created equal so you need to be careful about what you buy. Here's what's on offer from some of the big name players in the industry. There are many manufacturers making memory foam mattresses. This is a good thing but also a bad thing for the consumer. The Tempurpedic mattress was the first on the market and remains the most popular today, but other brands now offer the consumer a greater choice, and at a price that is usually a good deal lower than buying a Tempur mattress. But, not all memory foam is the same. Each company has its own, secret recipe and some are definitely better than others. First off, let's take a look at the original memory foam mattress; the Tempurpedic. This mattress still sets the standard that other brands try to match.

What Ergonomic Chair Functions and Features Do

By now, most people are familiar with the term "Ergonomics" and understand that ergonomic furniture is more healthy for the body because it helps to maintain more natural positions that reduce stress to the bones, muscles, and nerves throughout the body. But chair companies and ergonomists often throw around terms related to the designs and functions of ergonomic chairs that the common consumer may not understand. Here is a list of some terms you may need to know. Lumbar Support: This is one of the most important features of an ergonomic chair. This device is intended to prevent, as much as possible, the flattening of the lumbar spine that occurs to most people when there are seated. Lumbar supports usually work as a gentle curve in the backrest shape, and allow user to be seated more comfortable for a longer period of time. Backrest Height Adjustability: This function allows the user to change the height of the lumbar support area in the chair backrest, although this feature is often interpreted as the ability to change the height of the entire backrest.

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